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Chapter 2

by SaaRawr


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“It's the tearing sound of love-notes, drowning out these grey stained windows, and the view outside is sterile, and I'm only two cubes down.” I sang.
Turning to look over at Frank being his usual crazy ass self, I continued to sing, directing the lyrics at him, “I'll photocopy all the things that we could be, if you took the time to notice me. But you can't now, I don't blame you, and it's not your fault that no one ever does. But you don't…”
I was silenced for a few seconds by Frank’s unexpected actions. I could tell he had been drinking heavily though, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he came over and stopped playing his guitar to take off my tie.
“…they might fill your place. A temporary stand-in for your face…” I continued, completely oblivious as to what Frank was doing now.
He began to unbutton my shirt at the top, and slowly parting it in the middle; he then started to lick my chest whilst picking up where he left off with his guitar.
“Is that the best you can do?” I whispered in Frank’s ear as the crowd screamed.
“You, me, tonight. I’ll show you the best I can do. I’ll give you the time of your life.” He smirked seductively before pushing me away from him and continuing to play.
I couldn’t’ quite believe what he had just said to me, but I carried on singing, “So I'll spend my time with strangers, a condition that is terminal, in this water-cooler romance, and it’s coming to a close…” dazed and confused.
I wondered if he had meant what he said, or whether it was just the alcohol talking. Which ever it was, I knew in my head I meant every word I was saying, as sang desert song to the audience… “Well tonight, will it ever come? I can see you awake anytime in my head.

After the show, I waited around for a while but Frank never came over or said one word about what was said onstage. I guess he was sobering up a little, and had seen sense.
I continued to think this as I began to walk away, heading back towards where the buses were parked up. Just as I reached up to pull the handle on the door of our bus, a familiar hand with ‘H A LL O’ written across the knuckles reached out and opened the door for me.
“After you, Mr Way.” Frank smirked, and the hand holding the letters ‘W E E and N’ pushed me lightly, onto the bus.
“Geez Frank, you scared the shit outta me just then. If it weren’t for your tattoos I would have probably screamed like a girl and you would have totally laughed your ass off at me.” I laughed as we entered the bus.
“No I wouldn’t,” he insisted, biting his lip ring.
“My ass you wouldn’t,” I said sarcastically.
He giggled sweetly. I love his laugh; it’s so cute and girly.
We sat down together on the bench beside the breakfast table and I kicked off my shoes.
Frank did the same. It was then that I noticed his hand creeping onto my thigh. I let him put down his hand and sat there wondering what was going to happen.
I felt his warm breath on my neck, and I turned around to face him. Our noses were almost touching but neither of us moved away in shyness, we both sat staring into each other’s eyes.
Frank was the first to make a move. His hand slowly worked its way further and further up my leg, until it reached my groin.
“Frank, what are you doing?” I asked, feeling quite guilty that Frank was willing to do something like this, only under the influence of alcohol.
“I promised you a good time, Way. So now, you’ll get it.”
His hand fondled with my zipper on my jeans whilst his mouth connected with mine. Pushing me backwards, Frank finished his work from earlier, and unbuttoned the rest of my shirt which I had left undone from our moment together onstage.
“Are you sure about this, Frankie?” I asked into his mouth.
“Never been so sure in my life,” I replied before working his was down to my jeans, which he unbuttoned and pulled off.
He took off his own shirt and jeans then began to lather my neck in kisses.
“Say my name,” he said into my skin.
“Frank… oh Frankie…” I moaned as he rubbed his groin onto mine.
My hardening member became compressed in my boxers and so Frank was quick to remove them from my body, to reveal my hardness.
About to take off his own boxers, I stopped him. Sitting up slightly, I was at just the right height to tug on Frank’s boxers with my teeth. With one knee at either side of my body, Frank kept still making it easy for me to be rid of his unsightly boxers and expose his stiff penis, making me drool.
My mouth watered and I was eager to suck Frank and give him pleasure, but he soon reminded me that it was his turn to show me a good time, “Get ready for the time of your life…”

He pushed me back so that I was lying on the bench once again, and he began to kiss me once more. His tongue pushed past my lips and explored my mouth. My tongue followed Franks’ example and explored his mouth too. He tasted of alcohol and I began to feel slightly guilty and as though I was taking advantage of him. Completely ignoring my heart, I listened to my body, urging me to continue. I wouldn’t wanna miss this chance, this chance to have all my dreams come true. I had known Frank since high-school and ever since the day we met I knew that he was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
To think that I was now 23 and he was 20, and that I had waited 8 years for this moment, sent a shiver down my spine. I was not willing to stop this all from happening, just because he had been drinking beforehand.
I moaned as his tongue traced a line down my chest and stomach and began to sketch circles above my hardness.
After teasing me for a while, Frank took me into his mouth, running his tongue all over and gently biting.
“Oh… Frank…” I moaned, “Faster Frank.”
He deepthroated my member, making me scream with pleasure as it was so unexpected. He seemed quite experienced, actually.
Sucking hard, Frank pumped up and down on my dick and I thrust my hips in time. It felt so good to finally be with Frank like this. Just seeing him everyday, like when he has just got out of the shower and is wrapped in only a towel, gives me an erection, so you can imagine how good this felt.
“Shit Frank I’m… Oh Frank… Frank I’m gonna…Oh…” I moaned as the experience reached its climax and I came into Frank’s mouth.
Frank swallowed the mouthful that he got and continuing to lick me until every last drop was picked up.
“What would you like now Gerard? Was that good enough for you, or do you want better? ‘Cause I can give you it better, faster, harder… Tell me what to do.” Frank said, licking his lips and crawling on top of me, so that our faces were centimetres apart.
“I command you to roll over,” I smirked.
“What?” Frank was stunned and didn’t know what to say.
“I said, fucking roll over so I can give you some.” I laughed, rolling Frank onto his back.
I began to lick Frank’s lips and slowly made my way down to his neck, which I kissed softly before sitting up and ordering Frank to lick my fingers.
Once each finger was wet, I parted Frank’s legs and inserted one finger, making him squeak. Obviously he’s not so experienced in this situation.
Seeing that Frank’s pain had faded and I had found the spot which really made him moan, I withdrew my fingers and slowly entered him, causing him to let out an almighty sigh and moan my name.
Pumping in and out of him, I could see his eyes light up before he threw back his had and began to moan loudly.
Slamming into him, faster and faster on every command, I too moaned.

…We lay together in a heap on the bench, wrapped up in each other’s arms and breathing heavily.
“I love you,” Frank panted. I knew he didn’t mean it, and I knew that tonight would probably be the only time Frank and I would be together as a couple. There was a possibility that I was Frank’s next relationship, and I would be ‘the one’ for a few weeks, and then no doubt that Frank would do the usual, and fuck some other guy or girl.
I was certain he had never done it with a guy before, and I had convinced myself that Frank told me everything. I mean, he told me every detail of his sex life, and everything he did during the day, so surely he couldn’t miss out something like that. Although now I wasn’t so certain that he told me absolutely everything.
“And if you hold on, and need me to stay, you get the hard thoughts, oh baby just the mistakes. Maybe we'll just shut up and play. It never did mean nothing to you. Never did mean...” I sang whilst running my fingers through Frank’s hair.
“What is that?” He asked, listening to my song.
“Just a little song I wrote…”
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