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Chapter 5

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“Hey, how’s Frank?” I said as I stepped onto the bus clutching a bag of grapes.
“He’s fine, stop worrying.” Mikey smiled.
“Good, okay, I have grapes.” I said, waving them in the air before entering the bunks where Frank lay, half dead.
“Hey.” Frank mumbled.
“Shhhhh, save your energy, I brought grapes.” I smiled, stroking his hair and sitting down on the edge of his bunk.
“I only broke my toes. It’s not like im dying.” He laughed, snatching the grapes from me and tucking in, “grape?”
“You calling me a grape Mr Iero?” I said in a stupid voice.
“So what if I am? What are you gonna do ‘bout it?” He replied in an equally stupid accent.
“I could think of a few things,” I smiled.
“Like what?” He smirked, “tell me what you have in mind Mr Way; it would make me feel a whole lot better.”
“Well, first I’d rip off your clothes, ‘cos you’ve been such a bad boy. Then, I’d…” I began.
“Do it.” Frank said bluntly.
“What the fuck Frank, you’re…” I began but was interrupted once more.
“I want you to do it.” Frank whined, pulling a funny face.
I laughed, “Okay okay, let me finish my story then.”
“No, just do it. Don’t bother with the story, just surprise me,” Frank said with a smirk on his face.
“Fine, have it your way then,” I replied in a deep voice before leaning down to kiss Frank.
He wriggled his body up so he was sat up in bed, while our lips still pressed against each other. My tongue pushed its way into his mouth and explored each tooth separately.
We eventually broke apart and I began to leave a trail of kisses along Frank’s jaw and down his neck. When I reached the collar of his shirt, I moved my mouth away for a few seconds, to pull it over his head.
I climbed up onto the bed properly and straddled Frank, moving the duvet back as I did so. I kissed down his chest and he pulled my shirt over my head. I finally reached his boxers and I was just about to make Frank scream when I heard footsteps heading our way.
“Gee!?” I heard Bob’s voice calling, and the door handle began to turn.
Still clutching my shirt I scrambled out of the bunk and stood staring at Bob who had just entered.
“What the fuck?” he said, staring at half naked Frank and me stood topless holding my shirt.
“This isn’t what it looks like,” I stuttered, I had to think quickly.
“I should hope not. So, what the fuck?” Bob repeated.
“Frank was cold. I… I… couldn’t find his shirts so I… took mine off to give to him.” I sighed with relief that I hadn’t said anything stupid.
“Oh right.” Bob smiled weakly.
Frank smiled and let out a forced giggle.
“Anyway,” Bob shook his head, almost as if to shake out any weird thoughts he was having, “Gerard, Rae wants you, she’s in there,” he said pointing at the door and then turning to leave.
“Oh and Gerard…” he said turning back around, “Frank’s shirts are in that pile, right beside your fucking foot.”

“Holy shit.” I sighed as Bob left.
Frank was nearly wetting himself with laughter, “You could have thought of a better excuse as to why we were both half dressed. You stupid fuck!”
“Yeah? Like what?? I said in a sarcastic voice.
“Like, fuck off Bob I have unfinished business with Frank. I said I’d do him and you’re interrupting. kthanksbye.” Frank laughed.
“Funny.” I said sarcastically once more, before leaning down to kiss him.
“Not again!” I groaned as the door opened again just as we parted.
“What?” I said sharply to Rae, who was staring at us, looking shocked.
“I just wondered if you guys wanted pizza?” she said timidly.
“Pizza?” I said to Frank.
“Yeah, we’d like some pizza, topped with some fucking privacy,” I smiled sweetly, “kthanksbye.”
Frank laughed so hard I thought he was about to burst, as Rae left, puzzled.
I bit my lip, “Shit. I really shouldn’t take your advice you little fucker,” I laughed, “I feel really bad now, man you’re evil.”
“Im evil!?” Frank laughed, “You’re the one that said it!”

[reviews? i'd really appreciate it if you told me what you think of this. im sorry its such a short chapter. (in each chapter one of the 'guys' will almost discover frank and gerard's relationship, if you havent already realised, so keep reading to find out how it all ends.) thanks for reading! xoxo]
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