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Take one for the team

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99 bottles of beer on the wall...

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Sorry it took so long. Enjoy!

My legs gave out underneath me. Okay, so maybe I had one or 3 to many beers. Ash was a trooper though. Currently my arm was draped around her shoulder as she tried to manoeuvre my 5’7 body back to her car. I leaned into her, and her being like 5 inches shorter than me wasn’t helping. Stumbling and almost falling twice it took us a good 10 minutes to get from the garage to where she had parked earlier. I was lucky to have a friend like her in my life. Someone that would carry my drunk ass home. Not many would have bothered then.
“Oh God. Alright Pete, just lean up against the car would ya?”
I heard jingling and figured she must be trying it unlock the car door.
Yep. She was, the door just swung out and hit me in the crotch.
“Shit! Oh! Sorry! Sorry! Here, come on get in.”
I don’t really remember the drive back. I must have been falling asleep cause when she open my door back up I almost fell out.
“Shh Fuck Peter! Okay we have to be quite or your parents are going to kill me.”
We struggled to the door, “Fuck its locked. Sorry I have to get your key.”
And now her hand was in my pocket.
“Shh Hemmie! Go back to bed.”
I don’t know how we managed it but we somehow made it down stairs to my room; and without waking my parents up to boot. Ash must have been tired because I hit the bed pretty hard. Ugh, no that would be one of my shoes that my face fell on.
She began taking off my shoes and pulling the blankets over me, “You so owe me for this one,” She grumbled.
I rolled over and grabbed her arm. “Cumon... stay wif me... Jus fur a couple hours...” I slurred.
Okay so I was a cuddly drunk.
Yawning she climbed into bed with me, “okay but only for a couple hours.”
Happy with her answer I hugged her towards me, she smelled like oranges. And her hair was soft against my cheek, “Night Panda.”
“Hmm.” I grunted.
I felt her kiss my forehead. And... I think I liked it...
Oh boy.

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