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Chapter 9: Make Us Poster Boys For Your Scene

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Chapter 9: Make Us Poster Boys For Your Scene

Tina woke up with hearing music. She turned in bed. “Ow. Who the hell is playing music this early?” She slowly got out of bed and went to take a shower. “Tina, how are you feeling?” Her mom asked. “Sore. I’ll be alright though. What time is it?” “It’s almost noon.” “Oh. I thought it was earlier. Who is playing that music?” “Pete. They’ve been there for awhile.” “They’re playing at a club tonight. Could I go?” “Are you sure you want to?” “I can’t stay home. I want to get out and forget that this ever happened.” “I know you want to forget, but that’s not a good idea. Just take it easy. I’m here for you. I think you should talk to someone about everything.” “Let me think about it. I’m going to take a shower.” Tina walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Leaning on the door she started crying.

“Pete, pay attention.” “Huh.” Pete looked at Joe. “You are a million miles away.” “Sorry. It was a long night.” “What happened?” “Nothing.” “Come on. Something happened. It’s affecting your playing.” “Can you guys not tell a soul. And I mean it.” “Of course. We’re not you.” “Thanks, Patrick.” “What happened?” “Tina was raped. That guy she went on a date raped her.” “How is she?” Andy asked. “I really don’t know. I left her with her parents at the hospital last night.” “She’s strong.” “I’m so sick of people saying that. I know she is, but it shouldn’t of happened. Can we just practice. I don’t want to think about this.” “Alright.” Joe said.

They went back to practicing. “Dude, do you want to stop?” “What?” Pete looked at Joe. “You aren’t even paying attention. Why don’t we just practice a little bit before the show.” “Sounds good. We are just wasting our time here.” I’m sorry, guys.” Pete watched the guys leave.

Pete decided to see Tina. He knocked on the door. “Hello, Pete. Come in.” “How are you doing, Mrs. Alvavado?” “Alright. Do you want to see Tina?” “Yes.” “She’s in her room. Just go up.” “Thank you.” Pete went up to Tina’s room. He stood outside of her door. He could hear her playing her guitar. He stood outside of her door for a few minutes. Then he heard her sing.

If I go one more day
its not because of you
If I say something horrible
don't hold it to yourself
Nothing is here
I found it then it leaped out of my hands
a circle of liars and cheats
the box is forcing me back in
So it leaves me no choice but to burn it down
and then incinerate the ashes
My mind is loaded with words
that could unleash mayhem
or control the heart
Neither will be to my fancy
the chatter of a billion
the ear of three
If were lucky
its a wrenched way to survive
The stagnant 'beauty'
clogs the air
Hollow figures breathe it in
the rest are left to make haste
Hope is just four letters
the meaning blew away with the voices
Dreams are the glue for me
my source of heart
Love is the word of life *

He couldn’t believe his ears. After she was done he knocked on the door.
“Come in.” Pete walked in. “Hi, how are you doing?” “Okay.” “Your face looks real sore.” Pete touched it gently and Tina looked down. “Was it you playing that awful music?” She smiled. “Yeah. That was me. The other three know how to play.” “I’m sure you are good.” “I know someone else who is pretty good.” “Who?” “You. Why didn’t you tell me you were amazing.” “I’m not.” “Bullshit. When I get my record label, you will be the first one I sign.” “Thanks, but I don’t think that’s for me. Anyway, can I go with you to the club. My dad needs the car tonight.” “Your not going. Your staying home.” “Pete, you can’t keep me home.” “I just don’t want anything to happen to you.” “Listen, I don’t need you to watch out for me. I want to get on with my life.” “I’m sorry. Calm down. I have to leave around 6:00. Joe is picking me up.” “Okay. Pete, I’m sorry for yelling at you.” “It’s alright. So, what are you up to today?” “Nothing. I was thinking of watching a movie. Do you want to watch it with me?” “Sure. What do you have?” “Let’s see. How about 16 Candles?” “Sounds good.”

Tina put the DVD in and got on her bed. “You can sit with me, you know. I’m not going to bite.” Pete sat next to her and Tina laid her head on Pete’s shoulder. After the movie, Pete looked down at Tina. She was asleep. He laid her down gently and covered her up. “See you later.”

When Pete got home he went to his room. He started on some lyrics. A few hours later his IM went off.

tinarocker: Pete? You there?
petahpanda: i’m here. What’s up?
tinarocker: Thank you for everything.
petahpanda: You don’t have to thank me. I’ll always be there for you. Never forget that.
tinarocker: Alright. Are you ready for tonight?
petahpanda: No. Never am. I will be though. Speaking of..I should get ready. I’ll see you in a little bit.
tinarocker: Ok. See you soon.

Both Tina and Pete got ready. Pete grabbed his bass and went outside. Joe was already waiting. “Hey man. You ready?” “Yeah. Give me a minute. Tina’s coming.” “Brittany went to get her.” “Alright.” Pete got in the backseat. He watched Brittany and Tina come out. Tina got in the backseat with Pete.

