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Chapter 1

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Frank has broken his record. He has been going out with Milly for 3 months now. She is his angel, and he says she is his life, but there’s no doubt that in a few months or even weeks, Frank will find somebody else whose pants he can get into and I will be left to pick up the pieces of his broken relationship. Again.
I guess that’s what friends are for.
Milly is a pretty girl, with long blonde hair and perfect looking skin, Frank says she has a nice ass and big tits too, but I don’t look at her in that way. She’s Frank’s girlfriend and Frank is my best friend, and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to loose what me and Frank have over me noticing just how large her breasts are.

“Dude, I think she’s the one,” Frank squeaked as he entered the bus. He said this about every girl he dated, sorry, fucked, so this was no surprise.
“Good,” I replied as always.
“You need a girl, seriously dude,” he laughed.
“No I don’t. Im happy on my own,” I lied.
“Gee, I can tell you’re fucking lonely,” he said, sitting beside me. I squeaked quietly when he put his arm around me, “Hey, why don’t you fuck that girl you’re always with, y’know, what’s her name? Rachel? Rochelle?”
“Raechelle? No fucking way man,” I said.
“Well, you’re with her enough, you might as well get something out of it.” he laughed, still with his arm wrapped around me.
“No, I couldn’t do that to her. She’s my friend, it would be weird.” I took a sip of my coffee and pulled a face. It was stone cold.
“It wouldn’t, trust me. It would be like, a friend doing a friend a favour. You need a girl.” he said, patting my shoulder and standing up ready to leave.
“It would be weird. It would be like me fucking you,” I said as he walked away.
“Now that would be fucking weird.” he laughed, closing the door behind him.
“No actually, that would be fucking erotic.” I said to myself, heading towards the microwave to heat up my cold coffee.

We were playing another venue in 3 hours time so I needed to talk to Rae before the busses pulled out.
I wished that she was on our bus, but she was the tour manager so I knew that would never happen.
“Rae?” I shouted, knocking on the door of her bus.
“Gerard! I got some movies,” she said flinging open the door and dragging me inside.
“Awesome, what did you get?” I asked, sitting down in the chair infront of the TV.
“I got Halloween,” she smiled; she knew how much I loved that movie.
She turned back to face the shitty little TV sitting in the corner, and banged the side of if until the drawer opened. She shoved the film in it and pressed the play button a few times to make it work.
“Guess what,” She said smirking, and sitting on my knees.
“What?” I asked.
“Brian asked me out,” she squealed.
“Schecter? Brian Schecter asked you out?” I asked, she nodded, “Wow.”
“I said yeah,” she smiled.
“That’s awesome; you two will make a perfect couple.” I hugged her.
The film had ended and another just begun when I heard banging on the door.
“Gerard? You in there??” I heard Frank’s voice coming from outside.
“Yeah, Im coming!” I shouted back. Time had flown.
“What? Did you take my advice?” I heard him laugh.
“No you motherfucker, I meant im coming as in I’ll be with you in a fucking bit, just give me a minute.” I shouted back, trying not to laugh at his joke.
“Ive gotta go now, see you later okay?” I said, kissing Rae on the cheek, “and I’ll have to stop kissing you now that your Schecter’s girl.”
She laughed, “See you later babe.”

”Oh oh Im coming Frank. Just give me a minute,” Frank mocked me as I stepped onto the bus.
I pictured that scene in my head. It was totally different to how Frank intended it to look. Let’s just say there was no Rae in my version.
“Frank!” I yelled, “I told you Im not going to fuck her!.. Oh, Hi guys.”
“Hi,” Ray and Bob smiled weakly.
“Bad mental images,” Mikey said under his breath.
“Did you tell these guys that we were fucking?” I looked around, Ray nodded discreetly, “You little fucker!”
“I didn’t say you fucked her,” Frank said, smirking.
“I said she fucked you,” he laughed under his breath.
“I heard that you shit,” I frowned, diving on Frank and tickling him until he squealed, “You sorry?”
“Yes, Yes, Yes!” He cried. In my head that sounded so hot. To the guys this probably looked so wrong.
I stopped the moment I heard Brian say my name. I turned to face him.
“Brian, hi… dude,” I looked down at Frank who was currently underneath me. I was quick to jump off him and straighten out my clothes.
“Umm… I just wanted to tell you that we’re ready to go, and check that you were all on board.” he looked around, “Well, everyone is here and It seems like Gerard is on board and ready for the ride.”
Mikey laughed out loud, until I glared at him. That made him shut up.
“We were only playing with each other... I mean… I was tickling him…” I stuttered.
“You sure were,” Brian laughed.
Frank, still laid out on the bench, looked up and smirked at me.
“Fuck you,” I said, sitting down on Frank and crushing his private parts.
“Okay then, see you guys in Manhattan,” Brian chuckled, leaving the bus.
“Bitch,” I stuck out my tongue at Frank, who still looked very much in pain.
He licked his lips at me.

Suddenly, Milly flew onto the bus, out of breath, “God, Im so glad you didn’t leave without me.”
Frank had brought her with us on tour and she really wasn’t the type of person cut out for all of this moving about.
“Did I miss anything?” She looked at me, puzzled as to why I was sat on her boyfriend.
“You missed Frank and Gerard f…” Bob began, laughing.
“Say it and die, Bryar.” I shouted.
“Yeah Bob, I’d keep it quiet, he might fuck you too…” Ray chuckled.
“Bring it!” Bob laughed.
“What?” Milly said, in her posh little voice.
“Nothing princess,” Frank laughed.

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