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Keira meets Frank.

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I woke the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock at 8:00. I swear to god, it’s got to be illegal to get up this early. I quickly got up and ran to my closet to pull out my uniform, before swapping it with my pajamas. I brought my hand up to my mouth as I walked toward my mirror, yawning loudly. I could hear other kids from other dorms already up and talking as they got ready for school. I looked at my weary reflection and smirked. I looked like shit. Grabbing a brush from my dresser I began to brush all the knots from my hair, then started to attack it with hairspray. I teased it in all different places and smiled at my work. Then grabbing for my eyeliner and mascara I opened the door of my newly found, small bathroom I had and started to do my eye makeup and brush my teeth. I sighed in relief as I was finally down and walked out, knocking on my adjoining door. I froze for a few seconds though, as another male opened the door. He was about 5 inches taller than I was, with black hair, his bangs pushed to one side. His hazel eyes stared into mine and I noticed that he too, had frozen. I gathered this was Frank.
“Who are you?” He asked. I smiled.
“Keira. I’m new, moved into this dorm.” I gestured behind me. “And you’re Frank?” I asked. He nodded.
“Gerard told me about you.” He said. I smiled.
“Is he there?” I asked. He shook his head.
“He left earlier to get breakfast. Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked quietly. I nodded, walking into my room and pulling out my diary. I took it to him and opened it to my time table.
“I don’t know where the fuck I’m going.” I said. He nodded and smiled slightly, taking my diary and looking at it.
“You have first period in Chemistry, then second PE, you’re in my class.” He said, “Then third you have English, with me also, and in final period you have History.” I nodded.
“And I don’t know how to get to any of them.” I sighed and rubbed my head.
“Is there a map or something?” I asked. He smirked sympathetically and gave me back my diary.
“No, but I pass the Chemistry lab on my way to Physics. I’ll take you.” He said. I thanked him and watched as he walked to his bed and picked up his small, black messenger bag next to it. I smiled, picking up my own and followed him through his room and out into the hallway. We were mixed with heaps of other kids as they made their way down the staircases to their lessons. I looked around nervously, I was going to get so lost.
“Just follow me, I promise you won’t get lost.” He said. I smiled again. I could tell he was nice, it was hard not to miss that. But as Gerard said, I couldn’t see him as some kid running around like a nut. I noticed though, since his sleeve was white I could see underneath it some sort of bandage halfway up on his arm.
“What happened?” I asked. He looked at me questioningly.
“Your arm.” I pointed out. His eyes widened and he pulled out his blazer from his messenger bag, putting it on.
“Ahh, nothing. I pulled a muscle.” He said. I frowned. I decided to let it go.
“Well this is the Chemistry lab, have fun.” He said, walking off. I looked around and then walked inside, suddenly met with warmth. I noticed there were kids around setting up Bunsen burners.
“Can I help you dear?” What I assumed as my science teacher walked up and held her hands together.
“Umm, I’m new here. My name’s Keira Parksley.” I said. She smiled and led me over to one of the tables.
“In the drawer are some goggles, put those on, and I’ve already set you up with Eloise here and she’ll tell you what to do.” She said warmly, before going to write some safety instructions on the board. I looked at my lab partner and smiled. She looked around cautiously, before smiling back and I raised an eyebrow. If I was to describe her look, I’d say it was a high school bratz doll. Her hair was an evident dye of blonde, and she had piercing blue eyes. She wore a lot of jewelry and her nails were fucking perfect.
“Hey.” She said. I nodded in response and pulled some goggles out of the drawer.
“I’m Keira”, I said, putting out my hand. She looked at it, and turned to her left where another two girls were giving disgusted looks. She gave them a look and put her hand up.
“No thanks.” She said. Oh so we have a bitch, I thought. I frowned at her and shook my head, sighing.
“I’m Eloise, incase you haven’t noticed, My friends call me Lou for short.” She said, sounding just a tad stuck up. I rolled my eyes and began looking at the sheet on the table for instructions.
“Okay, so we need a beaker, some water..” I trailed off, reading the list. She leant against the sink and started to inspect her nails, waiting for me to start.
This was what it was kind of like the whole lesson. I ended up doing all the work, and finishing before anyone else. She didn’t talk to me either, just kept mouthing stuff to her friends and giggling idiotically. When I was done I looked up at her and handed her the sheet.
“Write down your name and we’ll hand this to the teacher.” I said. She looked down at the paper and then at me, in question.
“What?” I asked. I watched her put the paper on the desk.
“But I didn’t do anything.” She said quietly. I shrugged.
“Just put your name down.” I watched her write down her name and then glance at her friends, who were trying to turn out the Bunsen burner.
