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Peter Visits Mainframe

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Peter Pan plays with the dimensional portal he and the others use to visit Disney Neverland, and taps into Mainframe. The Mainframers visit Neverland, but what else comes through the magical doorway?

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I need to start writing ReBoot fics again, and the easiest way to do so is to write a crossover fic.

Peter Pan plays with the dimensional portal he and the others use to visit Disney Neverland, and taps into Mainframe. The Mainframers visit Neverland, but what else comes through the magical doorway?

The time scale is Julia_Cat's, and I use it for simplicity's sake.

Time Scale:
ReBoot Time -------- User Time
1 Nanosecond (Nano) = 1 Second
1 Microsecond (Micro) = 1 Minute
1 Millisecond = 1 Hour
1 Second = 1 Day
1 Cycle = 1 Week
1 Minute = 1 Month
1 Hour = 1 Year
Pixal Dust:

Fox's Peter Pan & the Pirates/ReBoot Crossover
By: Jo Ann, User Guardian 1
Chapter 1: Peter Visits Mainframe

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flew to the cave in the cliff where the Garnet Gate was set up. Normally, this was the portal between the Fox Neverland and the Disney Neverland, created for the purpose of allowing the two sets of Pans and their followers to visit each others' worlds.

Today, though, Fox Peter was curious to see if it was possible to go to other dimensions besides that of his other-dimensional brother. Tinkerbell was not so sure about this new adventure.

"I don't know if you should be doing this, Peter," Tink said as she fluttered beside his head. "What if you mess it up, and the portal between the universes is destroyed? You'd never get to visit that other Neverland again!"

"Stop worrying, Tink!" Peter laughed. "I just want to see if we can use it to go to other worlds! Nothin's gonna happen!" The brown-haired boy put on a burst of speed, leaving Tink behind him.

"Saucepans and skillets!" the girl fairy exclaimed. "That boy will be the end of me yet!" Even so, Tink put on a burst of speed of her own, flying to keep up with her hyper friend.

By the time Tink caught up with him, Peter was already in front of the portal, examining the Garnet of Gates for a way to control what world they could travel to. Unable to figure any other way, he started playing with the gem, touching the sparkling points. At his touch, each point glowed for a moment.

As he watched the scenes change, Peter caught a glimpse of a world like no other. Touching the point again, he watched the strange place as its people went about their daily lives, unaware that they were being watched.

"What strange people!" Tink commented. There was a huge, round city, with people made of numbers, stacks of boxes, and even balls. Those that looked human was every color imaginable. But it was what happened next that interested Peter.

"WARNING: INCOMING GAME! WARNING: INCOMING GAME!" a voice from the sky intoned. The sky darkened, and lightning flashed as a black hole opened up in the swirling clouds. From out of this hole came a huge, purple cube, crackling with electricity.

Before Tink could stop him, Peter was already through the portal, heading toward the cube. Tink had to fly fast to catch up to him. They got under the strange object just as it touched down on the city.


Five sprites flew toward the sector where the cube was landing. As they did so, several CPU binomes in green and yellow evacuated the area, leaving it clear for the Guardians to enter the game, risking only themselves.

The environment of the game was a race track, complete with viewing stands full of spectators, pits with pit crews, a blimp, and a starter's box.

The five sprites tapped something on their chests, shouting out "REBOOT!". A column of green energy came down on each one, washing them with its glowing light. When the column disappeared, each sprite was dressed in a racing uniform and carrying a helmet. Beside each of them was a formula one racing car.

"I'll get to the finish line before the rest of you!" Bob called out from his yellow car.

"We'll see, bro!" Wild Card called back from his black car.

"You'll see something alright!" Matrix replied. The huge, green man sat in a white and red car.

"Hey, Jo!" AndrAIa looked over to the User Guardian. "The guys think they're going to win!" the game sprite's car glittered in aqua.

"Why don't we show 'em!" Jo Ann answered. Jo got the red car that Dot had gotten once.

"Right!" AndrAIa laughed.

A tower of lights counted down from red to green. As soon as it hit the final color, the race cars --including a white one oddly bereft of a driver-- hurtled down the track.

Peter and Tinkerbell watched in fascination as the race began. Each car speed down the track at top speed. Aside from the six different colored cars, there were several green and yellow cars. These were just as empty as the white User car, but seemed to have no problem moving in the circular pattern set out for them.

Soon, the cars reached a huge gate that rose from out of the track. The gate had the number two at its apex.

Remembering something about these cars, Jo Ann hit the button in the middle of the steering wheel. With a burst of power, her red car reared up on its rear tires and speed through this gate. As soon as the car passed through, it changed into a hovercraft.

