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Chapter Six

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"So Jon, waht happened to you to get in here?" Spencer was trying to pass the time and keep his mind off of his two unconscious friends in the next cell.

"Uhh...You and Ryan were mauling each other. Then this crazy looking guy with brownish wavy hair stuck a curvy knife thingy into your chest, then Ryan's and I got knocked out..."

"Okay I'm confused..."

Jon looks at Spencer with a weird look, "Why?"

"Because for me and Ryan, Brendon's head got severed."

"But I...How can he die twice?"

"How the hell should I know?!"

Jon was about to say something when he gets interrupted by a groan of slight pain from the next cell.

"Ugh...What happened...? And who's on top of me?" He moves to take a look at the one on top of him. He freezes, about to break down crying, "B-b-brendon...? Brendon? ... Brendon!?! ... EEHH! WAKE UP!" Ryan was trying to shake him awake, but was unsuccessful. "N-no..." He curls into a ball and tries to refrain from crying.

"Ryan relax please, everything will be okay, I promise." Spencer heard the distress in Ryan's voice as he spoke to Brendon.

Jon looks at Spencer worriedly as he didn't know what happened in Ryan and Brendon's cell previous to when he woke up.

"S-spencer...Is-is B-brendon d-d..." Ryan couldn't bear to speak the dreadful word, hoping that Brendon would wake and comfort Ryan.

"I...I really don't know Ryan. We'll have to wait it out and see."

Jon perks up as he thinks of something, "Spencer, Ryan, do either of you or Brendon happen to have a cell phone on your person?" He had a slightly excited tone in his voice.

"Uhh...Not sure...Ryan check Brendon." Spencer was searching his own pockets while speaking.

"B-but...He's like... Lifeless, in a way." He was reluctantly searching his own pockets.

"Just do it Ryan! Please!" Spencer was slowly etting annoyed with Ryan's 'sissiness'.

Ryan sighs, moving over to Brendon and carefully and lightly searches Brendon's body. He didn't want Brendon to wake up while Ryan was searching him.

"Hey guys! I found something!" Ryan was slightly happy as he had found an object in Brendon's pockt reasembling the shape of a cell phone.

A/N: Does Brendon really have a cell phone in his pocket? Do they have a chance of escape? Review and tell me your answers to what you think will happen, who knows, I might just use your idea. :D
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