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Me, Bob and Our Life

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Sequel to Me, Myself and My Chem.

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I straddled his waist and kissed the side of his neck gently. He moaned and I smiled in satisfaction. Someone near us dropped their fork on the plate. “Ah for fucks sake. Get a room some of us are still eating here.” Frank complained.

“We’re in one Iero. You just happen to be in it as well.” Bob told him as he tugged on the zip of my hoody.

“Seriously guys its just two days a part get over it.” Oh great now Gerard was at it. Well I suppose it wasn’t the best thing to do first thing in the morning in front of cranky friends.

I got off and turned round to sit on his knee facing the whinny fucks. “You guys suck ass. You know the longest we’ve been apart was fifteen hours.” I pouted at them.

“Are you really that horny all the time?” Frank asked plainly.

“Yes.” Bob and I answered in harmony. “Well you see when you’ve been with Jepha Howard you need sex at least twice a day.” I told them and they all pulled faces. Ali and Mikey finally decided to join us for breakfast. “Have nice morning sex?” I asked grabbing a slice of Frank’s toast.

They both blushed as they took their seats. “We didn’t have sex this morning…” Mikey muttered.

“That’s not what your hair says.” Toro chuckled. They rest of us snickered. Mikey had changed a lot over the past year. While we were at the Paramour his depression got worse and he changed mentally and physically after he beat it. He no longer has glasses and his hair is black and longer. He looks to grown up.

“Right Ali, Lou do you have your things packed and waiting in the lobby?” Brian asked up as he approached the table we nodded at him. “Good. Your flight leaves in three hours. Your cab will be here in ten minutes.”

Ali and me kissed our lovers goodbye, while waving farewell to the others. We headed to the lobby to wait for our cab. “This sucks I really wanna see them make this untitled video.” Ali whined as she picked up her bag.

“I know me too. But it has to be kept a ‘secret video’! And they don’t even have the damn song named yet.” I sighed, then spotted Brian. “Brian you know the way you’re the best boss in the world?”

He held up his hand to my face. “The answer is no.”

“But you-”

“No the guys don’t want you two to see it or anyone else. It’s a surprise for you and the fans, so leave it.” He handed us two tickets whilst gesturing for the lobby door. Our cab was here. Great. “Have a nice flight ladies.”

We walked out onto the warm streets of the City of Angels. The cab driver spotted us and took our bags while we got into the car. “Wanna tell him to go to a shopping mall before we go to the airport?” Ali whispered as he got in.

I grinned. “I knew I loved you for a reason.” We high fived and giggled after we told him.

When we arrived we went mad. I hadn’t shopped in ages so needless to say I spent lots and lots of money on shit I didn’t even need or was going to use. I’d to get another suitcase because nothing else would hold my shit.

“Ali what time is our flight at?” I asked texting Bob. They were starting the unnamed video when it got dark. They were now waiting around on the Welcome To The Black Parade set, and he now has a solo project going on.

“Half two, why? What time is it now?”

“Fuck, shit, bollix. It’s two. We’re not gonna make the flight.” I grabbed everything I owned and ran towards the cab. I dialled the airport and explained we wouldn’t make the flight and could we get the next available one to Chicago.

We found out the next flight we could get together was in five hours. So we went straight to the airport and waited. And waited. And waited. It sucked but hey there was a Starbucks so we had lovely drinks and food. “I’m so board…”

“Well fuck you. I thought I was good company.” I pressed the cup to my lips and took a sip. “Well that’s what Bob says anyway…” I smirked.

“He only said that because you give him blowjobs were ever ye go.” She said in a tone of disgust.

“Hey I do not.” I argued. “Sometimes it’s a hand job.” She spat out her drink and kicked me under the table. Very hard. “Oh you bitch.” I rubbed my leg.

“Wow the whore talks!” she laughed whipping the coffee off herself.

“Flight 206C to Chicago has been delayed due to a technical problem. That’s flight 206C to Chicago is delayed due to a technical problem. Thank you.” The lady on the speaker told us. W groaned more fucking waiting.

At long last we were going to board the plane, ten hours after we should have gotten it. I was about to hand my boarding pass and passport to the chick when my phone went off. I answered the private number.

