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Her new school.

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Kay, so. I know this isn't real, I know that their ages weren't so close together. I know it isn't true. But hey, it's fiction, and I'm writing it, so anything goes! ^^ I haven't written in so long, I'm not surprised if this is worse. argh. Be honest in your reviews. (Y) For the good of ficwad and myself.


I lugged my suitcases up the stone steps one by one, listening to the clunking echo every time they hit the next step. I sighed, keeping my head down as I trudged my way up. So many fucking stairs. I looked up and noticed I was near the top, then smiled to myself. I could hear some voices from down the hallway, where I’m sure all the rooms were.
Apparently we had either a choice of a smaller room for one person or a bigger room for 2 people. I chose the smaller of course, finding it weird anyway that my parents would send me to boarding school and also contributing to it the fact that I knew no one here.
You could hear my sharp breathes as I attempted to carry my two over-packed suitcases and small sling bag to room number.. what was it? I stopped abruptly and sat my suitcases on the floor, pulling out a small piece of paper from in my pocket and unfolding it carefully.
Room no. 14. I glanced around the hallways, suddenly aware that I was completely lost. I shook my head, scrunching up the paper in my fist and placing it on my hip, letting the other hand rub my forehead.
“Where the fuck am I?” I muttered, looking around again. I noticed people coming in and out of their rooms, some staring as they walked past. I shook my head and picked up my bags again, the quicker I got them in my room the less noticeable I became. I started down the hallway, my arms aching and my back in need of a good massage, looking at the numbers on the doors as I went by.
I let out a breath of relief when about 20 doors down I got to my one. Once again, I let down my bags to get my key and fumbled with it to open the door. I heard it finally click, and opened the door, peeking inside and then picking up bags for the last time. I walked inside and kicked the door shut behind me, moving straight for the bed where I let my bags fall.
“Thank fucking god!”, I said to myself, sitting down on the bed and letting myself rest my head on the top of one of my suitcases. I noticed I was breathing quite heavily as I looked around the room, taking in all its features. The bed was in the far corner, they had a nice lounge, a cupboard, a small television and I noticed a door in the middle of the wall on my left. I got up curiously and walked toward it, letting my ear press up against the wood.
“Did you hear Ray scream when his hair started to light up even more? Fucking hilarious!”
“Yeah I guess.”
“What’s up Frank?”
“Nothing man. Mind if I just got some sleep?”
“Yeah whatever. I feel like drawing anyway.” I looked at the door and cocked an eyebrow, I must have been given an adjoining room. Great. I groaned and walked to my bed, unclasping the lock on my suitcase and letting the lid fall, displaying the contents of the bag. I got to work at putting everything where it’s supposed to go, which luckily only took me about 20 minutes. I fixed up the corner of my bed once more and smiled at my work, then bent over to shove the suitcases under the bed.
“Done.” I mumbled, falling down onto my bed and closing my eyes. God I was tired.
All I remember from that point on is black. I suppose I needed the sleep, it would make up for the deprivation of sleep I’ve had over the past week. My parents fighting all the time, if only they’d just settle it and go back to that big ol’ happy family we used to be about 8 years ago. God I miss those days. I woke to a sound of banging and rubbed at my eyes, pissed off at whoever was making the noise. I got up and walked to the door which joined my room to another. I opened it to a boy. He was tall, with shoulder length black hair and a very pale complexion.
“Hi.” He said, waving with a smile on his face. I smiled back, rubbing my eyes again.
“Hey.” He looked behind him and back again.
“My name’s Gerard, I kinda live here in the room next to yours and when I heard someone was finally moving in here I just thought I’d introduce myself.” He said. I nodded and smiled again.
“Wow, thank you. I’m Keira.” I said, putting out my hand. He looked at it and then spread open his arms.
“Girls hug dude.” I laughed and gave him a hug.
“So ah, you’re by yourself I see.” He said, pulling away and gesturing toward my room. I looked at it and smiled.
“Yeah I guess. You?” He grinned and pointed into his room to one of the beds, where another boy was sound asleep.
“That’s Frank. He’s not a very social person.. well not lately anyway.”
“Oh okay.” I said, taking one last glance at him before looking at Gerard once more.
“Wanna come in?” I asked. He nodded and followed me in, shutting the door behind him.
“So ah, you’re staying for the rest of your schooling?” He asked. I nodded and sat down on the lounge, motioning to the spot next to me.
“You started here I presume?” I asked. It was now his turn to nod, as he then put his head back and sighed.
“You get used to it. I mean, the uniforms suck. The food’s horrible, the people are worse. But as long as you have at least one friend you’re all good.” He said. I smiled.
“I’m screwed then.” I heard him chuckle and sit up again.
“Nawh. I’ll be your friend.” He said. I pretended to be shocked and hugged him.
“I’ve never had one of those!” I mocked. He laughed and brought his knees up to his chin.
“You want to hang out with my group?” He asked. I nodded.
“Well, I’ll introduce later but the only other girl would be Natalie.” I nodded, smiling.
“And she’s nice I take it?”
“Oh fuck yeah. She’s Bob’s girlfriend, whom I’ll show you too at lunchtime.” He said.
“Okay” I agreed, sitting up a bit straighter but jumping when I heard someone yell.
“Fuck” Gerard muttered, standing up and walking toward his room. I looked cautiously as he entered, walking to where Frank slept and as I stood up to follow him I watched as he sat on his bed and hushed him.
“Shhh. C’mon Frank.. try to sleep.” He whispered, pushing hair out of his face and touching his shoulder. From what seemed like heavy breathing and sweating furiously Frank calmed down and slowly started to breathe normally again.
“Oh my god.” I whispered, touching my chest. Gerard stood up and walked back to my room again, I followed his lead.
“I’m sorry, he gets like that sometimes. I don’t know why. He just starts reacting to something..” He trailed off and I nodded, watching as he brought his hand up to run through his hair. I walked up and hugged him, which surprised him a little but he hugged back.
“Thank you.” He said, smiling. I smiled back and suddenly felt the urge to yawn. I brought my hand up and tried to conceal it but with no such luck.
“Awww. You tired?” Gerard asked. I nodded and he patted my shoulder.
“Sorry if I woke you, go get some sleep. I’ll wake you at lunch time and show you around. Yeah?” He asked. I nodded again and he smiled, before exiting the room.
Wow, a friend. I felt accomplished for once as I walked over and flopped down on my bed, face first and drifted off into sleep once more.
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