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"Is He the Class Nerd or Something?"

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Paisley meets Gerard, Mikey, and Ray.

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"Why did that boy get punched, is he like the class nerd or something," Paisley asked Frank as he opened his locker.

"Who? Oh Gerard, no he's not the class nerd," Frank replied as he took Paisley's Chemistry book and placed it on the shelf by his, "Do you mind sharing a locker? Personally I think it'd be easier if we did since we have the same classes."

Paisley shook her head, "No I don't mind. So what's our schedule for the rest of the day?"

Frank shut his locker and motioned for Paisley to follow him.

"Next we have Algebra. Ray's in there. I think you'll like him. Third is English. After that is lunch. Since we're seniors we have a free period. Fifth is like gym but everyone does something different; we play croquet, others swim, some people use it as an extra study hall."

"Wow, our schedule is pretty lenient then huh?" She asked as she opened the door and stepped into the Algebra class.


"Mr. Lance?"

The algebra teacher sighed before looking up from his computer, "Yes Mr. Iero?"

"Um here's the new student, Paisley Walker?"

Mr. Lance's eyes lit up, "Oh yes Ms. Walker. Our stellar student. I've heard some very good things about you."

Paisley lowered her eyes and tried to fight back a blush.

"I've already assigned you a seat beside Mr. Toro. Here is your text book, already assigned to you also."

Paisley nodded and smiled. Turning to Frank she mouthed, 'Which one's Ray?'

Pointing to the boy in front of him, he mouthed back. 'Ray.'

Paisley nodded and sat next to him.

"Hi Ray. Nice to meet you. Your in my first period, aren't you?"

Ray nodded returning the smile, "Yeah. Just so you know you've gotten on Harden's bad list by befriending Frank. Lance doesn't really care."

Paisley laughed, "Niice. First day here and I'm already on someone's bad list."

Frank and Ray glanced at each other. Before either could say anything Mr. Lance stood up and started class.


"Eight, seven, six," Frank counted under his breath.

"What are you counting," Paisley whispered.

"Seconds till the bell rings. Three, two--"

Before Frank could count 'one' the bell did indeed ring.

"So next is Enlgish, right?"

"Mmhmm. Instead of stopping at the locker we'll just go on from here," Frank said.

"See you at lunch," Ray acknowldeged the other two.

"See ya," Frank said as Ray went the opposite way,"Yeah here's English class. Right next to Algebra."

"Wow that's convienent."



"Where do you eat lunch at," Paisley asked as she and Frank wove in and out of several large groups of people.

"Courtyard," Frank replied opening a door and stepping out into the warm afternoon sun.

Paisley followed Frank to a set of concrete steps in the front of the school where Ray and the two boys from Chemistry already sat.

"Hey guys. Ray you've already met Paisley. Paisley this is Gerard and Mikey Way. Guys this is Paisley. The reason I got called to the office."

Gerard glanced up from his sandwich and as his way of acknowledging Paisley, nodded.

Mikey was slightly more friendly; he nodded and atleast said hey.

Sitting down next to Frank on the top step she stage whispered, "I thought you said they were as friendly as you."

This caused Mikey to snort and Gerard to raise his eye brow.

"By the way, Gerard how's your nose?"

Gerard scoffed, "What do you mean?"

"Well you were hit pretty hard this morning."

"What were you doing? Staring? My nose is fine, but what do you care?"

Paisley looked at Frankie before looking at Ray who gave her an apologetic look.

Standing up she walked over to Gerard, half-eaten sandwich in hand, and stood over him.

"Forgive me for being civil and for halfway caring," she replied throwing the sandwich in his face, spread first.

With that she picked up her bag and walked into the school.

"Paisley? Where are you going? Wait up."

Before Frank could get up several jocks threw an apple at him causing his soup to spill over him.

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