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"I Love You."

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Gerard wobbled dangerously, Breakfast tray in one hand, the other hand occupied with trying to push open Frank’s bedroom door.
“Shit!” He mumbled, as the brimming cup of coffee tipped over the sides as a result in the change of pace, going from sluggish to stationary in 3 Seconds was too much for a mug as full as that to handle.
“Gee?” Came the familiar voice from inside the door, Gerard pushed open the door quickly and poked his head through, followed by the remainder of his body and strode over to Frankie’s bedside, setting the tray down on his bedside table.
“Hey!” He Smiled, giving Frankie a grin that would send a fan girl into a state of shock and ecstasy, “I thought I’d bring you breakfast, no meat, just the way you like it!”
Frank looked down at the well-prepared dish to his side, he had always been an awkward person to cook for, being vegetarian after all, but he could see that Gerard had put a lot of effort into the food.
“Hey, Thanks!” He replied, suddenly becoming aware of how ungrateful he must have sounded, he hadn’t really managed to put much expression into his words yet, he had mainly concentrated on being able to verbalize them. He really was grateful though, from the bottom of his heart. Not just for the breakfast, but for everything, the rushing around, the always being there, always having to be the supportive group leader, “I… Really mean it.” He Continued.
“Yea, of course! I know.” Gerard came and sat on the end of Frank’s bed, not averting his gaze from the hypnotizing eyes he enjoyed gazing into so much, “If I’d have thought you didn’t like it – I’d have probably eaten it by now, anyway.” He added playfully.
Frank laughed obligingly and proceeded in eating the dish his friend had put so much effort in preparing for him. It tasted as good as it looked, delicious, of course. He munched his way through the breakfast gratefully, aware of the pair of unblinking eyes watching from the end of his bed. He finished and smiled at Gerard in appreciation, who then stood up and took the tray from Frank’s lap and headed towards the door.
Frank had been meaning to ask Gerard something for a while, he just needed the appropriate moment, and he concluded that there was no time like the present, he cleared his throat and finally spoke the words he had wanted to for a while.
“Gee?” He said, captivating the mans attention, who spun around to meet the gaze of his friend and nodded as a signal of his attention, “Well.. I was….. wondering. If maybe…” He had to spit it out sooner or later, “Maybe.. I could.. Play My… Guitar?”
Gerard let out a sigh of slight disappointment, he was unsure why, he was sort of expecting something else to slip from his friends tongue at that moment, it was silly for him to get his hopes up like that…
“Yea! Of Course, I’ll go get it now, I brought it over for you before you came.”
Gerard disappeared around the door and reappeared moments later, with Frankie’s guitar, he placed it gingerly on Frankie’s lap, helping him to put the strap around his shoulder, and handed him a spare pick he had found lurking under his bed a few days ago.
Frankie slid his hand up and down the fret board, marveling in the feeling he had craved for so long, the feel of the frets under his fingers made him shudder in happiness, which soon depleted once he attempted to play a song from their most recent album on the instrument.
His instrument.
The one he was meant to be good at.
He couldn’t even play a song he had written by himself, for himself, a song he had played so many times on stage in front of thousands. Gerard had to admit, he had expected this to happen sooner or later, he had even planned what he was going to say to his friend to assure him everything would work out in the end, but looking down upon Frank, who wore an expression of pure hopelessness on his face, clutching his guitar to his chest, he couldn’t form the words to comfort him. The look on his face said it all, without his guitar the world was over for Frank Iero.
Frank’s eyes brimmed with tears, threatening to escape his eyelids and slide down his perfect cheeks. He gulped back a choke of tears and shrugged off all bad feelings, he had to stay positive, not just for himself, but for Gerard, for the band, for the fans. He looked up at Gerard, who was stood there uncomfortable, without a clue of what to say.
“Hey… I’ll get better, don’t worry, Gee.” He said, and allowed Gerard to slowly pull the guitar away from his weak body and prop it up next to his bed. Gerard was amazed with Frank’s courage, how he could be brave in almost all situations, he admired him, he adored him. He loved him.
He shook off his current rush of loving thoughts and turned to leave Frank in peace, to brood over what had happened, and what was to come, after all, what could he do.
He made a reach for the door handle and then suddenly turned around to face Frank, he just couldn’t hide what he felt an more. He had a sudden surge of emotion that he had to let loose, this was it, he was going to say how he felt about Frank, he couldn’t hold it in for any longer. He parted his lips for the ultimate announcement, make or break.
“I Love You.”
Hang on! Gerard Thought to himself, I didn’t say anything just then, did I?
He stared, wide eyed at Frank, sat in his bed, his head hung down as if he had just announced a death sentence.
Woo! At last!
I hope my writing skills do the plot justice. If not, Oh well…
It sounded good in my head anyway.
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