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Chapter 6

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Now to see how things are at school....

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A Werewolf in Nerima

By: USA Tiger

Chapter 6

Now let's go back a bit, to earlier in the morning, as the youngest members of the Tendo household made their way towards Furinkan High School. As usual, of course, Ranma was running along the top of the fence, while Akane raced along the ground, this time accompanied by Nabiki who had been delayed from departing the residence at her usual time by a second helping of Sati's delicious pancakes.

"What right does that monster have to order Kasumi around like that?" Akane huffed. "Kasumi enjoys cooking for us and taking care of the house! I'll bet she's just doing it to get everyone out of the house, so she can go through our stuff and learn all of our most intimate secrets!"

"Auntie would never do anything like that!" Ranma snapped, more than a little put out by Akane's constant hostile attitude towards Sati, and jumped down from the fence top to ask just what the tomboy's problem was, but was side-tracked by a face-full of water. The Old Lady of the Ladle had struck again, and Ranma would once more arrive at school in girl-form, as they didn't have time to stop by Dr. Tofu's clinic for some hot water.

"Lighten up, Sis," Nabiki panted, unused to trying to keep up with the other two, "even if Kasumi does enjoy cooking and cleaning and stuff like that, it can't be good for her to do it day in and day out, every day, to the exclusion of all else. I happen to agree with Sati that Kasumi needs to get out more and act her real age. And besides, if you have any secrets that I don't already know about, then they're not worth knowing."

"I don't have any secrets," Akane growled at her sister. "So don't even think of trying to blackmail me, Nabiki."

"Oh? What about the items you keep hidden under your mattress, hmm?" Nabiki asked, with a decidedly wicked smirk, as Akane suddenly flushed and began to sweat.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Akane snapped. "And what are you doing searching through my room, anyway?"

"Why, looking for dirty little secrets, of course," Nabiki replied easily, walking past the other two girls. "You never know when they might come in handy to know."

"What d'ya have under your mattress?" Ranma asked curiously.

"None of your business, you pervert!" Akane snarled, still blushing furiously.

"I'd be a little more careful about calling others perverts, if I were you, Akane," Nabiki called back to the two. "Now hurry up, or you'll both be late!"


Lunchtime at Furinkan...

"Hey, Kuno-baby, I've got a deal for you," Nabiki said, as she stood in front of his desk, as their classmates filed out of the room.

"And what, pray tell, would that be, Nabiki Tendo? More photos of my loves?" Kuno asked haughtily.

"Indeed," Nabiki responded, placing two tasteful pictures of Ranma-chan and Akane before him. "I'll give you these, if you can tell me if you have a relative, named Taeko? If you do, and if you can provide with detailed information about him... you'll get these, as well," She laid out a few more photos of Kuno's two loves, and these photos were somewhat more risqué in nature, which Kuno pounced upon like a starving man.

"I do, indeed, have a cousin by that name. I will have my servant bring you the information you require!" Kuno stated, drooling over the photos, which Nabiki promptly snatched back.

"You can have these, when I have the information I asked for. Nice doing business with you, Kuno-baby," she said, as she headed outside for lunch.


Nabiki paused once she'd stepped out of the stuffy school building, savoring the fresh cooling breeze. Looking about the schoolyard, she saw Akane eating her lunch with her friends, Sayuri and Yuka, and considered joining them when she noticed Akane scowling and glaring across the yard. Turning to see what had her baby-sister in such a foul mood, again, Nabiki felt her heart skip a beat and her body temperature begin to rise a few degrees.

It was, not unexpectedly, Ranma that Akane was glaring at. He was on the other side of the schoolyard, with his so-called buddies, Hiroshi and Daisuke. For whatever reason, Ranma appeared to be demonstrating a kata, and Nabiki's eyes couldn't help but follow the smoothly flowing, graceful and powerful movements. It was akin to watching a tiger, or some other large predatory animal. Grace and power flowed smoothly and unconsciously through every motion, with no wasted energy. A demonstration of absolute physical control. It was deceptively beautiful, and in reality, so very deadly if the need should ever arise.

Where Akane's look was one of jealousy and resentment, Nabiki's look, if seen by anyone who didn't think they knew her, would have been one of longing and intense... hunger. What many would have described as... Lust! Then again, Nabiki had never made it a secret that she considered Ranma to be a Hunk, and about the only female in the entire school that ever indicated otherwise... was Akane. But then, the majority of the female student body had always considered Akane's sexual leanings to be in serious doubt, ranging anywhere from lesbianism all the way to bestiality, the later being heavily favored whenever P-chan made an appearance at the school.

"Hey, Boss!"

Nabiki sighed, forcing her mind away from the fantasies that she wanted to indulge in, and turned to see what her associate wanted.


Ranma looked about the schoolyard, having sensed that he was being watched intensely, but without the hostile feelings he usually felt from the Tomboy, and noted Nabiki turning away from him to talk with another girl. He didn't understand the middle Tendo girl most of the time, but attracting her attention had seldom proven to be a good thing in the past. Almost wistfully, he recalled the time she'd been his Tendo fiancée, and of how she'd offered to wash his back that one time, after he'd returned to the Dojo after a particularly grueling day of having been rented out to all of the various sports clubs at school. He'd almost accepted the offer, just to see if she'd go through with it, and to get a bit of payback for what she'd put him through. Despite what many believed, he was not unaffected by the sight of a pretty girl, and Nabiki was far from being considered ugly. If only...

Any further contemplations that Ranma may have had about his relationship with Nabiki, were put on hold by a terrifying sound. The ching-a-ling of a bicycle bell. The sudden terror that gripped Ranma wasn't due to the sound of the bell itself, but rather by what it signified as about to occur, especially as the sound had originated at a point above and behind him. Before he could recover from his suddenly frozen state of terror, and dodge out of the way of what he knew was coming, the Bike of Doom's front tire connected with the back of his head and slammed him to the ground.

"Nihao! Shampoo bring Airen lunch!" the overly-cheerful Amazon sing-songed as she held up her delivery box. Then, looking down beneath her Bike of Doom at a pained grunt, she asked, "Why Airen under Shampoo's bike?"

"Shampoo," Ranma sighed in the tone of the long-suffering. "Get offa me!"

"Shampoo make too too delicious lunch for Airen!" Shampoo chirped merrily, as she wheeled her bicycle off of her husband, allowing him to roll over and sit up, brushing off any debris clinging to the front of his silk blouse. "Airen eat now, yes?"

"Auntie already made me a big enough lunch, Shampoo. Thanks, anyway!" he said, holding up his empty bento.

"That remind Shampoo. Great-Grandmother say to ask if nice wolf-girl can come to Nekohanten for dinner Sunday night. Great-Grandmother want talk with her more and maybe spar after dinner, if nice wolf-girl willing," Shampoo said, relaying the message, to which Ranma just blinked.

"The Old Ghoul knows Auntie?" he asked.

"Airen ask if wolf-girl come, yes?" Shampoo asked, as the bell signaling the end of the lunch period rang.

"Umm... Sure, I'll tell her," Ranma responded, wondering what his future held. Auntie had never mentioned knowing Cologne.

"Shampoo see Airen later, maybe go on date, yes?" Shampoo happily stated, hopping back onto her bicycle and racing out of the schoolyard, cheerfully calling "Bai-bai!" over her shoulder.

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