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What happened with Eloise.

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I have to apologise, I won't be able to update for the next 3 days because I'm going to a family friends house. I'll take my laptop, and TRY to get internet connection, but yeah. This is just an update. Thanks for those who reviewed, I love you all so much.


It’s been about 3 weeks now since I started at this godforsaken school. I agree with Gerard, the food’s crap and some people are somewhat worse. I was sitting on the floor of my room with Gerard, playing some video games my parents had sent me while Frank slept in the room next door.
“Oh you are so gone!” He said, laughing. I smiled triumphantly as the ‘Player 1 Wins!’ came up on the screen, only to be tackled to the floor by Gerard.
“NO!” I yelled, trying not to laugh and he began to tickle my ribs. I involuntary scrunched up in a ball and tried to stop the tickling madness.
“Piss off!” I managed out, crawling away and trying to catch my breath. He laughed and fell backward himself, sprawling out over the carpet.
“I’m so bored. Want to dnm?” He asked. I raised an eyebrow.
“What’s that?” I asked. He chuckled.
“It’s a deep and meaningful conversation about whatever you want.” He explained.
“Ahhh.” I nodded and sat back against my bed.
“Alright, tell me, did you find out what happened with Eloise that time?” I asked. He blushed and nodded.
“Yeah.” I smiled.
“What’s with the redness?” I asked. He shrugged, smiling.
“She used to live next door to me in primary.” He said. I nodded and waited for him to continue.
“Stop looking at me like that!” He said, throwing his hands up in defense and trying very poorly to hide the huge grin on his face.
“Carry on.” I said. He laughed.
“I dunno. I asked her what was wrong that day because in primary, her and her dad used to fight a lot. Like he’d come home, and Mikey and I knew he hit her. We’d hear screaming and then something bang and she’d tell him to stop… not like he would.” He added on.
“What made her go to you anyway? No offense.” He asked. I shook my head and shrugged.
“No idea..” Then I looked back and remembered. “Wait, in science, her sleeve had fallen down.. and-“
“I saw those too.” He said.
“Yeah. When I tried to grab her arms to tell her it was okay, yeah. You can imagine, she just broke down again.”
“So what did you do?” I asked. He looked at me and his face turned a deep red and he mumbled something.
“What was that?” I asked with a smirk. He grinned and looked at a spot on the wall, making at seem interesting. I heard him cough.
“I kissed her.” He said, trying to make it sound casual but you could just hear the excitement in his voice. I burst out laughing, lying my head back into my bed.
“Fuck off!” He said.
“No.. no..” I said, holding my hand up.
“Let me catch my breath.” I said, trying to breathe and then moving over toward him.
“That’s so cute.” I said, giving him a hug. He sighed in relief and looked at me.
“Do you think I should ask her out?” He asked. I raised an eyebrow.
“Did she pull away?” I asked. He shook his head.
“She kissed back I’m pretty sure.”
“Then ask her out.”
“But what about her reputation?” He asked, “I don’t want her getting paid out like we do just because she’s hanging out with me.” He sighed and I laughed again.
“You worry too much, just ask her.” I said. He nodded, smiling.
“Thanks Keira.”
“Anytime.” I sat back down, and leant up against the lounge like Gerard was. Just listening to the sound of my video game.
“I’m going to have a quick check on Frank.” He said, standing up and I watched him walk to the adjoining door and open it.
“Frank?” He asked, walking in and looking around. I frowned as I watched him shrug and walk back in, shutting the door.
“He must have gone to get lunch.” He said.
“You want to go too?” I asked. He nodded and put out his hand to help me up and I smoothed out my clothes before joining him in the hallway. I stopped quickly to lock the door behind me and then started my walk with Gerard down to the cafeteria.
“Did you talk with Frank?” He asked me quietly. I nodded my head, readjusting my shirt.
“Not about what you think though, I’ve just been getting along.” I said. He nodded, and then looked at me knowingly.
“What?” I asked. He smiled even wider.
“Frank was talking in his sleep the other day.” He said. I looked at him.
“Yeah. He said your name.” He said. I looked at him again and he was smiling at me.
“I think he likes you.” He said. I snorted. “What?!”
“Darling, no one has liked me since the 5th grade. I understand why too, and plus, PLUS, he’s only known me 3 weeks and we’ve only talked about school work or music. That’s it.” He looked up and pondered my answer.
“Tell me, what’s your favourite band?” He asked. I sighed.
“It’d have to be a toss up between Green Day and the Bouncing Souls.” I said. He grinned as we neared the cafeteria.
“And do you play any instruments?”
“What’s your favourite colour?”
“Don’t have one.”
“How many boyfriends have you had in the past?”
“One, but it was a fuck up.” I said. He grinned widely as we entered the large room.
“I think you’ve just contradicted yourself without even knowing it.” He whispered, then walked over to where people were lining up to get food. I rolled my eyes at his still wide grinning at me and walked toward the door leading outside. I just didn’t feel that hungry anymore. I pushed on the door with my shoulder and walked slowly to the end of the building, trying to remove my ipod from my pocket. I finally got it out though when I felt someone grab the sleeve of my hoodie and drag me around the corner of the building where the jocks usually sat.
“What the f-“ They put their hand over my mouth and I stopped struggling at how gentle they were holding onto my face. I looked up and was met with a pair of familiar hazel eyes.
“Fuck.” I said. He stared at my eyes.
“No, its Frank remember?” He gave a soft smile. I coughed and leant up against the wall.
“So what’s up?” I asked. He looked down at his feet and then rubbed his hands together.
“I don’t know how to say this… without creeping you out.” He said. I nodded.
“It’ll take a lot to creep me out Frank, just tell me.” I said. He closed his eyes and then opened them, locking them with mine.
“I think… I…. need you.” He said. I kept looking into his eyes for some kind of joking, but he wasn’t. He was dead serious.
“What do you need?” I asked. He breathed in and looked around; thank god the jocks had better things to do today.
“Nothing in particular, nothing from you. Just, you.” He said. I looked down and bit my lip as he started playing with his lip ring. I felt the wind slightly leave though as his body moved closer to mine, less than a foot apart. I caught my breath as his hand moved up to my cheek, not touching it, but kind of hovering over it. Not sure of what to do. I watched as he let out a frustrated breath and went to turn away. Fuck it. I grabbed his collar and pulled his face to mine, kissing him softly. I stopped though, pulling away slightly and letting our lips brush, waiting for his reaction. He moved forward suddenly and kissed me fully, bringing both his hands up to my cheeks and pulling my face closer to his. I smiled into the kiss and slowly pulled away.
“You can have me.” I said and he smiled, touching my hand and moving back around the corner. That was a smile… a real smile. I sighed and leant up against the wall, looking at the screen on my ipod to see a song already playing.

/I don’t care if you don’t mind
I’ll be there not far behind
I will dare
Keep in mind
I’ll be there for you./
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