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Chapter 3

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Harry Potter was taken in by an ancient power and raised knowing his true heritage. To everyone else, Harry has been dead for fifteen years. What happens when the light needs help the most? Complete!

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Chapter 3

Voldemort stared in shock at the man before him. How was this possible? Shaking his head to clear it, Voldemort snarled exposing his yellow jagged teeth as he raised his own sword over his head and charged.

Harry just smirked, the idiot wouldn’t know what hit him. Whipping his swords around him in a whirlwind of blue and red, he pooled a bit of his magic into his legs and leaped high up in the air in a blaze of fire and bluish mist before coming down with his black combat boot in a deadly kick.

Caught off guard by the sudden move, Voldemort barely dodged the kick by rolling to the left a split second before impact. Jumping to his feet, he held his sword in front of him and muttered a short incantation causing his sword to glow a dark red. Grasping the handle with his thumbs pinched together he pried the handle apart as a slight hissing sound rose from the blade.

Meanwhile, Harry had paused to watch the sword multiply. “Wow, now that is pretty cool, I have got to learn how to do that after I’m done with you.” Grinning at the expression on Voldemort’s face at that comment, he sidestepped another strike before pivoting around and kicking him straight in the back sending him stumbling forward before catching his balance.

Snarling in rage, Voldemort swirled his sword in an intricate pattern while muttering a spell in parseltongue.

As the spells incantation advanced, Harry’s eyes grew large in horror before he threw one of his strongest corporal shields up seconds before a dark mist swirled from the red swords. As Voldemort finished casting, a smoky serpentine figure began to slither out of the void created by the mist.

Quickly diverting his eyes to the ground the only thing that Harry was able to see was the bright green coils of a very large basilisk as it finished spilling forth from the portal.

Every expletive Harry knew coursed threw his mind as he ran through possible tactics he could use on a two hundred foot basilisk, not a whole lot was coming to mind unfortunately. “Heh, what the hell, it’s worth a shot…”

Still keeping his shield as strong as possible, he concentrated his gaze at the base of the coiled snake, trying desperately not to glance up at the head glaring down at him from a height of nearly fifty feet.

What hasss thisss creature promisssed you that a great creature sssuch asss yourssself would follow the bidding of a human man, albeit ssslightly human. Harry hissed in parseltongue.

Unnoticed by Harry, Voldemort’s jaw had dropped in shock once more as he heard this boy speak in the language of the snakes, a language that only he himself was supposed to know. How could this be possible, this Gryffindore descendant able to speak the great Salizar Slytherin’s language? Unless… yes, it could only be because of that night. The night that the brat banished him from his body, he must have given his ability for parseltongue to the boy during the backlash of power.

The snake shifted slightly, Harry wasn’t sure if it was because of surprise or not. He had no inclination to check however.

A deep rumbling hiss came from above while Harry warily watched the coils unfurl as the gigantic snake began to circle around the two enemies. It seemed almost as if the basilisk were judging them, perhaps to decide which he should sink his mighty fangs into.

Thisss isss no human anymore, he sssmellsss of the dark ritualsss my former massster usssed. What he can offer me isss far more than you could ever attempt. All of the fresssh prey that I desssire ssshall be mine, no more living off of ratsss and pitiful missse. What would you offer in hisss ssstead? The snake paused as he lowered his head before Harry’s now tightly clenched eyes.

I cannot offer you all of the fresssh prey that you desssire, what I can offer you isss the freedom to roam in your native jungle, you are one of the few of your kind ssstill alive, and I can tell you that your prey would be much larger than the ratsss and sssuch that you have sssurvived on before. Harry hissed back carefully.

Feeling that he may be losing the upper hand at this point, Voldemort stepped forward, bringing the snake’s attention to him once more. I can offer you more than thisss pitiful boy ever could, all of the fresssh prey that you wisssh with the freedom to move around taking what you will from mudbloodsss and half bloodsss. Thisss boy would only be offering you prey you would have to chase down when I offer to bring it to you.

