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A New Life

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So why is this place so beautiful get terrifying?

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10 years from now...

"Come on mom!" Annie called out, "Hurry! Look at what it's like today!"

The woman with red fiery hair was being dragged by her daughter into the doorway of the white wintery house. Except now, it was no longer wintery.

They opened the bright clear door, revealing a bright white sun shining on their clean clear windows. The image of th sun reflected in them. Today's magic brought a nice small beach. The reflecting water of the open sky tickled the sand surrounding it so that the family only had a few metres to lie on. But that was ok because the family had a beautful view to gaze into.

"Atlanta! Annie!" Archie called out laying bare-foot with his two sons by his side tackling an dtoppling on top of him.

"Big sissie!" Andrew and Alex came running for her.

"Oh no!" Annie cletched on his mother's legs.

Archie and Atlanta laughed. Andrew and Alex hugged their sister tightly squeezing her so she could hardly breath. But Annie liked it anyhow.

Hey i know this is short but it's all I had time for. And I know the last time I ever updated was like a year ago! lol sorry!

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