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Keira spends lunch with the guys.

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“And this is the tree.”
“Gerard, I see several.”, I smiled as he pouted.
“But this one’s special.”
“I’m sure it is.” I said, patting his back. He grinned and sat down, patting the grass next to him.
“The other’s will be out in a sec, dunno about Frankie though. He doesn’t usually eat lunch these days…” He trailed off once more and I touched his shoulder.
“I’m sure he’s fine.” I said quietly. He nodded sadly and unwrapped his sandwich, taking a bite and sitting back. I started to take the lid off my sushi when I noticed some shadows advancing on us. I looked up to see a guy with really poofy hair, and obviously really tall. He smiled and looked behind him to a blonde guy, who was a bit shorter and holding hands with a really pretty girl.
“Hey Gee.” What I gathered was Natalie said. He nodded in hello and pointed to me.
“This is Keira, she’s new and moved into the dorm next to Frank and I.” The one with poofy hair sat down, and put out his hand.
“Ray.” He said. I nodded and shook his hand. The blonde guy and Natalie were the next to sit down, he too put out his hand.
“I’m Bob.” He said warmly. I smiled and was about to shake his hand before Natalie came flying at me, tackling me to the floor in a hug.
“I’m Natalie!” She squealed. I laughed and hugged her back.
“Ooww.” I groaned as she got up, rubbing my back.
“Hehe. Oops.” She said, coming back over and hugging me a bit more gently. I smiled and patted her back.
“I don’t want to know what you had to eat this morning.”.
“Oh that reminds me, Natalie! Keep off the fucking red cordial.” Bob said, hitting her playfully on the back of the head. She laughed and tackled him now to the floor, except began kissing him as soon as he hit the ground.
“Geez Bryar, somewhere else.” Ray scoffed, turning his back on them to talk to Gerard and I.
“So, you’re new huh?” He asked. I nodded and looked at Gerard, who was still eating his sandwich and smiled, spilling a few crumbs out of the corner of his mouth. Suddenly we heard yelling and as we turned our heads, we watched as a tall, skinny guy with glasses come running toward us.
“GERARD! THEY STOLE MY LUNCH AGAIN!” He yelled, hitting the floor as soon as he got to us, panting.
“Oh those fucktards.” Gerard muttered, standing up and tossing his sandwich to the guy.
“Have that and I’ll go sort them out.” He sighed, walking off in the direction that he had just come. He smiled and started to take a bite out of his sandwich before noticing me and tilting his head in question.
“I’m Keira, New here.” I said, putting out my hand. He took it, smiling.
“Mikey. And you’re really pretty.” He said, blushing. I smiled, started to feel my own cheeks go red.
“You fucking flirt.” Ray said, flicking him in the neck. Mikey laughed and fell back onto the grass.
“So fucking tired. “ I heard him mumble.
“Well then don’t stay up all night jacking off to porn you nitwit.” Said Ray, smirking. Mikey flipped him off and closed his eyes.
“You wish Toro.” I let out a small smile and ate some more of my lunch.
“HA! She thought it was funny.” Ray pointed out in his defense. Mikey looked at me and frowned.
“Don’t encourage him!” He whined. This made me laugh.
“I’m sorry, but Ray has a point. If you didn’t stay up all night jacking off to his home made videos then you wouldn’t be that tired.” I smirked, then turned and laughed at Ray’s reaction.
“I like you already.” Mikey said, grinning. I shrugged my shoulders and noticed Gerard was walking back with a paper bag in his hand.
“There man.” He threw it at Mikey, who smiled and sat up to lean against the tree.
“Thanks bro.” I frowned.
“You two are brothers?” I asked. Gerard and Mikey both nodded.
“Oi!” Gerard leant over me and flicked his brother in the ear.
“Can people please stop flicking me?!” He yelled, forcing the rest of us to just laugh.
“Huh? What happened?” Bob sat up, smoothing out the back of his hair and trying his best to act like nothing happened.
