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Chapter 2

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Bikini Thong

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Bob’s POV

“No…” she said.

My muscles tightened and I pulled my arms from around her waist. “Why not?” I asked as I lay on my back to stare at the spotless ceiling.

“Because your doped up on morphine and you know I don’t like to answer people who are on drugs.” She tried to speak softly to me but I wasn’t having any of her nice talk.

“I’m not doped up on drugs.” I grumbled angrily. Okay so maybe I was a little high but I still have fucking feelings.

“Honey you are. I love you and I only said no because I don’t want you to wake up in the morning and regret that you asked me.” She turned in the bed. I felt her eyes unpin me.

I turned to look at her beautiful face. “I would never regret asking you to marry me. I love you way to much.” I whispered before kissing her forehead.

“I know.” She replied. We lay there for a while listening to the machines surrounding us. We just snuggled up in the one-person bed, trying to make it comfortable for both of us. It was moments like this I really enjoyed with Jen.

“If I wasn’t doped up on morphine would you marry me?”

This was the same silence as before, and the last time the answer was no. “Yes.”

I sighed and grinned in relief. “Really? You mean that?”

She propped herself up on her elbow to look at me. “Yes I do. I would marry you a thousand times over just to prove my love to you.” She paused for a second. “But you would have to be sober and not doped up on drugs before I could ever say yes.”

We both smiled. Jen lay her head back down in the crook of my shoulder. With her by my side ant morphine just going into my blood system I quickly fell asleep.


“Good morning Mr. Bryar.” I heard a nurse speak loudly and cheerfully as she opened the curtains.

I went to stretch my legs but the pain suddenly struck me. “Oh fuck.” The bastards hadn’t given me any more morphine.

“Baby you okay?” Jen’s muffled voice came from my shoulder.

“I’m afraid Mr. Bryar your lover will have to remove herself from you while we get you transferred to another ward upstairs.” She said checking the charts.

“I’m on it.” I began poking Jen’s sides lightly. “Baby c’mon wake up.” This time I poked her harder and she slapped my hand away.

“No. Don’t want to.” She whined like a little kid.

I smiled. “Baby you have to get up I’m being brought up to another ward. But you have to walk.”

She muttered a fine and sat up slowly. But then stopped suddenly. “I can’t get out.” She whispered loud enough for only me to hear.

I scrunched up my face. “Why can’t ya?”

She looked wide-eyed to the bed sheets and her jeans. What the hell was she on about? Oh wait now I remember. I was biting the inside of my cheeks to stop myself from laughing.

“Erm, nurse-”

“It’s Val.” She said, she was your average nurse: dyed blond hair, brown eyes and good body.

“Alright. Do you have any spare hospital gowns? I kinda got stuff split on my jeans last night.” That did it I just burst out laughing, Jen’s face was fucking priceless.

“Yes I’ll get you one now.” The Val chick gave me a funny look before leaving the charts down.

“Sorry Val?” Jen began. “Would you be able to get him one as well as some bed sheets? It was his little accident that got my jeans destroyed in the first place.”

The smiled disappeared from my face and appeared on hers. “Bitch.” I joked.

“That would be me.”

“You know your lucky I love you.” I told her.

“Oh really now?” she asked arching her eyebrows.

“Oh yeah.” I replied smoothly. Just as Val walked back it. It’s like she doesn’t trust us alone. I mean if I was her I wouldn’t either…but hey what can ya do?

“Do anything and you’ll have my husband to deal with Bryar!”

I snorted, I mean I’m not jealous of them ‘cause I know there’s nothing going on between them but I am jealous of the fact that Frank is married to her and I’m not. “What? Frankie? Oh man I’m so scared right now.” I laughed.

She pulled on the hospital gown and flipped her phone out. “Frankie?” she said as she put it on loudspeaker.

“Yes dearest wife of mine?” normally she would have him beheaded but I guess torturing me was more fun for her today.

“Would you beat the shit of Bob for me when her gets out of the hospital?”

“FUCK YES!!!” oh great he’s had coffee this morning.

I pleaded with me eyes for Frank not to beat me up I even bit my lip. I know that turns her on. As strange as it sounds sometimes I was afraid of Frank when he was angry, I mean fuck he is a little lump of muscle.

“Frankie I was only messing.” Oh thank jesus. After Jen persuaded Frank not to come down and beat me senseless, we transferred my burnt ass up to another ward. This time I got own room as a new nurse started doing test thingies I decided, or maybe the morphine did, to ask to random questions.

“Do you think I would be able to get a sponge bath?”


“Do you think I’m hot?”


“Will you come to my house sometime?”

“Okay what’s with all the questions?” she asked me.

“Just tryna make conversation…” I muttered as Jen walked in.

“Now Mr. Bryar could you lay on your stomach while I change the bandages on your legs.” I reluctantly lay on my stomach. “This may hurt a bit so brace yourself. Mrs. Bryar if you would do the same on the leg please.” I smiled; she just called Jen my wife. “First off you pull off the bandages gently. Like so…” she called that gentle?! I’d hate to see what the hell hard is! “Then you spray the ointment over the calf to cover the burnt skin.”

Holy mother of fuck. I had to bite my tongue to stop myself from screaming. “Oh fuck… I groaned into the pillow. This was worse than the burns.

“Now if you could do the same please.” When Jen started doing the bandages I was close to crying it hurt that much, but I couldn’t let her know that or she would never change the fucking things for me. I needed to hurt someone. Why wasn’t Frank here?

“Right bambi I’m all done.” She slapped my ass. “I called Nikki ‘cause your mom is on nights this week. Her and Leah said get well soon. And the guys said they might come up later.”

I sighed and turned over. “Did Nik say how mom was? How was Leah’s first day?” Nikki and Leah are my little sisters. Well Nik is sixteen and Leah just turned three.

“Your mom is fine, she can’t wait until you come home. And Leah. Oh were do I start? I think I got about, what was it? Oh yeah two words in: hello and bye. You my ring her later and she’ll tell you. The child is like you when your drunk, you never shut up.”

“Ah well at least she got the good looks in the family.” I smirked.

“Bambi who ever said I was dating you for your looks?” she grinned back. “Anyway make sure no one comes in while I get changed.”

I turned to face the door, looked at it for a max of two seconds then my attention was turned to Jen getting changed. Her jeans were off and she tugged her tee shirt off. Then she turned her head slightly so I quickly looked to the door once again.

“Okay all done.” She said stepping around the other side of the bed. She had the shortest skirt I had ever seen on her and a tank top that hugged her frame tightly.

“You look…” I couldn’t get it out. I mean fuck hot couldn’t describe how she looked right now.

“What? You don’t like it? I could take it back to Ali if you want.”

“No, no I love it. Come here.” She sat on the side of the bed. I pulled her onto my lap, when she was settled I let my hands explore under her skirt.

“Bob. NO” she gasped as I kissed down the side of her neck. I smirked she wasn’t trying hard to get out of it this time.

“Your mom in a bikini thong.” She groaned.

An image of my mother flashed through my head. I cringed at that and took my hands out of Alicia’s skirt. “Your so mean.”

“I know.” Her lips crashed down on mine, then she pulled herself off me. “But you love it!”

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