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Sleepless Nights.

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I am so uninspired for this story it's not even funny. I vowed not to update, but here you go anyway. I'm so tired. Goodnight.

I couldn't breathe.
There was something crushing my lungs.
I couldn't even squeak out in pain.

"Wake up!" I heard Fred saying, jumping up and down. I gasped when my lungs were released only to have them crushed again.
"Can't" I let out, he landed on me again.
"Breathe!" he stood up and I rolled off the couch, coughing on the floor.
"Oh god, are you okay!" a look of was pure horror on his face. I coughed and gasped and nodded my head while he gently patted my back, repetetively sayin ghis apologies.
"F-Forgiven." I spluttered before returning to my normal rate of breathing.
“You kinda have to leave now.” He said, a smile returning to his face. I nodded and stood up, giving him a small punch on his arm. I was late.

I ran fast, but not quick enough, to the gates. My mind was curious as to why TBS always opened for MCR, but never the other way around. My thoughts were interrupted as I was tackled mid-run.
Hugging ensues.
We talk.
We get coffee.

I’m happy to see them, but my mask is still on. It’s a pretty mask too, but nothing is said that is truly important. I’m just waiting for the show, waiting for the bus, waiting for the emptiness. I want it back. I want the emptiness. It’s hard to think straight with posters of Frank posted all around me.
“Cadence?” a hand is waving in front of my face. It’s Autumn. Did I forget to mention she was with Szophia?
“What?” I mumble. When did I get cranky? I was kind of dazed actually.
“Show starts soon…” she said quietly. I knew I wasn’t acting like myself. Neither of them would admit it out loud though.
“I’ve got pit!” Suddenly I am animated. Their faces light up, we run to the pit area for Taking Back Sunday to prance on the stage. Seen it, love it, and I’ve got my moshing buddies. I hollered at the techies.

“HEY RYAN! NICE ASS!” I holler, my face masked by the sea of people around me. His look of utter shock was hilarious. The fact that he dropped what he was holding and looked like a deer in the head lights was even better. Szophia and Autumn snickered. Not my fault I knew the people!

I see Worm backstage. I start to chant, “Worm, Worm, Worm, Worm.” Szophia and Autumn join up. Soon the whole pit is chanting, entertaining themselves until TBS came on. Worm was laughing and some of the guys were trying to push him onto the stage. More people knew him than you would think, and the chants traveled all over the stadium. It took many people, but he was finally pushed onto the stage. Everyone cheered and wolf whistled, he grinned embarassed before running across the stage and out of view. The crowed “Awed!” and then cheered again. On came Taking Back Sunday. Only, they were taking back Friday. I obviously didn’t drink enough coffee.

Lyrics are sung, sweat is dripping off of every body. We still have to stand, and decide to try and get closer for My Chem. Not like I’ve ever seen them up close before or anything. We laughed and chatted and flirted along the way, whatever it took to reach the railing. A few fangirls are blocking our way, but the view is good enough, considering how short we… I, am.

Chants start. Noises pollute the air. The lights are killed. They come on with a performance of Stay and I am shocked to see a few people singing. The words aren’t 100% but good anyways. Dedicated fans rock.

The performance ends with Desert Song. Of course. It is all a blur to me, seeing as this had happened many times before. Oh, did I forget to mention that during Dead! Gerard and Frank did a nasty? It was awesome. Gerard was holding Frank’s hips from behind, very closely, with one hand while singing with the other. If you look closely, they were definitely rocking it. I’d have to check Youtube tomorrow. I’m still deaf from the screaming actually. Oh, and Gerard bit Frank’s ear when he went to prance again. That’s when the song had an oopsie, because Frank had clutched his ear. Gerard bit pretty hard, I was very proud. Frank looked pissed as he continued on with the song after finding his place. I was glad. He wasn’t on my good side lately.

I could tell Szophia and Autumn wanted to scream and shout like they had at our last MCR concert. I rolled my eyes and said, “Go ahead…” and that’s when my ears began to bleed. Figuratively speaking that is. I knew they wanted to meet them again, so I dragged their two asses past everything to the tour buses and we loaded on.

“Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob… Frank. You remember Autumn and Szophia. I’m gonna go sleep.” I said and walked off towards the bunks, stretching a bit. I didn’t bother to change, I just took off my jewelry and belt. I’d probably wake up in the middle of the night to change and wash all of my makeup off anyways.

I didn’t really go to sleep. Not for a while at least. I snatched Frank’s iPod and was listening to some unheard of stuff by the bands on Skeleton Crew ( Then I fell asleep. It was inevitable, I was bored.

I could feel the bus rumbling. I wanted to stay asleep, to never wake up, to be sucked into a pit of darkness. But that didn’t happen, seeing as I fell out of my bunk. It rarely happens, but I have my moments. I sorely walked to the bathroom to wash up and change into real pajamas, crawling into my bunk later and finding myself utterly aware. Sleepless nights on a tour bus.

I fell asleep after exhaustion, and 5 minutes later everyone began waking up. Not me. There were no windows in this area of the bus and everything was dark and cozy. I was out like a light, and would be. If no one woke me up. Sleep. Dreamless Sleep. Dark. Amazing.
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