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Chapter Nine

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Brendon's eyes flip open as he flinches away, "Ryan, what the hell?!"

"Brendon you're okay!!" Jon and Spencer sang out in unison with wide, toothy smiles.

"Y-yeah...I'm fine." Brendon keeps a good distance between him and Ryan.

Ryan feels his heart shatter and tears welling up in his eyes. He painfully pushed the urge to cry away and leans agaisnt the gate beside him.

Brendon felt a surge of replusion and discust while turing to take his mind off of what just happened and onto his girlfriend outside the cages, whom he longed to see.

After a few minutes of silence, Spencer spoke, "So what do we plan to do next on our quest to escape?"

"Hide and tremble with fear?" Jon spoke with a slight laugh, trying to end the tension between Ryan and Brendon that was managing to leak through the heavily gated cages.

"Jon, you're a douche." Brendon spoke with almost an annoyed tone that caused Ryan to flinch.

"Brendon you don't have to be so mean, he didn't mean anything by it." Ryan was speaking almost in a complete whisper, maintaining no eye contact to minimize the change of bursting into tears.

"Ryan shut up!" Brendon had no urge nor the will power to coverse with Ryan more than he already had.

"No Brendon! I wont. You never had, nor ever will, have the power to tell me what to do!" Ryan was obviously fed up with Brendon's bullshit.

"Fuck you Ryan."

"No don't. He might like it too much." Jon found what he said greatly amusing.

"Shut up Jon!!" Ryan and Brendon spoke as one, looking at each other with a special form of hatred that they shared for each other.

It was then that the door to Ryan and Brendon's cage was opened and Ryan was pulled slowly out by the ankle.

"No! Let go!!" Ryan was trying to struggle away, but had nothing to grab onto. Brendon had jumped to grab Ryan's arm, but only met a closed gate door.

"Shit...No Let Him Go!!" Brendon stood up quickly and banged on the door while cursing at the mysterious guy that just took Ryan.

Suddenly an agonizing scream followed but soft crying silenced all to worry and fear about what was happening outside the cage.

Brendon hits the cage door one last time with a crying scream and whispers with a quivering voice, "P-please don't be hurt, you're still my best friend." He slides down the door to ponder what to do to get out and help Ryan, hoping the scream didn't come from him to save himself the tears and heartache.

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