“Lou, Bob got injured on the set you might want to come back, the on call doctor just sent him to the hospital.” Toro explained to me.

“Is he okay? What happened?” I turned to Ali and pushed her out of the line.

“I don’t know all I know is that we’re heading to Queen Of Angels Hospital in Hollywood.”

“We’ll be there soon. Just make sure he’s okay.” I hung up and looked at Ali. “C’mon we’ve to get out of here now. C’mon.”


“Mr. Robert Bryar. Can I see him please?” I breathlessly asked the chick in ER.

“Are you family?”

“I, erm-“ I spotted Bob behind her and I pushed her out of my way. “Bob. “He looked away from the dude he was talking to.

“Jen. What are you doing here? Are you not meant to be in Chicago now?” he asked pulling me into him.

“What happened? Are you okay? Where do you hurt?” I blurted out.

He smiled and his baby blues sparkled. “I’m fine baby-“

“Mr. Bryar trying to escape I see.” A red headed chick doctor said and pointed to a bed. Bob followed her in and sat on the bed patiently as he was hooked up to machines. “You obviously don’t realise how serious this is. You have second and third degree burns to your legs –“

“I know it could have been fatal. Yeah I do remember from last time. It was only half an hour ago.” He rolled his eyes at her.

What does he mean last time? “You have what now?” I asked him. “How did you get them? Was it from the video?”

He bit his lip. The fucker he knew that turned me, trying to distract me. And it’s working. “Yeah it is…”

“His girlfriend I presume?” she asked. I nodded. “Right Mr. Bryar your test results are back. And its what I feared; a staph infection resting in your brain. We are just going to keep you in for a couple of days to keep an eye on it. ” She said flicking through the pages. “Any questions?”

“Yeah.” Bob piped up. “Every time I press this thing to get a nurse no one comes in here. What’s the deal with that?”

“Mr. Bryar?”


“That’s a morphine drip.”

“So that explains it why I feel so good.” He smirked as she left the room. “Get in here and give us a kiss.”

I did so trying not to hurt him. “Are you sure your okay?” I asked as he pulled me towards his chest.

“With you I’m always okay.” He kissed the back of my head and I closed my eyes. But they soon opened again.

“Fucking hell, your back already.” Frank exclaimed.

“Yup, couldn’t get enough of me.” Bob chuckled.

Gerard rolled in on a wheelchair. Man did I really hate his white blond hair; he looked like a human light bulb. “Suppose you got hurt to?”

“Yeah. Some fucking idiot got spooked by the flames and decided to tackle me when I was kneeling on the ground.” Gerard sighed. “Tearing every motherfucking thing in my ankle.”

“Which fucking idiot? There are four of them.” I felt Bob’s hand move over the top of my jeans. Horny bastard.

“Your husband…” oh yeah Frank and me still haven’t gotten the annulment yet, we didn’t have much time to be honest.

“Aw poor Frankie come here.” He made a sad face and walked over, embracing me in a tight hug.

“He’s so mean to me.” He fake sobbed into my shoulder. “He’s the worst secret boyfriend ever.” I couldn’t help but laugh at him. That and the fact Bob was getting pissed they were still here.

“I think somebody’s getting cwanky.” Gerard said in a baby voice.

“I am not!” Frank protested.

“Not you fool, the blond one with fried legs.” Frank replied with an ‘oh’. “C’mon lets go I’m dying for a cigarette.” I watched as they both left arguing whether Frank would be allowed to use a wheelchair or not.

“Now I have you all. To. My. Self.” Bob whispered seductively into my ear, moving his hand down further.

“Bob. No. This is a hospital.” I pulled his hand out of my jeans. His cock was sticking into my ass. And since he was only wearing a hospital gown it kinda hurt.

“You know you want to do it baby…” he nibbled on my ear lobe.

I smiled, he knew me too well. I turned in the bed. “What do you want?” he didn’t answer instead he took my hand, and placed it around his manhood.

Minutes later the bed sheets and my jeans were destroyed in cum. “I love you…” he kissed me.

“I love you too, horny bastard…” I kissed him back.

“Your horny bastard.” He smirked. We lay there for a while I was nearly asleep when he woke me up. “Jen?”

“Yeah bambi?”

“Will you marry me?”

I thought for a second before answering. “No…”
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