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Say What I Want To Say

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Elevators can doom us all

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I can only thank the heavens that my ball was simply foam. Even as it was, I could still tell how much it hurt the singer. I hoped he would keep his vocal range.
“Oh Alex, what the hell did you just do?” moaned Joe. He covered his eyes like he could just make it go away.
“Umm..” I flipped to my feet and backed away, bumping into Joe. “You know, I bet Colton and Rusty are done by now. Let’s go, shall we?” I said hastily. I noticed that Gerard was holding himself with a pained look on his face. Did a Nerf ball hurt that much? Maybe. Mikey Way turned in our direction and opened his mouth. “Okay let’s go now,” I emphasized, grabbing Joe’s hand. He let me jerk him back to the elevator and jammed the close door button over and over until the doors were firmly shut. Then I pressed the number four and the elevator started to climb.
About a minute later the elevator stopped and we got out. We were on the floor where the recording studio was, and I saw that Colton and Rusty were waiting for us. “Finally,” scoffed the blonde haired Colton. Then he saw our faces. “What the hell happened?”
Joe looked at me. Looked at the floor. Looked at his guitar. Put his hands over his face. “Alex….” He groaned. “She…we were playing door soccer….” He shook his head.
“What’d you do? Break the door?” snickered Rusty. Both of us shook our heads.
“No…I was kicking. And…and my aim was perfect,” I raised my arms and then let them drop. “So perfect….that I hit Gerard Way where it hurts.”
“WHAT?!” yelled Rusty and Colton at once. “DID YOU REALLY?”
“You know it’s weird how you both are like, in unison with eachother,” I remarked.
“I don’t think that’s the point here,” said Joe, snickering. Then he sobored. “But I can’t believe that.” He glanced at me. “Well then again…I kind of do.”
“How about we start recording?” broke in Aaron. “We need to work on the remixes.”
Colton was still laughing, but he picked up his guitar and walked into the recording booth. Rusty grabbed his drum sticks and followed. Then Joe got his bass and walked in, I followed last. Inside we warmed up a little and got everything ready. Then my band started playing House of Wolves, by My Chemical Romance.
“I Know a Thing about Contrition,
Because I’ve got enough to spare.
And I’ll be Granting your permission,
‘Cause you haven’t got a prayer.”
We went on, until we got the Ashes to Ashes part. See, I can’t roll my R’s. So Joe and I would switch back and forth, then he would get the R thing. Well to say the least he was only a small bit better at it than me.
“Ugh we suck at this!” I yelled. It was an hour and a half later. We had done some other songs, and were back on House of Wolves.
I yelled loudly and tangled my fingers in my short hair, banging my head on a wall.
“Well…can we just try it again?” asked Aaron.
“WHY?! So I can sound like I’m being strangled again?” I complained. “I’ll be back in twenty,” I snapped, then I opened the door to the recording booth and walked out, slamming it behind me.
Out in the hall I stomped down the hallway and into the elevator. I pressed all of the buttons until they were all lit, and then marched to the opposite wall and sat down. I drew my knees up to my chest and growled loudly. I slammed my head down on my knees and wrapped my arms around my legs.
The door opened, but I didn’t pay any attention to it. After all, I had pressed all the buttons, it had awhile to go until I had to slam all the buttons again.
“Umm….hello,” said a bemused male voice. I looked up quickly and my eyes widened.
It was Gerard. And as soon as he saw it was me his face went from happily confused to…well kind of pissed off. “Hey….you’re the chick who kicked me in the nuts,” he said like he was astounded.
I jumped to my feet and pressed myself against the wall opposite Gerard Way. “It was Joe’s fault,” I said quickly.
“Joe? Was that the other boy who was with you?” asked Gerard. He didn’t seem as mad. “But weren’t you the one who kicked the ball?”
“Yeah, but you were the one who stepped in the door,” I countered. Then I noticed he hadn’t pressed a button and gestured to the half lit up panel. “Where are you going?”
“Where are you going?” asked Gerard.
I shrugged. “Just riding. I got pissed off about this stu-“ I realized what song I was talking about and who I was talking to and reconsidered. “Stupid word…thing…and I just needed a break.”
“Word thing?”
“Care to explain?” Gerard looked mildly interested.
“Well.” No not really. Not to the guy who sang the song originally.
“You see-“ but he didn’t get to see, because at that moment the doors opened and Joe walked in. He didn’t see Gerard but looked straight at me.
“Hey Alex, Aaron says he has an idea for House of Wolves. He says MCR can go to hell, we’ll do the remix our own way. Why are you looking at me like that?” Joe cocked his head, confused.
I was staring at him with my mouth wide open. “Who are you?” I finally asked.
“Alex, what are you-“ then he saw my eyes dart over his shoulder and his expression froze. He turned around and his mouth dropped open. “Oh. Oh dear. Well this is awkward,” he muttered.
Gerard was looking confused now. “So you’re riding the elevator because you hate my song?” he asked, bemused.
“Yes-I mean no. It’s not your song it’s just…well it’s my singing of the song,” wow did that even make sense? “It’s just…I’m not so good at it and it’s just ticking me off.” The elevator dinged again. “And I think this is my stop.” It wasn’t. I grabbed Joe and pulled him out of the elevator and down the hallway, hearing the doors close behind me.
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