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Chapter Two

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Continuation of the first chapter.

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"Ryan?...Ryan is that you? Is that really you?" he pokes Ryan firmly in the side, watching him flinch slightly. After a few seconds, Ryan starts to come around.

"Uggh...What happened?" Ryan opened his eyes, seeing Brendon hovering over him with a concerned look. Ryan jumped back with a start.

Brendon's look changed to confused, "What's wrong Ryan?"

"You-you died!" Ryan was confused and started to get scared as he remembered what happened.

"No I didn't." he looks at Ryan weirdly. "I haven't left this cell for a few days."

"" He looked at Brendon in sheer confusion. "How'd...?"

"How did what?" Brendon was being more confused by the second.

"Are you, you?" Ryan snapped slightly.

"Yes I'm me. Who else could I be?"

"Uhh...What's something only you and I know?"

Brendon pauses to think before speaking, "You're in love with Angelia Jolie."

"SSHH!! Not so loud." Ryan's cheeks went red for a second, then lunges at Brendon, pinning him in a hug.

"EEP!" Brendon falls backwards, taking Ryan with him.

A stray voice came into their cell, "So Ryan's in love with Angolina Jolie? That's actually...well, really odd."

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