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Chapter Eight

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"Wake him up, wake him up!!" Jon was getting impatient quickly.

"Jon I've been trying to wake him up, nothings working." Ryan was getting annoyed quickly by Jon's attempts to make him work quicker.

"Pinch him, lick him, kick him, kiss him!!" Jon was speaking at a faster speed than before.

"...You want me...too...What?!" Ryan had a freaked out look and a suprised smile, but Jon wasn't fortunate enough to see it.

"You know you're wanted to for a while so just do it and maybe wake him up."

"But...But..." Ryan was uncertain of what to do.

Spencer finally jumped back into the conversation before Jon used more of his 'argumentative tactics'. "Jon quit badgering Ryan about doing things and Ryan do what you want."

Jon pouted slightly, "But...But...You know its true!!!" His voice was whinier than normal.

"Jon, relax. You're getting overly excited about your single chance for getting them closer." Spencer was whispering barely loud enough for Jon to hear.

"But...But...EHH!!" Jon knew Spencer was right and quieted down.

Ryan quietly contemplated the idea Jon had thrown out, kiss him. Ryan had always had abnormal feelings towards Brendon, just kept them repressed. Ryan had no idea how to react.

Spencer's voice broke through Ryan's thoughts, "Ryan you don't have to listen to Jon. You know that, right?"

Ryan finally found his voice, more timid than ever, "Y-yeah...Yeah I know that."

"You don't sound to convinced."

"I know." Ryan was to busy figuring out what he was going to do with his 'feelings' towards Brendon that he suddenly rediscovered.

"Ummm...Okay..." Spencer was slightly confused.

After a few minutes of silent debating, Ryan slowly and hesitantly crawls over to Brendon. He carefully leans over him, hands on each side of Brendon. As he leaned down farther, he could feel Brendon's soft breath against his cheek.

A few more seconds pass and Ryan comes to a deffinant decision. He slowly leans farther and kisses Brendon's soft lips.

A/N: So Ryan's secretly in love with Brendon, what will that mean later on? Review, Review, Review!!
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