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"Ms. Walker, our new student."

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Meet Paisley Walker.

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"Damn, I'm so getting suspended. I'm telling you they know it was me who pissed in the fishtank. Only preps are in that class.," Frank said as he, Mikey, and Gerard all walk in the front doors of Richard Lennon Prep School.

"Frank, chill. I highly suspect that that is the reason your being sent to the office this early," Ray said coming up behind the trio.

"Yeah well, we'll see won't we," Frank said as the quartet stopped outside the main office, "When I'm not in first period or second you'll know."

The other three boys waited as Frank walked into the office before they spoke.

"Who gets called to the office to see Monaghan at 7:25 in the morning to be suspended," Gerard asked already knowing the answer.

"No one. Parrot takes care of all suspensions, major or minor," Ray replied as the first bell rang.

"No way are we being late again," Mikey said beginning to run with Ray and Gerard fast behind him.


"Uh, Mr. Monaghan wanted to see me," Frank asked Mrs. Henderson, the secretary, cautiously.

Looking at him over her glasses she responded, "Mr. Iero, Mr. Monaghan isn't here this morning," Frank let out a silent sigh, "He left me a note for you though."

Frank cringed slightly.

"Mr. Monaghan wants you to escort Ms. Walker around the school, seeing as she's in all of your classes."

"Who?," Frank asked.

"Ms. Walker, our new student," Mrs. Henderson replied motioning towards a girl sitting somewhere off to his right.

Frank looked over to where she motioned and cocked his head.

"Why me," he ask turning his attention from the girl to Mrs. Henderson.

"Your the only student, out of all the students in her classes, that has the same exact schedule," the secretary replied.

Frank rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Yeah ok," he turned to the girl and smiled, "Come on."

She picked up her book bag and walked over to Frank where he stood at the door.

Once out in the hall Frank looked her over.

'Good height about five foot. Long brown hair with what looks like purple streaks. Interesting. Emerald green eyes, cute nose," he thought to himself.

"I'm Frank Iero, friends call me Frankie," he said giving her a wink.

She giggled, "Well Frankie, my name is Paisley Walker."

"Paisley? That's an interesting name," Frank said as they started for Chemistry.

"Thank you. You have an interesting surname. I'm guessing Italian," she asked.

Frank nodded, "Your guess is right."

In return Paisley smiled, "Niice. So what is first period?"

"Chemistry. Personally I hate it but Gerard, Ray, and Mikey make it worthwhile."

"And they are?"

"The only friends I have in this school, other than you," he said smiling at her.

Paisley laughed, "I must be doing good, been here only ten minutes and I already have a friend. Are the others as friendly as you?"

"Well," Frank hesitated as he thought of Gerard, "Yeah about the same."

'Wow Iero, if that's not the understatement of the year,' he thought to himself as the two of them reached the classroom door.

"Well, ladies first," Frank said opening the door for her.


Ray sat in Coach Harden's chair attempting to impress a girl by eating a crayon. She responded by giving him a disgusted look.

'Well piss on you too,' Ray thought to himself.

Seconds later the sound of the door opening caused Gerard to look up from his comic book. He was met with the sight of a pair of feral green eyes, belonging to Paisley. Upon glancing his way she smiled slighty.

'What beautiful hazel eyes,' she thought.

Ray had been watching Gerard since Paisley's entrance. Feeling Ray's stare, Gerard looked up at him and rolled his eyes. Ray nodded and looked at Mikey who was wiping goo off his glasses that a jock had apparently threw at him.

Frank, oblivious of what his friends were doing, showed Paisley over to his desk, which was adjacent to Gerard's.

Just as Frank sat down, Coach Harden's footsteps could be heard coming down the hall. Quickly Ray jumped out of the chair and over to his seat next to Mikey. Coach Harden came in just as Ray had sat down, carrying a stack of graded papers. Walking to the front of the room, the teacher turned to address the class.

"Ok, people for the most part everyone passed with the exception of a fair few," Coach Harden said looking at Ray and his friends. His glance stopped on Frankie and Paisley. "Mr. Iero, would you like to explain to me who this young lady is."

"Um," Frank began, "This is Paisley Walker. Mr. Monaghan wants me to escort her around today."

"Yes I'll believe the latter part of that story when pigs fly, Mr. Iero," Harden said causing several people in the class to snicker, "But welcome to senior and junior chemistry class Ms. Walker. If you'd like I could assign you another seat."

Paisley shook her head and smiled at him.

"No thank you sir. I'd like to sit by my friend if you'd please."

Coach Harden's expression changed from a smile to a frown , "Yes, well then do as you please."

Gerard glanced at a smirking Mikey and a worried Ray.

"You know you just screwed up with Harden by calling me a friend, right," Frank whispered in Paisley's ear.

"So," she replied looking over his shoulder.

Frank turned to see what had grabbed her attention. Gerard. Frank rolled his eyes as Paisley watched Gerard receive his paper. Paisley could tell from his actions that he was stoked. She continued to watch him as he turned in his seat and get punched. This elicited a gasp from Paisley. Before she could say anything, the bell rang and Frank began helping her gather her things.
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