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Once Upon A Time

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Chapter 57-

Okay, so I have a little story for you all…

Once upon a time there lived a bitchy little whore who wanted everything she couldn’t have, but would fight for whatever she wanted and would destroy lives by doing this.

Her name?

Kara. Price.

Kara lived with her big business man father and her expensive plastic Mum who gave her anything and everything she wanted. She even owned a Ferrari convertible. Even though she was yet to have a license.

She lived on a huge three-story mansion by the beach until her father got a work transfer. She then moved to a different town and changed to a new school. This school also happened to be the same school as Rachel Cummings.

Rachel wasn’t very pretty, even though people told her otherwise. She wasn’t as smart as she appeared to be, and she wasn’t all that talented. But if you crossed her the wrong way, then you will pay.

And this is exactly what Kara Price did.

She crossed the line.

You see; Rachel had a few friends here and there, but her two main ones where no other than Scarlet Johnson and Gerard Way.

Suddenly, Rachel realized what she thought was a terrible thing. She loved Gerard Way. Her best friend of six years.

Rachel did everything to fight it and make it unnoticeable. But failed to a certain extent.

Things started to calm down a bit, considering the fact that Rachel and Gerard weren’t talking because of how things suddenly got awkward because of an event that happened when their families went away together.

This is when Kara came to the school.

For some unknown reason to Rachel, her friends and Gerard, Kara asked Gerard out. Gerard, being the fool he is, said yes. Unaware of the frustration and pain he was putting his friends though. Especially Rachel.

Unaware of the real reason Kara was seeing him.

Rachel put up with the bitchyness of both Gerard and Kara for four months, before she snapped, violently attacking Kara and confessing to Gerard her feelings before running off in a teary mess.

Gerard followed Rachel, concerned and curious.

Rachel fought against him, telling him to leave her alone and go back to his girlfriend. Gerard fought back, saying he wasn’t going anywhere until she told him what was wrong.

Rachel finally gave in, and explained to Gerard all the trouble he had been causing everyone.

They stayed together at the lake for a good half an hour or so.

This is where they shared their first kiss.

The next day, Gerard walked to Rachel’s house and dragged her away and confessed all of his feelings for her. Turns out, he felt the same way Rachel felt all along.

Gerard kissed her tenderly and asked her to be his, that he had seen what he was doing and that he had broken up with Kara.

Rachel gladly accepted.

But the newly couple decided to keep it a secret for the time being. Even though they both had no idea why.

Things were going fine for Rachel and Gerard. After three months of being boyfriend and girlfriend, they gave in and lost their virginity to each other.

Things were going well, until Kara came back from her ‘holiday’.

Kara swore revenge on Rachel. Saying she would get her back for hurting her physically and mentally. Even though everyone knew she didn’t really want Gerard, she just wanted to play with him, use him.

Rachel, having her own problems to deal with beside the fact of a snobby rich bitch threatening to get revenge. Rachel took hold of the situation and let Kara know who exactly was in charge.

She told Kara that if she ever tried anything on her boyfriend again that she would hurt her. And she wasn’t afraid to. She would if she needed to.

Kara walked off, not really believing a single word Rachel had said, knowing that deep down inside she was slowly getting to her. That she was getting what she wanted, but she just needed a little more time.

And then Gerard would be hers and Rachel will be gone.

And this is where we left off…
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