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Chapter Seven

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"What is it?! What is it?!" Spencer and Jon both spoke in excited unison.

Ryan pushes his hand into Brendon's pocket. He carefully grips onto the object and pulls it out.

He gasped as he pulled the object out with his eyes closed. When he opened his eyes, the sight about made him cry.

"Ryan, what'd you find?!" Spencer was getting impatient as Jon gripped onto his arm.

"It's just his iPod!!" Ryan tossed the worthless object to the other side of the cell, wanting to burst into tears as he curls into a tight ball.

"Dammit." Jon lets go of Spencer's arm and starts to loose hope of ever escaping.

"Hey Ryan?" Spencer spoke smoothly and kindly.

"What?" Ryan was clearly upset.

"I know you've been traumatized and everything...But-" He gets cut off.

"What the hell could you possible have me do now?!"

"Well...Check to see if Brendon has a pulse."

"Oh..." Ryan's mood slightly changes as he begins to crawl over to Brendon's limp body.

Jon whispers to Spencer at a volume Ryan couldn't hear, "You're gonna send him into a downwards spiral if he ends up not having a pulse."

"Have some hope Jon." Spencer spoke at the same volume as Jon, but more menicingly.

"I'm sorry, I just ran out." Jon crawls to the farthest point of the cage, in search of a nonexistant escape from Spencer.

Ryan carefully lifts Brendon's wrist in his own shaky hands. He carefully fingers Brendon's vein and sits there for a second.

"S-spencer..." Ryan's eyes started to light up again. "Brendon's not dead."

A/N: Brendon's not really dead! So what actually happened to him? What does this mean for the group? Review and tell me your opinion and I'll put up a new chapter. :)
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