Raising it’s head back up it rumbled it’s decision. Thisss isss a sssimple choissse for me then, I will continue to ssside with you until a better option arrisssesss. Without warning it brought it’s deadly fangs down upon Harry, intent to swallow him in one bite, only to smash it’s snout against the barrier Harry had erected earlier.

Just one hit was enough to collapse the shield as Harry scrambled away from the writhering coils that slammed into the very spot he had been standing a split second before.

Dodging the lethal strikes from the angry snake was taking up most of his concentration as he frantically tried to remember what could kill a basilisk. He remembered that he had covered this with his father a couple of years ago, it was something simple, but not something that you would carry around just any day of the week.

Meanwhile, Voldemort had stepped back and was taking in his predicament, all of his followers had been either killed or were unconscious. He could see Snape partially covered by the bodies of his fellow Death Eaters, it did not appear that he would be getting up any time soon, or ever. The main door was partially blocked by the splintered wood and bodies, but that was the only choice open at this time. Slowly edging for the door, he stopped in his tracks as he heard the boy shout an incantation to summon. Oh, this could not be good…

Dodging a particularly nasty strike, Harry yelled out the last few words of his spell quickly as a bright flash blinded the snake enough to miss the last strike by mere inches of him. Before him stood a rather small bantam rooster.

“Ah damn, I was hoping you would be bigger than this…’Imperio’” At the incantation the tiny rooster let loose the loudest crow it was capable of producing, a tiny voice to defeat a great snake. What it did, surprised many, the snake seemed to actually cringe away from the tiny bird.

Seeing the resulting cringe out of the corner of his eye, Harry recklessly cast the curse a good six more times resulting in the microscopic rooster crowing at an unnatural pace. The desired result was achieved though as the snake seemed to lose consciousness before slamming into the hard unrelenting stone floor.

Looking up finally, he nearly snorted with laughter at the sight of Voldemort red eyes bulging out at the miniature, still wildly crowing, rooster. With a flick of his sword, Aries, Harry banished it back to wherever it had originated from after removing the impero curse as well, there was no doubt in his mind that it would not be using it’s tiny voice anytime soon.

Snapping out of his trance, Voldemort sneered. “You were lucky Potter, but my basssilisssk isss ssstill very much alive, and it ssseemsss that it did quite a bit of damage to your presssious innosssents asss well.”

Snapping his head to the side he was able to see that a good amount of the student body were laying in heaps upon the ground, the apparent victims of the basilisk’s glare. While he was distracted, Voldemort grabbed his opportunity and sliced deeply with his sword, resulting in a gash from Harry’s left arm to his right hip.

With a yelp, Harry threw up another shield as Poseidon crashed to the stone from his now limp fingers. He was fortunate that his heavy gauntlet had taken most of the blow or he would have had one less arm. As Voldemort continued to rain spells down upon the slightly flickering barrier, Harry cast a quick healing spell over most of the gash, resulting in little improvement.

Hissing in pain, he unclasped a hidden potion capsule from his belt and swallowed it whole before he attempted to speak. “You were wrong, Riddle, my shield was enough to keep them safe from the direct gaze of that damn snake. They are petrified now, but are still very much alive.” By the time he had finished speaking, the potion had achieved it’s desired effect and no pain could be seen in the cold emerald orbs. Unless this battle was finished quickly, Harry would bleed out all too soon from the deep wound.

Letting the shield drop, Harry dodged to the side to avoid a dark purple grey curse that seemed to almost curve towards him before impacting upon the far wall. Dashing forward, he engaged Voldemort once more in a fierce blow of flame and sparks. Spinning and dodging, ducking and striking, the two enemies bore down upon each other in a show of skill seldom seen for nearly two hundred years. Every so often a spell would lance through the air only to either miss wildly or come very close to hitting its mark.

After nearly ten minutes of constant battling, the strain from his injury became to much for Harry as he stumbled, only to be caught by a Crucio. Biting his lip, he refused to cry out for the enjoyment of his future killer as he fell to his knees in agony.

Grinning sadistically, Voldemort stepped forward and twisted his sword, amplifying the curse greatly only to snarl in rage when the boy did nothing but twitch a bit more. Leaning over the trembling body, he pulled the sword back, ready to plunge it into the boys exposed neck.