"Why that little sneak!" Wild Card yelled in surprise. "She hit the nitro!"

"Good idea!" AndrAIa laughed. She, too, hit the middle button, speeding through the gate just as Jo Ann did.

The male sprites gave each other quick glances, grinned, then hit their own nitros. One-by-one, they also sped through the gate.

The two visitors' eyes widened when they saw the cars change form. How had that happened?

The hovercraft raced through a half-tube track, avoiding the mines dropped by the User vehicle. Far ahead, on one of the turns, the sprites could see Jo Ann's hovercraft ahead of the User's craft.

Soon, another gate rose from the track. Jo's hovercraft was the first to reach it, and --to Peter and Tink's surprise-- it changed form again. This time, it became a red jet, although the boy and fairy did not recognize it as such. This was followed by the User's craft, then the others. By now, the green and yellow vehicles were all out of the race. It was only between the sprites and the User.

The jets did acrobatics, following loops in the track as they appeared out of nowhere. With a final burst of speed, AndrAIa's jet outraced the others and crossed the finishline.

As the spectators cheered, the voice returned.

"GAME OVER!" The cube lifted out of the city, leaving everyone just as they were when they entered the game. As soon as the cube disappeared into the clouds, the sky cleared and the light of day returned.

"BOBBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!" a boy's voice screamed. In a blur of green, white, red, and blue, a small sprite hurtled at the blue Guardian in the chrome armor. Instantly, Bob was laying on the ground, the boy sitting on his chest.


"Reduce audio clockspeed, Enzo!" a young woman with green skin said as she an some others approached the group. Before more could be said, they heard laughing from above. Everyone looked toward the sky, and to their surprise, they saw two figures floating in the air.

One was so tiny, they could barely make it out, but the other one was a little boy in brown, with brown hair. He was holding his stomach as he laughed aloud at the antics of the small, green boy.

When he had finally calmed down, Peter flew down to meet these strange people, Tink following behind. When Jo Ann saw the small fairy, she knew exactly who the two were.

"Peter Pan and Tinkerbell?" Peter smiled and bowed.

"You seem to know me," the boy said. "But who are all of you?"

The green woman, Dot Matrix, made the introductions, and told the two that they were in Mainframe.

"Where is your icon?" Andri, a small version of AndrAIa, asked as she joined the rest of the group.

"What's an icon?" Peter asked in turn.

"You don't know what an icon is?" AndrAIa asked in surprise. The sprites showed them the white and black --or gold and black-- badges that they wore.

"Nope!" the boy shook his head.

"But if you were in the game with us," Wild Card asked, "how did you get out? Without an icon, you would have been deleted."

"'Game'?" Peter asked. He looked back where the purple cube had been. "Was that what that was? And what's 'deleted' mean?"

The sprites looked to each other in disbelief. Surely there was no sprite alive that did not know what an icon was, or what "deleted" meant.

"I don't think he does know," Jo Ann said. "Peter is one of the Users."

"A 'User'?!" It seemed as if the entire system was saying it.

"Yes," Jo Ann replied. "But he's from a place that doesn't have computers, so he wouldn't know the terms."

"This place," Bob asked. "What's it called?"

"Neverland," Peter answered. "Hey! Why don't you all come visit? The portal is right over there," he pointed to a spot in the sky. There seemed to be a huge hole in that spot.

"Well..." Bob seemed to be thinking it over. He truly wanted to visit a place where there were no game cubes to worry about. "Alright. But I need someone to stay here and watch over Mainframe."

"Jo and I will do it, bro," Wild Card volunteered his wife and himself for the task. Jo Ann smiled and nodded in conformation.
"Follow us, then!" Peter grinned, flying into the air. Using various means, the group of sprites followed. As a group, they flew through the portal, promising to return soon.

They failed to notice that someone else was moving toward the gateway...

Next: Chapter 2: Sprites in Neverland. Peter shows his new friends around Neverland, and introduces them to Wendy, the Lost Boys, the Indians, and...oh yes...Captain Hook and the pirates. But who's that following them?

The group from Mainframe consists of: Bob, Dot, Matrix, AndrAIa, Ray Tracer, Mouse, Hexadecimal, Little Enzo, Andri, and Frisket. Wild Card is one of my characters, and Jo Ann Montgomery --User Guardian 1-- is me. Yep! She's a Mary Sue! ^_^ (Jo Ann Montgomery is my real name!) But don't worry. She won't be in this much. Unless you wouldn't mind, that is...
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