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What If......?

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Gerard Can't get to sleep...

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Gerard sighed as he broke his gaze away from the ceiling he had grown so accustomed to seeing and looked over to his digital clock on his bedside table.
He Rolled over onto his side, facing out to the rest of his room. The Party had been great, the image of Frank’s beaming smile remained clear in his thoughts. The way he had laughed, the way he had talked, he had remained an energetic spark throughout the whole evening. At some points he had struggled to make out a sentence, but all the guys had been great, they had all listened patiently as he stumbled over his words, and all nodded in understanding, all carried plates of food over to him and helped him out when he needed anything, it was clear that his problems hadn’t affected the guys’ opinions of him.
But the highlight of the evening for Gerard had been at the end, when the guys had all bid their farewells, and he and Frank were alone. Gerard had helped frank into his pyjamas with difficulty, at one point his head had been caught in the sleeve. That Night, As Gerard began to leave Frank’s bedroom to enter his own, the words that escarped Frank’s lips filled his heart with joy. He Replayed his friend voice in his mind
”Gerard… Thank you, for…everything. This…. Is the best…. Day ever.”
Thoughts of Frank had dominated Gerard’s mind for a long time, from even before the accident. All those nights, Gerard had convinced himself that the love he felt for Frank was brotherly, the same way he felt for Mikey, but Gerard had never wanted to Kiss Mikey, not the way he wanted to kiss Frank anyway. He Had never wanted to caress Mikey, to hold him close to his chest the way he wanted to with Frank. He knew fully in his mind that he was in love with his best friend, Frankie, but he also knew fully that he couldn’t, Frankie would never love him back. His heart ached at the thought that he wouldn’t spend the rest of his life with his one true love, he would never be able to do all those things he had longed to do for so long. He knew he needed to accept it, but the constant nagging in the back of his mind, the /what if/.
What if Frank DID love him Back?
What if Frank wanted to do the same things with Gerard?
What if… What if..
Many times he had been on the edge of admitting his feelings to Frank, but he couldn’t bring himself to. And Frank had enough problems to deal with. His Best Friends Pathetic Crush on him would just be another unwanted problem for him to dwell on.
Oh Well. Whatever happens, Gerard couldn’t do anything about it at that current moment, he would have to wait for the right time to come.

Bit of a lame ending to a Chapter- Doncha think?? Haha!
Oh Well… I Couldn’t think of anything, sorry guys!
Should be getting interesting pretty soon.
If it doesn’t…. Throw something at me
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