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"With the exeption of me, of course."

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Did i bore you??

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Gerard goggled at Frank, dumbfounded. Had the man he had crushed over for so long just tell him that he loved him??
This must be a dream..
He couldn’t summarize his feelings at that moment in any word in the English language
“W-what??” Gerard Stuttered. /How could /Frank /love /me??
“I-I’m s-sorry.” He stammered, “I c-can’t keep it in any m-more, I love you G-gee, I r-
really do!”
Gerard sat down again on the end of Frank’s bed, he was in a complete state of shock, his mouth was talking but he wasn’t aware that he was speaking.
“For how long, Frankie??” He asked cautiously, he didn’t want Frank to think that he was upset, he was nothing near upset, more like ecstatic!
‘S-since….. F-forever” He replied, tears gleaming in his eyes.
A million thoughts mixed in Gerard’s mind, like an emotional cocktail.
This can’t be real He thought, Things like this don’t really happen, only in fairytales…
Maybe this was his Fairytale, he had to grasp it, and keep holding on, until the “happily ever after” part.
“What would you say if I said I love you to, Frank?” Gerard interrupted Frank as he apologized for the 16th time.
“I would be the happiest man alive.” Was his reply.
Gerard took his chance.
‘Well,” Gerard continued, bending down graciously and placing a soft kiss on his friends tender lips. “I guess you’re the happiest man alive. Well, with the exception of me, of course!” He concluded, watching as Frank’s expression changed from worry to pure joy as he summed up what Gerard has just said.
“Wow…. If I was healthy enough I would be dancing right now…”
Gerard released his boyish giggle and held out his hand to Frank, who clasped it in his own.
“Forever?” Frank asked, almost childlike.
“Yes.” Gerard nodded, “Forever, and ever. Until the day I die… Oh yea, I forgot to mention, I love you to, Frank.”

Sorry its short
Meh, It was rainy and I’m ill so i thought it would be good to post again.
Not Many reviews last chap, did it suck?
And if I didn’t make it clear enough, Frank told Gee he loved him first, in the previous chap.
Review please!
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