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Chapter 3

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“Guess what day today is?!” was my wake up call this morning from Jen.

“What?” I mumbled and turned over to avoid the bright hospital lights.

“I’m finally off my pills! You can come home! The first single off the record is coming out AND it’s my birthday!” She squeaked in excitement.

Unfortunately I wasn’t sharing the same excitement she was this morning. “Cool.” I managed to get out and tried to go back to sleep. “Holy fuck!” I roared as ice clod water hit my face. I shot up and looked to Jen.

“Oh hey your up.” She smiled innocently.

“Right that’s it.” I got up out of the bed and walked towards her slowly.

“Bob I was messing don’t.” she half giggled or screamed.

“Don’t do what?” I smiled.

“Don’t -” but it was to late. I had her in a nice big hug. Freezing cold water was soaking into her clothes now. “You have me all wet now.” She whined.

“Now were have I heard that before?” I thought out loud on purpose. She scrunched up her face and bit into my shoulder. “That’s it.” I picked her up over my shoulder and threw her onto my bed. I had one arm wrapped firmly around her waist so she couldn’t get up. The other was reaching for the half melted bucket of ice.

“Bob, please!” she squirmed to get free.

“No baby its payback.” I chuckled. “If Frank had done it he would have run for his life from me. But you honey, aint so smart!”

“You calling me stupid?”

“Nope just a bit mentally challenged.” I chucked the water over her.

“BOB!” she screamed. I doubled over laughing at her face it was so funny. “Your not allowed to me mean to me on my birthday.” It took me a couple of minutes to calm down. Jen was frowning at me the whole time.

“I’m sorry.” I smiled. “Oh yeah for the single release we have to fly to Paris. Any you my love have to come with us whether you like it or not.” I picked up my shit and bag to get changed.

“Great I’ve to spend my birthday with them.” She muttered. I told her to go get changed. “Nope. Not unless I get some of your clothes.” I passed her the bag. “Thank you bambi.”

I smiled. I got the name bambi from Jamia and Frank’s engagement part Jen through them last year. Someone sober, ahem Gerard, went around taping people that were pissed off their brains, we just happened to make it onto the damn thing. Jen said ‘I love my bambi. He’s the best.’ Then she snogged the face off me. I thought about that night as I got changed. We were only going out about a month at that stage. I was knocked back into reality when the pain of putting my socks on became unbearable. S I pulled the second one on I cursed like mad.

“What’s wrong?” Jen asked walking over. I grumbled a nothing as I pulled on my runners.

“Could you be wearing anymore of my clothes?” I asked. She pulled my hoody over my shirt and tee shirt.

She nodded. “C’mon lets get your burnt ass signed out of this joint.”

I smiled. “Thank fuck I hate hospitals, they’re way to clean.” She knelt down and doing what most guys would do I checked her out. “Are you wearing my fucking boxers as well?”

“Well yeah…”

“This is fucking ridiculous. I’ma start locking my shit up from now on. Or else buy two of every fucking thing I own” I snapped. I mean seriously, the jumper and tops I understand but my boxers? That’s just not right.

She scowled me as she stood up. “Well lets put it this way: it was either wear your clothes or wear nothing at all. Take your choice.” She argued back storming out of my room.

I rubbed my forehead and sighed. This was not happening today, not on her birthday. I slipped my bag over my shoulder and walked out. Half way down the corridor I noticed she was talking to the nurse and signing stuff. I walked up to, wrapping my free arm around her waist. “You nearly ready hon?”

She pulled my arm away from her. “Don’t ‘hon’ me!” she finished the thing and started to move away. I was gonna follow her but I had to sign myself out. When I did I started to make pace following her.

I looked around for Jen but instead I found Jeff leaning up against a car. “Hey man.” He greeted. “What did you do to her? She nearly bit my head off when I asked her how she was.”

“Aw fuck. You seriously don’t wanna know.” I muttered getting into the back of the silver BMW. Jen was in the front pouting.

“Where are the rest of the guys?” she asked just as Jeff hopped into the drivers seat.

“The-” I began but I was cut off.


“Erm, the guys are already there. They, eh, got the flight before you two.” He told her. I guess the tension was pretty thick ‘cause Jeff never says ‘erm’ or ‘eh’ ever.

I pulled out my wallet to find a piece of paper or old receipt. I then looked for a pen, which I found in the ashtray. ‘I’m really sorry, I love u. x’ was what I wrote on the back of a receipt. I handed it to her, she read it then scrunched it up throwing it on the floor.

Half way to the airport Frank IM’d me. Hey dude hows my lady? :P

great I tink shes sharpenin the knives now I sighed looking out the window. This was not how I planned today.

ahh bu she wil love ya later!! U shud get some1 famous she liks to call her n get em 2 say ur sorry n u love her I smiled, he is a man with good ideas.

ya might do that. Tanks iero ill tell u how it goes.

I typed out a message and searched through my contacts. It was hard thing to do ‘cause Jen’s meet nearly everyone I know in my phone book. I had everyone from Brad Pitt to Angus Young. I soon found someone she idolised, but had never met before.

I waited for her phone to go off, not ten minutes after I sent the message, and smiled. “Hello?” she answered bitterly. “Who is this?” her jaw dropped. “Seriously? Are you for real? …Wow…okay go on then…he said that?... oh okay, thanks…bye…” she hung up and looked at her phone for a few minutes.

“You okay?” Jeff asked glancing at her then back to the road.

“Yeah, yeah…” she turned back to me. “You got THE Jonathan Davis to call me?” I nodded. “The lead singer of KoRn. You got him to call me to say ‘Bob loves you Jenna and he is sorry for snapping at you earlier’.”

I couldn’t tell by her tone whether she was happy or more pissed than earlier. “Yeah I did…” I looked down then back up again. She opened her mouth several times to say something but nothing came out.

She turned around and everyone was silent for a while. “Your unbelievable!” she shrieked. I flinched and I noticed Jeff did as well.
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