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Chapter 4

by SaaRawr


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“I don’t get it.” Frank whined.
“Shhhhh!” We all said in stereo.
Frank, Ray, Bob, Mikey and I were watching a film after our gig in Tulsa. We had no idea what it was about or what it was called, because it was one of those shitty late night films that they put on the TV ‘cause there’s nothing better to show at midnight.
“Why did he do that?” Frank asked.
“Shut the hell up,” Bob groaned.
“But I don’t understand it. Where is that dude going?” Frank continued to whine.
“He’s going to shove a fucking sock in your mouth if you don’t be quiet!” Mikey answered sharply.
“Really?” Frank said, taking him seriously.
“Frankie you’re so funny,” I laughed before putting my arm around his shoulders and placing my hand over his mouth. I felt his tongue smother the back of my hand in spit.
“Ew, don’t lick me! Eww guys he licked my hand!” I squealed.
“Shut the fuck up!” They all yelled.
Frank smirked at me.
“I don’t like this film anyway, im going to bed.” I said, standing and heading towards the bunks.
“Im tired, I think im gonna join him.” Frank said, also leaving the bench.
I climbed up into my bunk, pretending I didn’t see Frank following me. He climbed up beside me and sat down, staring at me with a huge smirk on his face.
“What?” I said playfully, pretending not to understand what he wanted.
“C’mon Gee, they are all engrossed in that fucking shitty film, can’t we, y’know…” he whispered.
“What?” I teased, not smiling at all.
Frank looked hurt. His smile turned to a small frown and his bottom lip quivered. He looked like a little child who had just been told that his pet rabbit had died.
I leant forwards and kissed his lips gently, sucking his lip ring too.
“Okay now im just confused.” Frank said, tilting his head to one side adorably as we parted.
“I was just pulling your leg babe.” I giggled quietly.
“I totally knew that.” Frank smiled, running his fingers through my messy hair.
“Sure you did.” I smirked.
“I did!” he protested.
“Okay, sure,” I laughed at his cute expression.
“I swear I did Gerard,” he whined, looking at me with his innocent looking eyes, asking me to agree with him.
“Okay, okay, I know you did.” I said, finally agreeing with a sigh. He’s just like a little kid.
“Good, so…” he said sweetly before I interrupted him mid-sentence and began to kiss him. His breathing got heavier as I moved my hand to the zipper on his jeans, and began to unzip them slowly.
“You’re such a fucking tease, Gerard.” Frank said breathlessly into my mouth.
I pulled away from the kiss for a moment, not saying a word. Frank watched me contently as I pulled the curtain around the bunks, so it surrounded us and we were out of sight, “Just in case,” I smiled before getting back to business.
“Where was I?” I asked myself, “Ah, taking off your shirt, that’s it.” I pulled Frank’s shirt over his head and threw it onto my pillow behind me.
The bunks were quite small so we didn’t have much room to move. I was just glad that my bunk was at the top, so I had room to kneel up so that Frank could unzip my jeans and remove them with ease.

Sitting staring at each other in just our boxers, we both smiled proudly at our work. We had managed to undress each other and make each other extremely hard, without getting the attention of the others, and getting caught.
“Your beautiful,” I smiled, still staring at Frank’s slightly tanned torso.
“Not as beautiful as you,” he giggled and snorted loudly.
“Shhhhh,” I laughed, “They’ll hear you.”
He giggled with his hand over his mouth, making me laugh even more. He’s so cute.
“Y’know, from the day I met you, I always thought you were beautiful.” I said.
“Really?” Frank smiled, tilting his head in that adorable way once again.
“Yeah. I knew that I loved you more than anybody in the world, and I knew that I could never be in a relationship, if it wasn’t with you.” I said, looking down, ashamed.
“Don’t be ashamed babe. You know I love you and you can tell me anything,” Frank stroked my cheek, making me blush, “So, have you always known you were… y’know?”
“Always known I was what? Gay?” I asked, looking up and nodding, “Yep. I’ve always been gay Frank. I bet it’s weird to think all those years you have known me and all the time you thought that I was into girls, when really all I wanted was to fuck you, my best friend, a dude.” I said, again feeling shame and looking down at my chest.
Frank lifted my face up to face his, “If you’d have said that to me a few days ago, yeah you’re right it would have been totally weird, but after that night nothing you say or do will be ‘weird’ to me. I love you the way you are, and I always have done, it just took me some time to realise it. Gee, I’ve been with so many people in so many relationships that were just about sex, nothing more…”
“I know, you told me every detail of every single fucking one,” I laughed.
“Yeah, and I know how that must have made you feel. It must have fucking crushed you to know exactly what I was doing with some whore, and not with you. All the time you listened to me and you were there for me, and I didn’t even realise how you felt. I’m so sorry. I love you so much, you’re the best friend in the whole world Gerard Way.” he smiled.
“I love you too, but I have to ask… is that all I am going to be? Sex? Because if that’s all you want, then I can’t be with you, im sorry, I want something more.” I said, loosing my smile.
“Of course not.” Frank said, “I love you so much, and this relationship is so much more than just great sex.” he smiled, “and Id like to add emphasis on the word great.”
I giggled.
“You are my world now, and nothing can come between us. I’d love you and want to be with you even if we never had sex again.” he said honestly.
“I love you.” was all that I could bring myself to say.
“What can I do to prove to you just how much you mean to me?” Frank asked.
“Fuck my brains out?” I suggested with a smirk.
“My pleasure,” Frank grinned, licking his lips.

