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"Never ever. Ever"

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Frankie's home!

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“Thank you!” Frank said excitedly to the doctors and nurses as Gerard wheeled him slowly down the corridor away from his hospital bed, for what would hopefully be the last time.
4 months Gerard thought happily 4 months and 5 days ago, we didn’t even know if you, Frankie, would even live to see the next day. Now look at you..
Frankie turned his head up towards Gerard, his smile beaming up at Gerard, the same smile that got Gerard through all those days when he thought he couldn’t take anymore of life, when to him, life was just a dead end.
“So, Gee, where… n-next?”
Gerard Smiled at the name …Gee.. He and Frank had established that nickname as a compromise for Frank, who still to that moment found it hard to say a lot of words, but he had improved alarmingly, now he could say most simple sentences, he could also write a few sentences, and recently he had attempted to walk, heavily aided by Gerard, so far that had been unsuccessful.
It was surprising to Gerard actually, that Frank had coped better about his illness than Gerard had! Frank had always stayed positive, tried so hard. Honestly, at one point Gerard had even doubted his recovery, thinking it would be a happy ending that never was…
‘To my house, we’ll get some of your stuff from your house later, ‘kay?” Gerard replied, Frank nodded in agreement and relaxed into his wheelchair. Gerard pushed the wheelchair out of the hospital and towards his small, black car. As he pulled his keys from deep within his pocket a young girl approached Gerard and Frank timidly, she was about 14, with dark brown – almost black hair and eyes of a misty blue.
“Uhhm…. Excuse me, Mr Way – and Mr Iero,” She stuttered, her eyes locked on a patch of trees slightly to the left of the two men in the distance, “I was Wondering, Maybe, if… maybe I could have an autograph, please.” Her voice slowly increasing in confidence. “Oh – and also, Get Well soon, Mr Iero, I sent you a card in the mail a few months back, I hope you got it.” She said, addressing Frank, he looked up and gave her a wide grin.
“Thanks so much!” Frank said happily, still displaying his dazzling whites.
“Yea, of Course you can have an autograph.” Gerard interrupted, pulling out a black pen from his pocket, the young girl handed him a blank sheet of paper.
“What’s your name??” he asked, he planned to write a message for her, seeing as she ahd been so supportive.
“Lucy.” She replied.
Gerard quickly wrote a message, his pen darting back and forth the paper, passing the pen to Frank who signed his well-rehearsed name, tongue poking out in concentration.
As the Girl walked away happily, clutching the signed piece of paper to her chest, as though the word written upon it were more important than anything she had every clasped in her two hands before.
After that encouraging encounter, Gerard unlocked the door of his car, opened the passenger door and scooped Frank up, holding him tightly, but softly and lowered him onto the seat. His hand instinctively reached up towards the seatbelt.
“I…can…manage.” Frank insisted, firmly, and carefully reached up and pulled the belt around himself, he fumbled with the clip a bit, but eventually inserted the belt into the clip. Gerard rounded the car and hopped into the Drivers seat. Grasping the steering wheel, he glanced over to Frank, who wore an expression of longing as he gazed at the steering wheel.
“Don’t worry, buddy,” Gerard assured “You’ll be driving again before ya know it!”
Frank flashed Gerard one of his famous smiles, but Gerard could see behind his mask of happiness. Gerard sighed under his breath and turned on the ignition. The way home was awkward to say the least, the two men remained silent for a long 15 minutes, when Frank turned to Gerard and admitted something he had on his mind for a long time.
“I-I…. feel,” He began, “I feel… worthless…. and ….. hopeless.” His voice cracking with emotion as he bowed his head, almost as if in disgrace.
Gerard did the first thing that sprang to mind, he swerved the car onto the side of the road, and slowed to a halt, he put out his right hand and squeezed Franks hand lightly, his hazel eyes brimming with tears, and turned to his friend, cupping his cheek with his spare arm, he raised Frank’s face up to face his own.
“Frank.. Please, just remember this,” He said, every ounce of emotion in his body was being portrayed in his words, “You are not and never will be worthless, never ever. Ever. Never let yourself think that.”
In that instant, it took all of Gerard common sense to refrain from kissing the beautiful being in front of him.
Those soft lips… He though, his emotions flowing through his veins like electricity.
He pulled his hand away from Frank’s chin smoothly, and rested it on the steering wheel, the other hand following its partner. They continued driving, for another 10 minutes, which seemed like hours, finally stopping outside Gerard’s house. Gerard Clambered out, repeating the reverse routine to what he had done earlier. Wheeling Frankie down the path, he noted the grass needed cutting, unless he wanted the whole house to be engulfed by it within the next month. Gerard pulled the handle of the wooden floor down and pushed open the door, carefully titling Frank’s chairs upwards, he maneuvered the heavy chair into the hall.
From the room nearest the two men, whispers could be heard emitting from the other side of the door.
“He’s Fucking here!” Came the first voice.
“He can’t be here, Bob, It’s too early!” Came the Second.
“Shut up Mikey! And you, Bob!” Said the last fiercely.
Way to be discreet Gerard laughed to himself as he pushed open the door.
“SURPRISE!” All Four of Frank’s closest friend, including Gerard shouted, as Frank caught sight of the front room, it was decorated with balloons, banners and an array of delicious food was set out on the table. A Red, Sparkly party hat was forced upon his head, to match his friends, Ray’s of which, comically, was perched about half a meter from his actual head, nestled onto his afro.
Frank knew, at that moment, that he was home.
So... He's home! Wooo!
Also, i'd like to tell everyone that i'm dedicating this story to my Grampa, who is very ill rite now, actually suffering something simular to Frank. He was in a coma, he's awake now, and he's learning to do things for himself slowly. Get well soon Grampa, love you!! xxx
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