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Chapter 8: Now In Stores

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Chapter 8: Now In Stores

Once Pete got the house he carried her to his room and laid her on the bed. “What happened?” “Didn’t I tell you to leave?” “What happened, Pete?” “I don’t know. I found her a block away. Don’t tell anyone she’s here or what she looks like.” “I won’t. Do you need anything?” “No. Can you leave us alone?” “Sure.” Andrew left the room.

Pete bent down to Tina. “Sweetheart, what happened?” “I can’t tell you.” “He hurt you didn’t he? “Yeah.” “Please tell me. I want to help you.” “You promise you won’t think less of me?” “I never could.” “Billy, he,” She couldn’t go on. Pete got on the bed and took Tina into his arms. “Take your time.” “He raped me.” She put her head into his chest and cried. She could feel Pete getting tense. “We need to get you to the hospital and tell them what happened.” “No. I can’t. Please, Pete.” She grabbed his arm. “God, Tina. You need to get checked over. I’ll go with you.” “You promise to stay with me?” “Yes.” “Alright.” Pete helped her up and they went downstairs. “Stay here. I want to talk to Andrew and Hillary.”

Pete went into the kitchen. “Andrew, I’m going to take Tina to the hospital.” “Oh, okay.” “Hil, can you call her parents and tell them she’s staying the night.” “Sure. Is she alright?” “I don’t know. Tell Mom and dad that I’ll be back later.” “Okay.”

Pete drove Tina to the Emergency room. He went to the front desk. “My friend needs to see a doctor.” “Okay. What is the problem?” “Um, she was raped.” “Oh, Have you called the police?” “No.” “Let me get you a room.” After a few minutes, Pete and Tina followed the nurse. “Here is a gown that you can get into after I do your vitals. I am also going to call the police.” “Alright.” The nurse took Tina’s vitals and left. “I’ll leave so you can change.” “No! Pete, stay.” “You sure?” “Yes. Just turn around.” Pete turned around and Tina put on her gown.

“You can look now.” Tina went to the bed and laid down. Pete covered her up. “How are you feeling?” “Terrible. I don’t what to do.” “I’ll help you in any way.” There was a knock on the door. “Hello, I’m Doctor Timms. You are Tina?” “Yes.” “Is this your boyfriend?” “No, he’s a friend.” “I’m Pete. I found her tonight.” “Is it alright that he stays or do you want him to leave?” “No, I need him.” “Alright. The nurse said that you were raped.” “Yes, it was a friend from school. I was at his house studying.” “I need to exam you and we’ll take some blood work. Do you know if he used a condom?” “Yes, he did.” “We’ll still do the blood work and you’ll need to make the decision of the morning after pill. You could still get pregnant.” “Oh.” “Then the police will be here and will ask you some questions. Why don’t you lay down.”

Tina laid down. Pete stood by her bed and took her hand into his. “You are going to feel some pressure and coolness. Try and relax.” Tina turned her head to Pete. He bent down and placed his forehead on hers. “It’s going to be alright.” Tina felt tears go down her cheek. “Alright. I’m done. Stay in the gown. The police may need to take some pictures. If you need anything let me or one of the nurses know.”

After the doctor left Tina turned to Pete. “Thank you.” “I want to ask you something.” “What?” “Are you going to charge, Billy?” “I don’t know. I don’t think I would win or anything. I know I don’t want him to do this to anyone else. And another thing is that he’s on the basketball team. You know jocks.” “Yeah. I was one.” “You know what I mean.” “No. I know what they are like.” There was a knock on the door. Two Police Officers came in. “Hello Miss Alvavado. I’m Officer Daly and this is Officer Park. We would like to ask you some questions. Is this a friend?” “Yes, Pete Wentz.” Pete said shaking their hands. “Pete, can you call my mom. I want to go home. I’m sorry.” “No, I understand. If you need me I’ll be in the waiting room.”

Pete walked to the waiting room and went to the pay phone. He dialed Tina’s parents. “Mrs. Alvavado, this is Pete. Um, did Hillary call.” “Yes, she did.” “Okay. Well, something happened. I don’t know if I should tell you over the phone.” “Just tell me.” “Tina was raped by that Billy guy.” “Oh no. Where is she?” “We’re at the hospital. The police are talking to her now.” “Alright. Stay with her, please. We’ll be right down.” “I won’t leave.” Pete hung up the phone and sat down. He flipped through some old magazines.

“Mr. Wentz.” Officer Park came into the waiting room. Pete stood up. “Yes.” “I need to ask you a few questions. Tina said you called while she was being raped.” “Oh, yeah. I called, she must, yeah. It was about 9:30. I called her at 8:45, I remember the time then because I was typing up a paper and looked at the time on my computer. We talked for a short time. She told me she was coming home soon. I wanted to talk to her. So, I called her again and when I got no answer I decided to see if she was still at his place.” “Where did you find her?” “A block away from where we live. She was on the ground curled up crying.” “Did she clean up at all?” “No. I had to make her come here. She didn’t want to.” “It’s good you did. This boy did this once before that we know of. There wasn’t enough evidence though. I think we may have him.” “That’s good. Will Tina have to testify?” “Yes.” “Oh.” “Prosecutors will contact her.” “I’ll let her parents know.” “You can go back to see her.” “Thank you.”

Pete walked back to Tina’s room and knocked on the door. He walked in. “Hey.” Tina was laying on the bed. “Hi. Thanks so much for everything you have done.” “No problem. That’s what friends do.” He pushed back some of her hair behind her ear, but Tina flinched. Just then her mom came through the door. “Oh, Tina.” She took her daughter into her arms. Pete quietly made his way out the door. He was walking to the main doors when he heard his name. “Pete.” He turned around. “Mr. Alvavado.” “I just want to say thank you. Tina is lucky to have a friend like you. Things haven’t been easy in the last few years. I was surprised she went out with Billy. She really doesn’t want boyfriends.” “She told me about Danny. I’m sorry she met someone like Billy. We’re not all like that.” “I hope she will see that. Why don’t you come over tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll want to see you.” “Alright. Thank you, Mr. Avavado.” Pete drove home in silence.

He walked inside. “Pete, where were you?” “Mom, god you scared me.” “Where were you?” “The hospital.” “What happened? What were you boys doing this time?” “Nothing. It was Tina. She was raped.” “Oh god, no. How is she?” “I really don’t know. Her eyes are so blank. I’m really worried about her.” “She’ll get through this. She seems like a strong girl.” “I know, but even strong people have their limits. I’m going to bed.” “Sleep well.”

Pete went upstairs to his room. He walked to his desk and sat down. “Fuck.” He looked over to Tina’s room. After a hour of staring into her window, the light went on. Pete watched Tina get into bed. Her light went off. “Dammit, why? You fucker. You’ll regret hurting her.”

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