“Bryar, you are the least subtle person we know.”
“Not my fault!” He said, pointing at Natalie who shrugged, smiling.
“Yeah but you liked it.”
“Okay guys! Enough! Save it for the bedroom.” Gerard said, copping some smirks from the rest of the group. Natalie rolled her eyes and turned to me.
“I hope you can handle these guys, I mean, you would think they’d at least settle down until you did but they’re like this every lunch!” She said. I smiled and looked at them.
“I like it.” I said, making them smile.
“Excellent!” Mikey shouted, punching his fist in the air. “I’m finally cool!”
“Oh shut it four eyes.” Ray said, flicking him.
“Stop with the fucking flicking already! I get it!” He yelled, pulling his knees up to his chest and scowling, taking small bites of his sandwich.
“Awwwwwww. C’mon guys, leave him alone. He’s tired remember?” I said, looking at Ray. He shook his head and laughed. Mikey however, just sulked even more.
“I need a hug.” He mumbled. Gerard started laughing and I felt someone nudging my arm. I looked to see that it was Natalie, who had now moved on the other side of me. She nudged my arm again and used her head to gesture toward Mikey. I smiled and crawled over, wrapping my arms around him. I felt Mikey hug back tightly and I laughed.
“I swear, you give the best hugs.” He said as I sat back down.
“I agree.” Gerard said.
“Can I have a hug?” Ray asked. I laughed and nodded, moving over to him and giving him a hug too.
“Wow.” He said, as I sat back down, “They’re so… comforting.” I smiled and frowned at myself.
“I’ve never been told that.” I said, grabbing for my drink.
“You’ve never met people like us.” Natalie said, winking. I grinned.
“That’s true.” Suddenly everyone stopped as we heard the bell go off.
“Yayy?” Bob commented, standing up and brushing himself off. Gerard nodded as I gave a confused look.
“This was the last day of holidays.” He said.
“Ahh.” I said, following their lead and getting up. “So ahh, what time do lessons start tomorrow?”
“Umm.. around 9.” He said. I nodded.
“You’re in 10th grade, right?” He asked. I nodded.
“Alright, well I’m in 11th with Ray, Bob and Natalie. While Mikey and Frank are in 10th with you. You should get along fine.” He said. I smiled and waved goodbye to the others as they made their way to their dorms.
“Can I have another hug?” Mikey asked. I laughed and hugged him, noticing I only came up to his shoulders.
“Dude, you remind me of Frank. So short.” He said, grinning. I rolled my eyes, smiling as he walked off. I started walking with Gerard back to our own building, finding the steps and beginning our climb.
“God I hope you get along with Frank.” He said quietly. I frowned, looking at him.
“How come?” I asked. He sighed.
“I know you haven’t known me for that long, but I don’t know, there’s something about you I like. And I just find it easy to trust you.” He said. I nodded, waiting for him to continue.
“Frank hasn’t been himself for a long time, from what you see tomorrow, you’d be amazed that he used to be this little hypo kid. Always with a smile on his face, always making you laugh. I don’t know what happened to him, but I’m worried. And I just think..” He sighed, “If he can feel the same way about you that I do, I have a feeling that he might confide in you a bit.” He looked down, closing his eyes and shaking his head. I looked down too, though in thought.
“How do you know he’d confide in me? I mean, you’re obviously close. He’s known you longer, why not you?” I asked. Gerard shook his head.
“He doesn’t tell everyone his problems, he doesn’t like to be a hassle. He knows as well, that if I found out anything really wrong with him I’d try to help him. That’s what he doesn’t want though, he thinks he doesn’t need help. But, like I said, there’s something about you I really trust, and maybe things could change.” He sighed. I felt really sorry for him. From what I understand his best friend’s depressed and won’t confide in him, so he feels as though he has to seek help to better understand his own best friend. Which would probably make him feel horrible. We reached the top of the stairs and I wrapped my arms around him.
“I’ll get along with him just fine, I’m sure.” He smiled.
“Thank you.”
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