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Chapter 10: But We Are Not Making An Acceptance Speech

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Chapter 10: But We Are Not Making An Acceptance Speech

Tina woke up to her alarm clock going off. She hit the snooze and then after it went off again decided to start the day. No one was home. Her parents were at work and her brothers were at school. She got herself a bowl of cereal when the phone went rang. “Hello?” “Yes, I‘m calling for Tina. This is Ms. Alexander. I’m working for the D.A.” “I’m Tina.” “I was wondering if I could meet with you and your parents to discuss the case.” “Oh sure.” “Could we meet today. I’m free at 4:00. Do you think that would work out?” “Yes, I’ll call my parents.” Ms. Alexander gave Tina the address to her office.

Tina ate her cereal and then got dressed. She decided to go to Pete’s to see if he was home. She stepped outside and seen a police car. “Oh, no.” She ran over to Pete’s house and ran into a Police Officer. “What happened?” “Miss, I can’t tell you. Just go home.” “No, tell me what happened.” Just then another officer came out with Pete in handcuffs. “Oh my god. Does this have anything to do with Billy?” “Tina, call my mom. I’ll be fine.” She watched the police car leave and she ran home. She found Pete’s mom’s work phone number.

“Mrs. Wentz, this is Tina. Um, Pete was just arrested. It’s my fault.” Tina was crying. “Pete got in a fight with Billy last night.” “Calm down dear. When did they take him away?” “A few minutes ago.” “Alright. You take it easy. I’ll see what I can find out.” “Okay.” Tina hung up. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up. She then called her mom and told her about the D.A. Afterwards, she decided to lay down.

“Tina, wake up.” “Uh, Tommy. What is it?” “Mom called and wanted to make sure you were ready.” “Oh, okay. Thank you.” Tina got up and waited for her mom. She met her outside. She got into the car. “Are you ready?” “Not really. I don’t know if I can do this.” “You don’t want him to do this again?” “No. Of course not. It’s just that something happened. Pete was arrested.” “Oh. Why does that have anything to do with Billy?” “Because Billy showed up at the club and Pete and him had a fight. He’s probably pressing charges. This is all my fault.” “It isn’t. I’m sure Pete doesn’t think that. He doesn’t seem like that type of boy.” “I guess your right.” “Well, here we are. I see your dad’s car.”

Tina and her mom went into the office. They met her dad there. “Hello, I’m Ms. Alexander. Why don’t you come into my office.” Tina and her parents sat down in the office. “I got the police report. I do have a few questions. Was William Carlson a boyfriend?” “No. We went on a date on Friday and then I went to his house on Saturday to study.” “So he was just a friend from school?” “Yes.”

“I got another report a few hours ago. A Peter Wentz was arrested today. Do you know him?” “Yes. He lives next door to me. We are friends.” “The report says him and William got in a fight at Rocco’s last night.” “I went to get a water and Billy was there. He wouldn’t let me go and Pete and him then got into a fight.” “Peter might have to take the stand. Do you think he would do that?” “Oh yes.” “Can I ask you a question, how did Billy get out of jail so fast?” Tina’s dad asked. “Do you want the truth? By money. His parents are rich. They have a lot of money and know a lot of people. It’s sad really. William has done this before and gotten away. I’m hoping this time he won’t.” “Is there a chance for him to be convicted?” “Yes. We have another girl he raped. We can’t prosecute that case, but we can get her to testify.” “Okay. Um, I’m really worried.” “I understand. Right now we are looking at starting the case in a month. If there are any updates or anything please contact me.” “We will.” Tina and her parents left the office.

Tina stepped out of the car. “Mom, I’m going to go and see if Pete is home.” “Ok. Don’t stay too long. I’ll have super ready.” “I won’t be long.” Tina went to the Wentz’s and knocked on the door. “Oh, Tina. Come in.” “Thank you, Mrs. Wentz. Is Pete home?” “No, he is staying until tomorrow. He will get his bail set and his dad will get him out.” “They can’t keep him overnight. Billy wasn’t even in jail for twelve hours. Tina started crying.

“Come here. Why don’t we sit down.” Tina followed Mrs. Wentz into the living room. “Pete told me what happened the night you two went to the hospital. How are you doing?” “Sometimes I feel as though it didn’t happen and then I feel as if he just got done.” “I can’t imagine what you are going through. I’m so proud of you though. A lot of women wouldn’t be doing what you are.” “Your son is the one that made me go to the hospital. I’m glad I listened to him.” Tina smiled. “I was going to visit Pete tonight. Do you want to come with me?” “Yeah. I’ll ask my parents, but I’m sure it will be alright. Speaking of I better get going.” “I’ll come over in a hour or so to pick you up.” “Alright.”

Tina walked home. She helped her mom set the table. “Mom, could I go with Mrs. Wentz to see Pete later?” “Sure. If it is going to upset you though I’d rather you didn’t.” “No, I think it will be fine.” The family ate supper and Tina got ready.

The doorbell rang. “Mom, I’m going. See you later.” “Bye.” “Hi, Mrs. Wentz.” “Why don’t you call me, Isabelle. You seem pretty special to Pete, so enough of the Mrs.’ stuff.” “Okay.” Tina was nervous to see Pete in jail. They go to the jail and had to empty their pockets and purses. They were led to a waiting room. “Is it like a regular prison?” Tina asked. “No, he’ll be behind bars. He won’t be behind the glass or anything. You’ll be able to touch him. You can see him first.” “You sure.” “Yes, I know he’ll want to see you.” “Visitor for Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the third.” Tina looked at Isabelle. “Go ahead.” “Thank you.”

Tina followed the guard. “Here you go. Peter Wentz, you have a visitor.” Tina seen Pete come to the bars. “What are you doing here?” “I wanted to visit you. Your mom asked me if I wanted to come.” “I didn’t want you to see me in here.” “It’s alright. I wanted to see you. I’ve been so worried about you.” “It’s not that bad. I’m sorry I fucked up.” “Stop it.” Tina took Pete’s hands into her own. “I met with the D.A. today. You might have to testify.” “I will. Anything to put that bastard away.” “She said that they might have him this time.” “That’s good.” “You need a shave.” Tina ran her hand down Pete’s cheek. “They kind of got me when I was just getting up.”

“Pete, I know I’m going on my own words, but do you want to go on a date?” “Are you sure?” “Yes, we’ve been through so much in the last few days that I think we deserve it.” “As long as you are sure.” “I am. How’s your face? It looks painful.” She touched the bruises and red marks. “It is fucking painful. Next time I decide to start a fight remind me of this.” “I will. You are not to get into any more fights.”

“Time’s up.” The guard said. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Please take care of yourself.” “I will. Um, Tina, can I have a kiss?” “Sure.” Tina leaned in trying to move her lips around the bars. Pete did the same thing. Finally, their lips touched. “Thank you. Tell the guys what happened and to watch you tomorrow at school. Stay with Andrew.” “I will. Bye.” She waved to him. Pete watched Tina leave and actually smiled for the first time that day.
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