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Ron's Reaction (CHAPTER 14)

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will he be mad or sad?

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As they headed towards the common room, Ginny gave a nervous look towards Hermione. Hermione gave a reassuring look back and that gave Ginny some confidence. When they walked into the common room, they found Ron playing chess with Neville. The common room was very warm and welcoming. "Hey Neville, I need to talk to my brother alone." Said Ginny nervously. "Oh, no problem Ginny." Neville replied. He went to the other side of the common room and starting reading a book about plants. "What do you need to talk about with me Ginny?" Ron asked curiously. "I don't know how to say this, but I'm going out with Draco Malfoy." Ginny said waiting for Ron's reaction. Ron had a serious face, then burst out laughing. Ginny had to punch him on the arm to get him to stop laughing. "You're joking, right? Funny. Like my sister would ever date Malfoy." Ron said still laughing. "It's no joke Ron. Draco is really sweet. He puts up a cold face to the world, but inside he's really sweet and caring." Ginny said with a serious look on her face. "You can't be serious. The Malfoy I know is a cold, twisted, son of a gun." Ron replied seriously. "I know he's done some horrible things in the past, but..." Ginny said getting cut off by Ron. "But what? He's magically changed? Have you forgotten what he called Hermione?" Ron was utterly furious. "Of course I haven't forgotten. What he called Hermione was terrible." Ginny said looking at Hermione now. "He really is sorry about that." Ginny said honestly. "I'm over it." Said Hermione, but Ginny could tell she didn't mean it. "Please understand Ron. Draco's father has raised him from birth to hate muggle-borns. I mean, he's been taught all his life that muggle-borns are scum." Ginny said truthfully. "You won't date Malfoy anymore. I forbid you." Ron said in anger. "You forbid me. Are you kidding? You're not my father and I won't allow you to tell me who I can and cannot date." Ginny stormed out of the common room. "I'll go after her." said Hermione and she left. The common room was once filled with a warm and welcoming feeling, but now it was filled with Ron's bitterness. "You should let her be with whoever she finds worthy." Harry finally said. "Malfoy worthy. Yeah right. I'm going to watch him like a hawk. If he ever hurts my sister, I'll kill him." Ron replied dead serious. "Are you a bit calmer now?" Harry asked calmly. "I guess so." Ron said back. "It may take everyone awhile, but eventually we'll except Ginny's choice." Harry said knowing it wasn't going to be easy excepting Malfoy in his life. "Maybe you're right. I may not like it but Ginny is still my sister and I love her." Ron said. "Plus, if you want to keep a relationship with her, you'll have to get along with Draco." Harry said bravely. "Did you just say "Draco"? Ron asked in shock. "Did I? That's weird. Earlier he called me "Harry." Harry said with alittle laugh. "That's even weirder. I'll try my best to get along with him, for Ginny's sake. I better go find her." Ron said hoping he'd find her. "Good luck. Remember, don't try to be such an overbearing brother." Harry said with a smirk. "Right." Ron wasn't sure where to look for Hermione and Ginny, so he began to think.
In Ron's Mind
Where could they be? Perhaps the library. No, that's more like Hermione than Ginny. I know! The Quidditch pitch. Yeah, Ginny loves Quidditch.
Ron hoped she would be there. He was right. He saw Ginny crying and Hermione comforting her. "Why does Ron have to be such a jerk?" Ginny managed to say in between sobs. "Why can't he just respect my decision?" Ginny said while she continued to sob. "I'm sorry Ginny." Ron said out of nowhere. Ginny was startled, she had no idea Ron was listening to her. "I was a jerk. I had no right to tell you who and who not to date. I love you and I just don't want to see you get hurt." Ron said honestly. "Draco won't hurt me. We care about eachother too much." Ginny said while she wiped away her tears. "I hope you're right. I guess I was going a little overboard with the big brother thing huh?" Ron said with a laugh. "A little. You were already drowning in the water." Ginny replied. "You forgive me?" Ron asked hopeful. "Will you let me and Draco be?" Ginny asked curiously. "I'll try." Ron admitted. "O.K. Then you're forgiven." Ginny said with a smile. "Thank you. Give me a hug." Ron and Ginny hugged and Hermione was so happy that they had made up that a tear fell from her brown eyes. It started out as a bad night but ended up wonderful. All was right with the world again. Ron went back up to the school and left Hermione and Ginny alone for girl talk.

I want to give a shoutout to my #1 fan Anita. u rock girl!!!
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