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Chapter Four

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Continuation of Chapter One, Two, and Three.

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The footsteps disappeared the way they came and Spencers voice rang out moments after.

"Oh thank God! It's Jon!"

Ryan quickly let out a sigh of relief at the sound of Spencer's voice.

Ryan gets off of Brendon and sat against the wall. Brendon got up after and sat down next to him, throwing his arm around Ryan's shoulders.

Brendon speaks quietly, "Ryan are you okay?"

"N-not really." Ryan spoke even quieter than Brendon and leans into Brendon for comfort from his best friend.

Brendon responds instantly to what Ryan said and did. He now was cradling Ryan in his arms and had moved him into his lap before speaking, "Whats wrong?"

"T-this woosy, drowsy feeling just rushed over me."

Spencer heard what Ryan said and quickly shouted, "Ryan what are you allergic to?!"

Ryan takes a few seconds to think about the question as he starts to shiver.

Brendon pulls Ryan closer, balling him up in his arms, so to speak.

Not much time passed until Ryan's body relaxed in Brendon's arms before he could answer Spencer's question.

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