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"Hell yeah, American Idiot!"

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"What Ray?"

"Dude that was seriously rude of you."

"What does she care? She just met us,"Gerard replied as he used a napkin to wipe tomato pesto and cheese off his face.

"Dude she's my friend," Frank began.

"Frank, she'll soon realize we're the outcasts and she'll befriend the preps. She just got here. I'll give her a week at the latest before she quits talking to you."

Frank opened his mouth to say something but thought better of it.

Standing up he gathered his things and spoke to no one in particular.

"I'm gonna go find her."

Ray stood up too, "Me too."

Ray and Frank walked inside the school leaving Mikey and Gerard by themselves.

Mikey just looked at his brother.

Gerard sighed.

"Mikey she will. She'll realize the whole school either hates us or just don't care. I'd hate for Frank to get too attached to her and her leave."

Mikey shook his head, "But then again she might not. Face it man, it was rude and you know it."

Getting off the concrete step the younger Way brother went after the other two leaving his older brother sitting in the same spot with a scowl on his face.


"Where would she be? She hasn't been here long enough to really know where anything is, like the library," Ray said as he and Frank stood in the hallway deciding where to start first.

"Wouldn't she know where the library is, since you pass it going from Chemistry to Algebra," Mikey asked as he walked up to Frank and Ray, causing the latter to jump.

Frank's eyes lit up, "You know what she would. I mentioned that that was the library. Come on let's look there."


Upon entering the library the three boys split up. After searching for several minutes it was Ray that found her; laying in a chair, earphones in ears, reading a book. Walking over he gently tapped her on the head. Looking up she paused her player and marked the page she was on.

"Hey Ray. Is Gerard always that much of an ass to people who try to be nice?"

Ray nodded, "Sometimes. I think he feels slightly threatened because Frank is his best friend and you've been hanging with him all day."

"So he's jealous."

"In a way, yes."

Ray looked around to see if his other two friends were around. Seeing that they weren't he walked over and, moving Paisley's legs, sat next to her.

"Actually, I think he kinda likes you and is like I said, jealous that you've been hanging with Frank all day."

"And Frank?"

"And Frank what?"

Ray and Paisley looked up to see Frank and Mikey peering around a book case.

"And Frank came looking for you too," Ray said.

"Yup. My idea. And by the way we're in our free period, Paisley."

"Ok. When does it end?"

Mikey looked at his watch.

"Fifteen minutes."

Paisley nodded and went back to her her book.

"What kind of music were you listening to," Ray asked?

"Green Day."

"Can we listen," Frank asked?

"Mmhmm, here," Paisley answered handing the three boys her MP3 player.

She giggled silently as she watch the three of them figure out a way to listen to the palyer. The result was quite amusing with Mikey practically sitting on Frank who was holding the left ear bud whie Ray sat indian style with Frank and Mikey's legs over his lap, him with the right ear bud.

"Hell yeah, American Idiot!"

Ray rolled his eyes as everyone in the library turned to look at them.

"Yes Frank, you are."
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