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Chapter Ten

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OH NO!! MORE TRADEGIES!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!!?!?! AHHHHH RUN AWAY!!! * runs in cirlces * ahem. just read it and find out. :D

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After what seemed like an eternity in silence after what happened to Ryan, Spencer managed to speak, "...Brendon...?" His voice was shaky and filled with worry and fear.

"What do you want, Spencer?" Brendon was obviously annerved and putting out anger to keep tears from staining his slightly annoyed facial expression.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Spencer why the hell are you asking me?!"

"Because you're closer to him and would have more determination on coming up with something." Spencer was halfway whispering, "And you call yourself his best fucking friend." He didn't intend for Brendon to hear that last sentence, but the argument that was now being fought tells you he heard the statement loud and clear.

A while into the argument, Spencer and Brendon are facing eachother, but seperated by the heavily gated wall. They were in the peak of the argument right after exchanging sarcastic comments and before the name calling. They were so into the argument that they didn't hear the door to the cage open, nor Jon's cries for their attention.

The only thing that get them to silence the argument was the ringing after the loud BANG! and the sound of blood splattering against everything behind the exit wound.

Spencer had looked over just in time to see the silver object leave the side of the door as Jon's body hit the floor with a sickening CRRRRACKSPALT! Jon's motionless body lay there with glossed over eyes and a bullet hole in the very center of his pale, clammy forehead.

"J-JON!!! NO!!" Tears filled Spencer's eyes as he crawls over to Jon's body while the door slowly shuts. "W-why him? This can't be happening." Tears now flooded from Spencer's squinted eyes as he craddled Jon's lifeless body in his arms.

Brendon remained in silence and shock, wanting this all to be a big joke and everyone to come out laughing; or having himself wake up from the horrible nightmare, but as much as he wished, this wasn't a dream.

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