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Chapter Five

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Continuation STILL!! lol. :D

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"R-ryan?! Ryan wake up!" Brendon was frantically shaking his buddy, hoping he comes back into consciousness.

"Brendon take a break. He'll wake up as soon as he can. Let's just hope he comes out of his 'coma'." Spencer was worried and slightly scared. He was impatiently waiting for Jon to wake up.

"Spencer you don't have to stare at his motionless body."

"Then don't look at him."

"What the hell else am I supposed to look at then?!!"

"Uhh...I don't know...Find something...A hole maybe...? OR A DOT!"

"A hole...Hmmm..." Brendon searches around for a hole of some sort. He finds one where the wall meets the ground. "HAHAAAHAH!! Spencer I found a hole!" His voice changes from fun to serious. "Spencer I found a hole!"

Brendon froze as something started coming through the hole. "SPENCER! Shit somethings coming through the damn hole!" Brendon moves to the farthest point away from the hole.

"Uh oh..Shit!" Spencer hand no idea what to do or what was happening.

A gassy like liquid ws sprayed from the emerged object. Brendon clentched himself together and whined as a hideous laughter rang out from behind the wall.

Brendon started coughing, unable to breathe and speaks softly with his remaining air, "N-no..." Brendon falls over on top of Ryan's legs.

A/N: YAY! One more chapter down. :D Soo. Who thinks they know whats wrong with Ryan? Who thinks they know if Brendon's really dead or not? REVIEW WITH YOUR ANSWERS! :D
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