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Chapter One

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Ryan walks in the door, only to find Brendon running around the small apartment, frantically searching for something.

Ryan speaks clearly into the silence, "Brendon what the hell are you doing?"

Brendond finally says something after a few minutes of waiting, "Gotta find it."

"Find what?"

Brendond speaks quickly after, "Can't find it."

Ryan started to get dizzy as Brendon practically ran in circles, "Brendon stop moving please!" Brendond hadn't even comprehended what Ryan said. He then walks towards Brendon, only to hit a glass wall. "What the hell?" was all Ryan could state.

Ryan just stood there, staring at the glass. He then realized this was a set up.

"Oh, very funny guys. You can come out now." He paused for a few seconds, "Spence?...Jon?...Anyone?..."

Suddenly a loud bang crept out of the emptiness behind Ryan. Ryan quickly turned around, seeing nothing. When he turns back around, he jumps out of his skin as he sees a man with wavy brown hair staring at him with slightly glazed over eyes. When Ryan looked into the guys eyes, the guy cocked his head to the side simultaneously as a wide, creepy grin crossed his face.

The guy was no longer looking at Ryan, but rather, off to the side. The guy very slowly turns his head so he's again staring at Ryan, still having the creepy grin on his face. A second after their eyes met, the guy backs up and turns his gaze to Brendon in one swift movement of the neck. Brendon still happened to be running around the room frantically. The guy grabbed onto Brendon's shirt, pulling him back to himself. He then takes a firm hold on Brendon's head, wrapping his arms around it. The guy next pushes his elbows into Brendon's shoulders.

Ryan freezes, "N-no..." He couldn't process anything as Brendon struggles to get away to continue searching for the non-existant object. Suddenly, the guy twists Brendon's head quickly, you could even hear the crisp snap of his neck. Ryan goes to jump through the glass as the guy throws Brendon's limp body onto the ground, but something stops him.

A tall, halfway muscular man throws a bag over Ryans head and inserts a needle into the little part of Ryan's neck that was still showing through the bag. Ryan slowly looses consciousness and becomds limp in the process.

The tall man drags Ryan into another room and into a cell, removing the bag. The man then walks back out, locking the door and throws something resembling a dog treat over the glass wall and into the room Brendon's limp body is.

The guy takes the treat and downs it before dragging Brendon's body through the door behind the bookshelf door. The tall man smiles and chuckles to himself, "Very good Brother." He grins, in the exact way the guy did to Ryan, before walking out.

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