Once they got to the club Joe and Pete started to set up and Brittany and Tina found a table. “How are you doing?” “I’m doing alright.” “You had a date with Billy, didn’t you?” “Um, yeah.” “How was it?” “Brittany, I don’t want to talk about it.” “You had a date. I want details.” “Hey girls.” “Thank god. Hi, Destiny. How are you?” Tina asked. “Great. Look what Patrick gave me.” She showed Brittany and Tina her necklace. “Pretty. The boy does have taste.” Brittany said. “It’s beautiful.” “Thank you.”

After a hour the boys came over and sat down. “Tina, do you want something to drink? Pete asked. “Sure. I’ll have a coke.” “I’ll be right back.” Tina watched Pete go to the bar. “You like him?” Tina turned around and looked at Destiny. “What?” Oh Pete. We talked, but are going to take things slow. We both don’t want to rush things.” “That’s good. Pete has been hurt too many times by Jeanae. I’m not saying you are going to hurt him.” “No, I understand.”

Pete walked back with the drinks. “Here you go. We go on in ten minutes. So, I’ll see you later. Have fun.” Pete walked backstage. “Let’s go up front. If we wait too much longer we won’t see them.” Brittany said. The girls made their way to the front of the stage. Soon the boys came out. Tina couldn’t take her eyes off of Pete. After the fifth song Tina turned to Destiny, “I’m going to get some water.” “Alright.” Tina walked to the bar. “Can I have a bottle of water?”

She got her water and turned around bumping into someone. “Oh, I’m sor-, Billy! What the hell are you doing here?” “Surprise to see me. I got out of jail tonight and found out where you would be. So, how are you?” “Um, alright.” “Why did you do it? I didn’t rape you. We both know you wanted it.” “No, I didn’t want it. You are lying. It wasn’t up to me to arrest you.” “You should of stayed so we could of talked. I was so sad that you left.” “I’m not talking about this. I need to get up by my friends.” Tina started to walk away when Billy grabbed her arm. She dropped the water. “What are you doing?” “I want to talk to you.” “No, let me go.” Tina struggled against Billy. He wouldn’t let go.


Pete was running all over the stage. He would glance at Tina every so often. He looked down and noticed she was gone and then he looked at the bar and seen her getting a water. He continued to play. He looked up again and seen Tina struggling. He couldn’t make out who the guy was. Then all of a sudden he seen who it was. “What the fuck?” Pete lifted his bass from him and dropped it. He jumped off the stage and ran to Tina. “Get you fucking hands off of her.” “This doesn’t concern you, Wentz. Get lost.” Billy grabbed Tina to his chest and kissed her. She pushed against him. Pete broke them apart and took Tina by the arm and pushed her behind him.

“I asked you nicely.” Pete punched Billy in the face. “I told you to get your hands off of her. Listen to me.” Pete punched him again. Billy wiped his mouth and punched Pete. “Stop you two.” Tina yelled. Pete and Billy continued to fight. Patrick, Destiny, Joe, Brittany and Andy were around Pete and Billy. “You stupid fucker. You’ll pay for what you did to her. Why did you do it?” “Pete was on top of Billy punching him. “She wanted it.” That angered Pete more.

“Someone do something. Joe, Pete is going to kill him.” Brittany said. “Pete, stop it.” Joe took Pete by the arms and pushed him away from Billy. “I suggest you leave.” Patrick told Billy. Joe took Pete to the bathroom and Billy left.

“Are you alright?” Destiny asked Tina. “No, could you take me home.” “Yeah. Let me get Patrick’s keys.” Destiny went to find Patrick. “You going to be alright?” Andy asked. “I will be. It’s been a rough few days and this didn’t help.” “Okay. I got the keys. Ready?” “Yeah. See you later, Andy.” Tina followed Destiny to Patrick’s car.
Tina stared out the window. “I suppose you want to know about all that?” “Only if you want to tell me.” “Billy raped me.” “Oh Tina. I can’t believe that. No wonder Pete went off on him. What a slime ball. If you need anyone to talk to, I’ll be here. Just ask.” “Thank you. You can tell Brittany, but keep it between you two. I’m sure it will get out though.” “You can count on us.” Destiny pulled in front of Tina’s house. “Take care of yourself.” “I will. Thank you.”

Tina walked to her room. She got into her pajama’s and got into bed. She fell asleep, but was soon awaken by her phone. “Hello?” “Why did you leave?” “I couldn’t deal with everything. Why did you go off on Billy like that?” “He was hurting you. I didn’t know what to do.” “Well, thank you. I do appreciate it. I was so scared. I didn’t want you hurt.” “I’ll heal. Are you alright?” “I will be. I’m sorry.” “For what? Don’t you dare apologize for that asshole. Why don’t you get some sleep. Are you going to school tomorrow?” “No, I‘m going to skip. I’ll go Tuesday.” “I have one morning class. Can I come over?” “Sure. Have a good night.” “You too. Bye.” Tina tossed and turned before falling asleep and having nightmares about Billy.

Was not written by me. Written by Tina Alvavado, who I'm writing Car Crash Hearts for.
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