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Mystery Visitor

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The mysterious person that's been following the Mainframers around is revealed. Will he be who everyone is thinking of, or someone else entirely?

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Chapter 3: Mystery Visitor

Back in Mainframe, the sensors started going wild.

"What is it, my child?" Phong asked Jo Ann as he rolled up to her.

"Something --or some/one/-- else from Mainframe has slipped into Neverland along with Bob and the others," she answered, her hands moving over the buttons of the control panel.

"But what?" Wild Card asked from his side of the war table. "The signals are strange. I can't seem to lock it down."

"Well, we know Hex went with them, so it's not her," Jo Ann reasoned. "So who's left? Megabyte?"

"That's possible," Wild Card said.

"Whether it is or not, my children," Phong said, "we must warn the others. I only hope that we can reach them in Neverland.
"We won't know until we try," Wild Card replied.

"Then, contact them, User Guardian One," Phong said.

"Right," Jo Ann replied. "This is User Guardian One, calling Mainframe Defenders! User Guardian One, calling Mainframe Defenders! Mainframe Defenders, do you read me...?"


In Neverland, Bob and the Mainframers were trying their hands at some of the games at Small Monday Island Fair. Matrix won the shooting gallery game, hands down, even without using his cybernetic eye.

Bob got to practice his swordsmanship skills when Peter challenged him to a mock-duel. To the Guardian's surprise, he found that the boy knew much about sword fighting. He even learned a litte about Japanese swordsmanship from Petra. Bob was sure that, before he left Neverland, his swordsmanship would improve for the better.

Hex spoke with several fairies on magic in Neverland, wondering what was the best way to start a little harmless --but fun-- chaos. She was surprised to learn that Peter was often the catalyst for much of the chaos that happens on the island. Well, the fun chaos, anyway. The bad chaos often came from Captain Hook and the pirates, who did their darnest to attempt to kill the little boy in brown. Hex decided that she could not have that, and vowed to protect Peter --whether the little whelp liked it or not.

It was in the midst of all the festivities that the Mainframers got the call from Mainframe --in the form of a Vid-Window. The gray-framed screen popped-up in front of Bob just as he was talking with Peter and Petra about the differences of European and Japanese sword fighting, Jo Ann's face appearing with a worried look.

"...Mainframe Defenders, do you read me...?" she was saying.

"We read you, User Guardian One," Bob responded. "This is Guardian 452. What's the situation?" Matrix, Dot, Mouse, and the others gathered around the floating screen. The Neverlanders gazed at it in wonder.

"Principle Office sensors have detected an unidentified subject has entered Neverland when you did. Something or someone from Neverland went with you. There's a good chance it may be Megabyte."

"Can you be sure?" Dot asked.

"We're checking G-Prime now, but there seems to be no activity," Wild Card answered. "Still, there's no way to be sure."

"Advise you to keep your guard up, Bob," Jo Ann said. "If it is Megabyte, he may attempt a viral takeover of Neverland."

"I doubt if that's possible," Matrix replied. "Neverland is part of the User-world, not a computer system."

"And when he finds that out, he just might decide to take the place apart," Jo Ann pointed out. "Hook might have a sharp claw, but Megabyte has three sharper claws. And Megabyte just might start with Hook."

"Or, he might join him," Peter said.

"Megabyte don't join anyone, sugah," Mouse said. "Ifin' he does, it's fer his own good. An' he always double-crosses his partners. Trust me, sugah. Ah' /know/!"

"She does," Jo Ann smiled at the children. "Get her to tell you about it sometime." Then, she turned serious again. "Just watch your backs, guys. If it's Megabyte, then Neverland's in more danger than it's ever been."

"We will, JoJo," Matrix smiled grimly. "Thanks."

"Keep up the good work in Mainframe," Bob said. "Mainframe Defenders: Out!" With a push of a button, the Vid-Window disappeared.

"What was..." the taller, dark-skinned Twin began.

"...that thing?" the shorter, pale-skinned Twin finished.

"It was a Vid-Window," Bob explained. "We use it for communication in Mainframe. Apparently, we can still use them here in Neverland."

"Who is this, 'Megabyte'?" Wendy asked.

"He's a virus, like Hexadecimal," Dot explained. "In fact, he's Hex's brother." The children looked over at Hex. "But while Hex is benevolent --or good--, Megabyte isn't. He has the power to take control of sprites and binomes by infecting them, turning them into his minions. They are not followers by choice, but more like slaves."

"He sounds scary!" Michael shuttered.

"Aww...he's not so scary!" Enzo said. "Bob can beat him every time! So can Matrix! If Megabyte has any smarts at all, he'd stay in his Tor and never come out! I mean QuitFile, LockDown, ShutDown..."

What Enzo did not notice was the large, dark blue figure coming up behind him. The Lost Children's eyes bugged out and their jaws dropped open in disbelief at what they saw. The --creature-- was tall, and dark, with only a little green and red to break the dark blue color.

Finally, Enzo noticed their expressions and turned around to see. One look, and his own face copied theirs. One word voiced everything.

"/BAIL/!" the little green boy cried, running to hide behind Bob and Matrix.

"Well, Bob," Megabyte said, his voice calm, silky, and elegantly smooth. "It seems that I have found you, and here, of all places. A child's dream world. But not for long. Soon, it shall be mine. But first, I think I shall recruit some pirates. So, for now, I say, adieu." With that, Megabyte faded into the shadows.

"Well," Bob said. "We've got our challenge. Stop Megabyte from taking over Neverland. And for that, we need information."

"We'll give you all we can," Tinkerbell declared, fluttering up to them. "Megabyte will find that he's got more than he's bargained for when he messes with Neverland!"

"Right!" the Lost Children declared. Together, the Mainframe Defenders and the Lost Children began to plan.

Next: Megabyte meets Captain Hook and the pirates, and runs into the first obstacle in his plan to dominate Neverland: He can't infect anyone or anything! (And I've fixed in a previous fic where he can't infect the Mainframers, either, so the Mainframer Defenders are safe, too.)

Mouse: "Oh, no you don't! One last double-cross, sugah?"
(From: Showdown, ReBoot, Season 4, Arc 4.)
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