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Chapter Three

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Continuation of Chapters One and Two.

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Ryan perks up, letting go of Brendon but straddled his hips.

"Spence? Is that you?" Can't see his buddy through the heavily gated cell.

"Who the hell else would it be?" Spencer was making his usual sarcastic comments, despite their location.

"Dude how the fuck did you get here?"

"Well, I saw Brendon's death."

"Huh...How'd he die for you?"

Brendon whispered to Ryan, "Why am I the one getting killed?" All Ryan did to answer Brendon's question was a shrug.

Spencer spoke up again, "Some scary-ass guy shapped his neck."


"Why is that freaky?"

"Because it's the same thing that happened to me too."

"Hm. Odd."

They all jumped as a loud bang shot out from behind them, all falling silent. A few seconds later they here walking into the room their caged cells are in. The footsteps stop in front of Spencers cell.

Spencer whispers as quietly as he can, "S-shit." The door to his cell opens slowly and Spencer freezes, shutting his eyes tightly.

Ryan and Brendon exchange worried and scared glances from their positions.

A few seconds later you oculd hear a body drop limply to the floor in Spencer's cell. Ryan freaks out slightly and gasps at Spencers deathly silence.

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