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11 (Part Two)

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Well I know you probably hate me. Or did until you saw this,.

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e l e v e n ( p a r t t w o ).

"What the fuck are you doing, bringing her around here?" Pete spat at Andy. Both looked almost equally pissed off.

"What the fuck are you doing, kicking her out? She was here to see /me/," Andy spat back. Pete looked stunned, as if he couldn't imagine Andy saying something like that to him. Joe and I looked at each other, and we backed away, not wanting to be seen, but wanting to hear more. "What, are you jealous Pete? Did you honestly think that she'd want to see you? Think about it. You were once. I was a million times." I could almost see the satisfied smirk sitting on Andy's face, and it sickened me.

"No, Andy, I'm not jealous. I'm surprised that a guy who calls himself one of my best friends would talk to me like I'm just some piece of shit that he doesn't like." That seemed to put Andy at a loss for words. "But you know who saw her too?" Pete asked, a bit of cockiness in his tone. I bit my lip. "Lane. And by the look of confusion that was written across Lane's face, I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know who she was, let alone that you invited her over." I looked up at Joe, who had an angry look on his face, like he knew exactly what they were talking about.

"Pete," Andy warned quietly. "You do not want this to go in a bad direction. Consider the fact that I both play drums and work out regularly." I heard Pete's scoff.

"Are you threatening me, Hurley?" Pete asked. "You wouldn't hit your friend. I know you well enough for that."

"Obviously not, seeing as I've done it before." I could hear the challenge implied by both men's tones, and this was not a good conversation to be hearing.

"Hey guys," I heard Patrick say uneasily. "What's going on?"

"She was here earlier. This bastard is letting her walk into our lives and ruin everything again," Pete spat venomously.

"And just because she doesn't want to see you anymore-" Andy started, but Patrick cut him off.

"Guys! Come on, calm down. Andy, was she really here earlier?" Patrick said. I guessed that Andy nodded, because Patrick went on. "And you invited her?" I guessed at another nod. "What the fuck, Andy? And I'm not juse siding with Pete on this one, before you even say it. I'm looking out for another one of my best friends. She also happens to call herself your /girlfriend/. She is such a great girl, and she truly believes that you want to start fresh with her, that you want to let yourself like her. This is fucking ridiculous, Andy! Lane deserves better than this," Patrick exploded. I allowed myself a blush and a small smile.

"How did I know you'd pull the Lane card too?" Andy muttered. "Look, we were just gonna hang out and talk. Try to be friends again."

"And you know where that's gonna lead you," Pete said. "It's gonna leave you heartbroken once again when you realize that she needs someone there with her every second."

"Don't fucking preach to me about her, Wentz. I know her better than you ever could," Andy spat.

"You know what, Andy? I don't even care about you and her anymore. Just make sure that you don't crush Lane," Patrick said, walking out and into the hallway where Joe and I were hoping that he wouldn't find us. Of course, that didn't work, and when Patrick found us, his eyes grew to about the size of dinner plates and he stopped dead in his tracks. I pressed a finger to my lips, and Patrick blinked, then grabbed me by the wrist and dragged me to his room.

"Hi Patty?" I ventured after a long and somewhat awkward silence.

"How much of that did you hear?" he asked. I bit my lip, wondering whether or not to tell the truth.

"Just the last part. Something about not crushing me?" I said. Patrick exhaled and put his hands on the top of his head before falling backwards onto his bed. Unfortunately for him, he missed his bed by about two feet and fell to the floor with a loud thunk. I went over to him as quickly as I could and knelt beside him as he groaned in pain.

"Are you OK, Trick?" I asked, hearing the sounds of people rushing to the room and the door being wrenched open as Patrick grimaced in pain.

"What happened?" Andy asked breathlessly. I looked up and saw him eyeing us skeptically.

"I'll live. I was a dumbass and missed my bed," Patrick groaned, answering both questions. Andy and Pete furrowed their eyebrows, confused. I sighed.

"He was trying to fall backwards onto the bed and he didn't exactly calculate the fall right, so he ended up on the floor," I said, trying my hardest not to giggle as I processed what I just said. Pete bit back a smile. Patrick raised himself up onto his elbows and sighed.

"Go ahead, laugh it up," Patrick pouted. I rolled my eyes and Pete burst out laughing. Andy looked at the three of us and shook his head as he walked out.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" Patrick asked as I sat there, torn between my best friend, who had stuck up for me, or my boyfriend, who might be doing something behind my back. I shrugged. "Go after him and talk to him!"

And with those words and a small shove up off of the floor and out the door, I came face to face with the blond girl from before and Andy coming dangerously close to kissing.

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