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Chapter 3

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“Morning guys,” Frank groaned entering the kitchen area, holding his hand to his forehead.
I smirked to myself as I continued to eat. He has a massive hangover.
“Hangover?” Ray asked as Frank took a seat beside him.
“Oh yeah, like you wouldn’t believe. I can’t remember a fucking thing from yesterday.” he groaned.
“You were pretty pissed,” Bob commented, nodding his head.
“And I hear that you brought somebody back here with you last night, so spill, who was it?” Mikey added, “Pete says he heard voices in here from outside last night, just after he saw you heading back to the bus.”
No change there, I thought to myself, I knew he would be with somebody else soon enough. It was then that I realised that that somebody was infact me.
“It was me.” I blurted. It was the first thing that I could think of, to try and get them off the subject, before Frank remembered and either told them about us or never spoke to me again.
“What?” Bob looked confused as he took another bit of toast.
“It was me last night, who brought somebody back here, not Frank,” I stuttered.
Everybody looked at me, urging me to tell them who I was with and what happened.
“Rae was drunk and she had.. umm… fallen over, so I brought her back here and cleaned her up, then I took her back to her bus, came back here and.. went to sleep.” I lied through my teeth.
“Oh Gee; I thought you’d finally got a girl.” Frank laughed, making the rest of the guys laugh at me too. They made me feel 2 inches tall, so I decided to get revenge on Frank.
“So, we never established where you were last night, Mr Iero.” I asked, smirking.
“Yeah, well I cant remember.. I was probably…” he began but I interrupted.
“You get the hard thoughts, oh baby just the mistakes. Maybe we'll just shut up and play. It never did mean nothing to you,” I began to sing before taking another drink of my coffee, laughing silently to myself as I watched Frank try to figure out where he had heard that song before.
My silent laughter became loud as Frank’s expression chanced and he realised just what, or should I say who he had done last night.
“Oh my god,” He whispered to himself, “Come with me a minute, Gerard.”
I stayed seated. “Why?” I teased.
“You know why,” he said with an urgent tone in his voice.
“I don’t,” I continued to torment him.
“Just fucking come,” he snapped.
“That’s what you said last night,” I mumbled as I stood up and was dragged into the room where our bunks were.

“Did we? Really?” he stuttered.
”Yeah, we sure did. You’re good…” I was interrupted.
“Shhhh, be fucking quiet they’ll hear you!” he squeaked, making me laugh even more.
“Whats’up Frankie? Don’t want them to know you fucked your best friend? You gonna keep this a secret forever?” I teased.
“What are you guys doing?” I heard Ray shout.
“Nothing, we’ll be two minutes,” Frank was quick to reply.
“Frank’s just sucking my dick,” I joked, shouting to the guys.
“Shut the fuck up dude!” Frank scolded.
“You make them more suspicious by saying that to me,” I laughed, “And why is it such a big deal anyway? I was only joking…”
“You want the truth?” Frank snapped “Well? Do you?”
“Yeah. I do,” I said, wondering what he was about to tell me.
“I wish I was sucking your fucking dick right now, but I don’t want those guys to ever find that out.” he snapped, turning to leave.
I was totally shocked. His words rang in my ears for a few seconds before I stopped him, grabbing his hand, “Wait Frankie.”
“What!?” he yelled.
“You guys okay?” Bob called from the kitchen.
“Yes,” I shouted back as I stared into Frank’s eyes and hushed my voice, “You serious? No messing, if what you just said is true tell me now.”
“Sure im fucking serious. I want you Gerard Way.” he said, not loosing eye contact with me.
“Why don’t you want them to know? If this is not gonna just be a one off thing then why can’t they know? Are you embarrassed?” I asked, still holding his hand tightly.
“To be honest with you Gerard, yes I am. Im embarrassed that all these years I never noticed how amazing you really are, and how much I want to be with you.” his words touched my heart and I swear I stopped breathing for a second.
“What?” I stuttered.
“You heard me. I want you to be mine Gerard, but nobody can know, not yet anyway.” he whispered.

“If you really mean that you’ll break up with Milly.” I blurted.
“What? Why should I do that?” He scowled at me.
“Because if you truly have feeling for somebody, then you don’t want anybody else. They are the only person on your mind, and the only person you spend your nights with.” I raised my voice a little.
“But, I cant break up with her, I mean I… I…” he stuttered.
“Frank, you either break up with her, or you don’t get me.” I said simply, before letting go of his hand and heading for the door, “It’s your choice.”
“Alright then.” he said, stopping me in my tracks.
“What?” I turned to face him.
He walked over to me and pushed me up against the wall. Pressing his body into mine, he began to kiss me, getting his fingers tangled in my hair.
I breathed heavily as his tongue roamed around my mouth and his hand lightly touched my cheek.
As we broke apart, Frank said, “I’ll break up with Milly. I want you.
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