Frank crawled over to me and pushed my body backwards so I was lying on my back, and he positioned himself above me. Kissing my lips gently, I felt his hand tugging my boxers down to my knees. He stroked my hardness ever so lightly making me moan slightly. He pulled my boxers down past my knees and off, and then did the same with his, burying them beneath my pillow.
“Let the fun begin,” I smiled.
I let Frank take control of my body, as he straddled me and ordered me to suck his fingers. I took his first finger into my mouth, and it was then that I had an idea.
“Get off me.” I ordered.
“What?” Frank looked disappointed.
“Just fucking get off me,” I said, pushing him off me. I moved around so I was sat facing him.
“What did I do wrong?” he mumbled.
“Nothing, now let me suck your dick.” I smiled.
His eyes lit up again as he sat back whilst I sucked him off. After covering his whole dick in saliva, I stopped sucking, causing him to groan.
“Don’t fucking stop? Why are you being so stubborn tonight?” Frank whimpered.
“No fuck me. No fingers first, just fuck my brains out.” I commanded.
Frank positioned himself, and with one hard thrust he entered me. I threw back my head and began to whisper his name. I didn’t want the guys to hear us so I tried to be quiet. It was so difficult not to scream, it felt so good.
“Gerard. Oh my god.”
I could tell he was holding back. He was about to explode. “Don’t hold back Frankie, just let go.” I said breathlessly.
“It feels so good though, I don’t want this to end.”
“Gerard!?” Ray shouted.
Frank stopped immediately.
“Keep going, he wont come in here, besides you’re so close.” I said.
Frank continued to thrust in and out of me.
“Gerard, have you seen Frank?” Ray said, his voice was getting closer.
“Yeah,” I moaned making Frank giggle slightly.
“Where is he?” Ray asked.
“Having a fag,” I said breathlessly before Frank came inside me.
“Why is the curtain closed, Gee?” Ray asked, putting his hand on the curtain, ready to open it.
“No!” I shouted, “Don’t open it, I’m…I’m, I’m naked.” I stuttered.
“Eww. Why the fuck are you naked?” he questioned.
“I was just too hot to sleep in my PJ’s.” I said.
“That’s right, you are too hot.” Frank whispered in my ear before nibbling it.
“Nice. Im gonna go find Frank anyway.” Ray said, his voice getting further away now.
I let out a huge sigh on relief and turned to face Frank who was laid beside me.
I pushed his head back against the wall as I kissed him goodnight, “You’d better get in your bunk now, cos Ray’s looking for you. Or you could go outside for a smoke if you can get past the guys without them seeing you.” I advised.
“I don’t think my legs will carry me that far, I feel weak,” he laughed, “I’ll just tell Toro I went back sleep if he asks where I’ve been.”

He climbed down from my bunk clutching his clothes, and scooted into his bunk.
"Night." He said.
"You forgot your boxers," I laughed.
"Are you taking drugs again, Gerard?" Ray said, "Cos he aint out there. He's nowhere in sight outside."
I laughed. I couldnt help it. I laughed out loud, clutching Frank's boxers.
"I'm in here, Toro." Frank said from his bunk, "but dont open the curtain, I'm naked too."

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