With a roar of utter and complete rage, Harry threw back his head and pushed his whole body’s strength into an uppercut that sent Voldemort flying back several feet only to land in a sickening crunch upon the cold stone.

Several minutes passed, or it could have been seconds to the anxiously waiting crowd, all anyone knew for sure was that the ragged breathing coming from the two combatants was the only sound they could hear in the large echoing hall.

Slowly, the black bundle of robes that was Voldemort began to stir and rise from the floor with extreme effort. A soft snicker could be heard as Harry slowly rose to a half crouching, half standing position.

“Bet you didn’t expect that did you, Tom. Muggles have more defense than wizardkind do simply because they don’t have the option of magic. I would think you would know that, being beat up as you were as a child. Oh yes, I know all about you; your mother a witch, your father a muggle. Yet you hunt down the very being you used to be, you, a hypocritical and lonely man. Thinking you have ascended above mere mortals when all you have done is bring yourself lower than dirt with your egotistical and spiteful craving to be better, more powerful. Yes, people are scared of you for what you are, but no one cares about you for who you are now. If you didn’t give people a reason to be afraid of you do you think anyone would even waste their time on the despicable old man you have created?” With a hacking cough, Harry sank back to his knees.

“You ignorant boy, power is everything!” With a roar of pure hatred, Voldemort jumped to his feet and charged at Harry with both of his swords raised for the killing blow, only he never reached his target.

Stopping in his tracks, he looked down in shock upon the red flaming hilt embedded in his chest. “I…It… can’t be…” Falling to his own knees he finally looked up at the collapsed boy that had hurled his prized sword with the last of his strength . ”How… Can you… A mere boy… Defeat me?”

With a sad shake of his head, Harry looked into the dimming red eyes of the most evil man to walk this earth in millennia. No answer was given, it was obvious to all but the blinded man before them.

A simple whispered incantation ended it all. “Incendio.” With that word, Harry slumped into a welcoming blackness as flames spread rapidly from Aries and consumed the man responsible for countless murders, rapes, and meaningless butchering.


Several days passed before Harry began to stir from his bed, a momentous occasion for the nurses attending him at that time. Before he was allowed to even sit up, reporters could be heard clambering for news and demanding interviews with’The-boy-who-lived-and-defeated-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named-once-more’.

“Oh, I have get to get out of here…” Harry moaned as he checked for hidden nurses or reporters before sitting up slowly. Barely raising his arms halfway, he summoned his swords and other personal items before digging through his pants pocket for his shrunken rucksack and the portkey that he had stashed in there somewhere.

Hearing voices getting louder, he began to frantically dig before finding the tiny medallion that was his one way salvation. Just as he gripped the tiny metal coin with white knuckled fingers, a group of harassed nurses and reporters turned the corner only to see their savior give them a tired, but cheeky grin before disappearing with all of his possessions on the spot.


Harry landed with a hard bump that nearly knocked him unconscious again when he heard his father’s startled cry. Seconds later he could feel his fathers magic lift him and carry him to the livingroom couch as the old bandages fell off of him only to find new ones begin to wrap around him from seemingly nowhere.

“Harry Potter Emreys! What have you done to yourself! I swear, I wasn’t so headstrong or so willing to give my father a heart attack when I was your age! It’s all over the newspapers, boy.” Calming down a bit, he began to mutter to Harry’s immense amusement. “None of my other descendants had to be as foolhardy as you, why did I have to get stuck raising the one that would actually put me in a grave? I swear Harry, you…”

Harry just tuned his great, great, great, many times over grandfather out as he sat back to finally take stock of what he had accomplished. A heavy weight seemed to be lifted off of his shoulders as he realized that he was free, finally free to follow through on his own dreams instead of what had been predestined for him his whole life. It felt, it felt like flying, just souring into the deep blue yonder without a care in the world. Except for maybe getting his ‘father’ to leave him alone for a bit...

AN- I’M DONE! It’s late, I have been up all day slaving over my computer typing this sucker up, but I am DONE! Since I did not put any disclaimers in the other chapters, Harry Potter does not belong to me. Obviously. But this little story line does.
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