“Thank you.” She whispered and put up her hand for the teacher to come and check our work. I looked up at her hand and my eyes widened in surprise. What the hell. Her bracelets and sleeve had moved down slightly, and the sight was not pretty. There were small cuts covering her wrist and it looked as though they kept going down her arm. My jaw opened slightly and I shook my head. What prep did this? This is... confusing. The teacher finally came to our desk and marked our work. We got an excellent for the practical part and a high for the written.
“You’re good at science.” She whispered, so quietly I could hardly hear her. I nodded slightly, still confused and looked at her arm again when curiosity got the better of me. I noticed her sleeve was caught down on one of her bracelets and she was picking up her bag to pack away her things. I did the same and then walked over to her side of the bench, keeping my head down and subtly whispering to her.
“Fix your sleeve.” She looked down in surprise and she gasped, quickly dropping her bag to fix it just as the bell rang. I walked out of the classroom, and then stopped. Realizing I didn’t know where the fuck I was going. I jumped though as I felt someone’s hand touch my shoulder and I looked to see it was Eloise. Well what the fuck did she want now?
“Please.. don’t tell anyone.” She asked. I nodded and smiled at her, but noticed she looked really distressed.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. She shook her head, pushing some hair out of her eyes which I noticed were starting to spring tears. Then without warning she latched onto me in a hug and started to bawl her eyes out. I stumbled a bit in surprise, but patted her back, un-sure of what to do. I didn’t know what this girl was thinking, one minute she’s a bitch the next she’s crying and holding onto me like she’d known me for years. I looked around to see someone I knew, anyone, I did not know how the hell to handle this. I spotted Gerard walking down the hall by himself, listening to his MP3 and I smiled. Eloise didn’t seem to notice when I waved at him for about 5 seconds before he noticed me and walked through the crowd, smiling. It didn’t last long though when he noticed Eloise holding onto me for dear life and crying her eyes out. He raised an eyebrow and I shrugged, patting her back again. He gulped and bent down next to her.
“What’s wrong?” He asked. She looked at him and sniffed, her makeup running down her face.
“I can’t take it.” She said, and then with no warning latched herself to Gerard. I sighed in relief, but then noticed she was now crying on Gerard. I felt bad.
“Do you know her?” I mouthed. He nodded and began to stroke her hair.
“What happened?” he asked me. I looked around, noticing the crowd was thinning out and I shrugged. She started to settle down, breathing deeper and coughing. She looked genuinely upset.
“WHAT THE FUCK.” I looked quickly and noticed a guy, very jock like, came toward us and pointed to her.
“Why is she crying? What the fuck did you do to her?!” He asked. I shrugged and Gerard looked a tad scared.
“I don’t know, she just started crying.” I said. He scoffed.
“Lou, get the fuck away from these Emo fags and tell me what’s wrong.” He went to grab her arm but she pulled away.
“No.” She said, sniffing and holding onto Gerard’s shirt.
“I said, let’s, go!” He said, grabbing her arm and yanking her from Gerard.
She yelped and grabbed her arm, starting to cry again. Oh god, am I lost. What confused me even more though is the fact that Gerard walked over and punched the jock square in the nose.
“Don’t touch her.” He growled, helped Eloise up and holding onto her. The jock grabbed his nose and started to walk away.
“You’re gonna pay for that.” He said, pointing at Gerard. I checked my watch and looked at Gerard who was trying to calm down Eloise.
“I’ve got to go, do you know where English is?” I asked. Gerard nodded and pointed down the hall.
“Room 27.” He said. I nodded in thanks and sprinted down the hall as fast as I could, looking at the numbers as I went. I skidded to a halt in front of the right one and opened the door quietly.
“Ahh. Thank you for joining us.” The teacher said, motioning toward the class. I nodded.
“You don’t look familiar, are you new?” He asked. I nodded again.
“My name’s Keira.” I said. He smiled.
“Welcome, just choose a seat anywhere and we’ll get started.” He said. I smiled and looked around the classroom, spotting an empty chair next to Frank. I walked over and sat down, smiling at him. He tried to smile back, but he made it seem almost impossible. I sympathized for him, I really did. He seemed so upset, and now I realized why Gerard was so worried. I pulled out my books and began copying from the board.
“Don’t try to help me.” I heard him whisper. I looked up toward him and noticed him looking at me.
“I know Gerard put you up to this, just please, for your sake not mine.” He asked. I sighed and nodded, going back to my work. He was troubled. Really troubled.


Okay, I know this seems confusing. But just wait and it'll be explained in later chapters. Savvy?
Thought so.
Thank you.
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