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Ginny Finds Out (CHAPTER 15)

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Hermione tells Ginny

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"You know, you're not the only one with a new, unbelieveable relationship." said Hermione excitedly. "Who? Who's the lucky guy?" asked Ginny happy for Hermione. "Harry." said Hermione blushing. "Harry? For real?" said Ginny disbelievingly. "Yeah. He told me he loved me." said Hermione still blushing. "Oh, Hermione. That's great. I'm so happy for you. This is turning out to be a terrific year." Ginny gave Hermione a big hug. They were truely best-friends. "This is cool. We both have boy-friends this year." said Hermione excitedly. "I know. Let's go back to the castle. I want to see Draco." said Ginny. "Are you really happy with him?" asked Hermione worried. "Don't worry Hermione. He treats me right. He makes me so happy." said Ginny smiling. "I believe you. O.K. Let's go." Ginny and Hermione went their seperate ways when they got to the school. Hermione entered the common room only to find Harry. "Hey Harry." Said Hermione glad to be alone with him. "Hi. Come here." said Harry reaching out for her. She went to him and gave him a hug. Harry gave her a wonderful kiss. When they broke apart, they were both blushing. They were so happy together. They made out for awhile and decided to get some sleep. "Good night Hermione." said Harry letting go of her hand. "Night. Make sure you wear those adorable p.j.'s again." said Hermione. Harry laughed. "I will. I love you." "I love you too." said Hermione lovingly. As Harry tried to fall asleep, he began to think about this year some far. He was in love, and happy. He was even happy for Ginny and Draco. This year was going to be good.
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