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Chapter 11: I Found The Safest Place

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Chapter 11: I Found The Safest Place

“Hey Joe.” Tina said as she got in the backseat of his car. “Hi, how are you doing?” Brittany asked “Did you tell her or Joe?” Tina asked Destiny. Who was sitting next to her. “Yeah, but not Joe.” “Joe, Billy raped me.” “I know. Pete told us.“ “What? He did?” “Shit. He told us not to say anything. I’m sorry.” “I guess it’s alright.” “He was really worried about you. He couldn’t concentrate to practice on Sunday.” “Oh, I’m doing ok now. Just worried about Pete.” “I know. I can’t believe that he’s in jail. We’ll stay with you. I want to beat that bastard myself.” “Thanks Joe. Don’t you get involved with him. He’s not worth it.”

Joe pulled into a parking spot. “Ready?” Destiny asked. “Yeah. I guess so.” They all got out of the car and walked into the school. “If you need me, I’ll be in the art room. I’ll meet you for biology.” Joe said. “Thank you for everything.” “Sure. Don’t let anyone bother you.” “I won’t.” Joe walked to the classroom and Tina got her book and walked to class.

“Tina.” She turned around. “Yes, I don’t know you.” “I’m Max. One of Billy’s friends.” “Oh.” “Why did you do it?” “Because he raped me. I know none of you will believe me. I don’t’ care. I know what is the truth.” “Billy wouldn’t do something like that. I’ve known him since second grade.” “Well, you don’t know him. He did it. You weren’t there. You didn’t feel what I felt and still feel.” She was yelling. “Can’t you drop the charges? It’s going to ruin his life.” “Too bad. He should of thought about that. It’s not up to me anyway. I have to go.” Tina turned around and started to walk away. “You do know people in this school can make things hard for you.”

She ran into the bathroom and found an empty stall. She stood in there crying. She just wanted the day to be over. Tina was about to leave when she heard the bathroom door open. “He said she wanted him to do it and then later on the cops came and arrested him.” “What a bitch. Billy wouldn’t do anything like that. He was always such a nice guy when we went out.” “Yeah. Adam and I have gone on double dates with him and his ex girlfriend and he was always nice. I can’t believe it’s true. I think she just wants some attention.” The bell rang. “We better get going.” Tina stayed in the stall and cried. She knew who was in her first class. She decided to go to class.

She walked through the door. “Hello, Tina. Nice of you to join us.” “I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” She sat down. Billy was a few desks behind her. She could feel his eyes on her. Once the bell rang she quickly got out of the class. She ran into Andrew. “Tina, where are you going in such a hurry.” “Could you help me find Joe?” “Sure. Pete told mom to tell me to keep an eye out for you.” “He didn’t tell you did he?” “What?” “Nothing.” “There’s Joe.” “Okay. Thank you. I’ll probably need you later.” “Get me whenever.”

Andrew walked off. “Tina, what happened?” “Nothing.” “I know I’m a guy, but I am a good listener.” “Two girls were in the bathroom and sticking up for Billy and he was in my music class.” “I’m sorry. I’m with you for the next two classes.” “And so is he.” “Don’t give him the time of day.” “I’ll try not to.” The rest of the day went alright. Tina seen Billy, but he didn’t say anything. Tina’s last class was American Literature. She sat down and opened her notebook and started doing questions from the chapter they were on.

“Hey, Tina.” She looked up. “Do not talk to me.” Billy sat in the desk next to her. “What are you doing?” “Sitting next to you.” Before Tina could move the teacher started the class. After class Tina went to her locker and grabbed her messenger bag. “I want to talk to you?” “Oh my god. Billy, there is nothing to talk about. Please leave me along.” “Why can’t we talk about this?” “You’ve got to be kidding me. You rape me, come after me the next night, and beat up and have my friend arrested. There is nothing to talk about.”

Tina walked away from Billy and went outside of the school. She walked to one of the benches and put her head in her hands. “Damn him.” “Can I sit here?” Tina looked up. “Oh Pete!” She jumped up and hugged him. “When did you get out?” “This afternoon. How was your day?” “Not the best.” “Did he bother you?” “Yes, plus a friend of his and a few girls.” Pete took her hand into his. “I’m sorry. Things will get better.” “I’m glad you think so.” “Why don’t we get out of here.” “Sounds good.” Pete and Tina went to his car. “Where do you want to go?” “How about somewhere for some fries and a pop? I’m just wanting some junk.” “Alright.”

Pete drove to the restaurant and sat down. “How was your night?” Tina asked. “Okay. Just wanted to leave. I never want to go back. But one thing kept me going.” “What?” “The kiss.” Tina blushed. “I thought about it too.” “When do you want to go out?” “Wednesday. I have a lot of homework tonight and tomorrow I have to study for a test.” “Alright.” “Pete, don’t look so say. Why don’t you come over tonight and you can study.” “I could. I have a test tomorrow.” “Okay, then. Come over around 6:00.” They had some fries and cokes. Then Pete took her home.

Tina helped her mom with supper. The family sat down and ate. After supper Pete came over. “Mom, is it alright if Pete comes up to my room to study?” “Sure. I’ll make some popcorn for you two later.” Pete and Tina went up to her room. “So, what do you have a test for?” “History.” “Oh fun.” “Sure is.” Pete smiled at Tina. Pete took Tina’s desk and Tina went to her bed. “Do you have a calculator. Mine’s busted.” “Sure. It’s in my backpack. You can get it.” “Alright.”

Tina went into Pete’s backpack. “What’s this?” “Hey, give me that. I thought you needed a calculator?” “No, what are these?” “Just ideas and thoughts. Give me my notebook back.” “Come on. Let me see.” “Fine. One page.” Tina started to read.

‘You only hold me up like this
Cause you don’t know who I really am
Sometimes I just want to know what it’s like to be you
We’re making out inside
Crashed cars
We’re sleeping through all out memories
I used to waste my
Time dreaming of being alive
Now I only waste
My time dreaming of you.’

“Wow.” “That bad?” “Are you kidding me? This is amazing. I love it. Have you shown this to the guys yet?” “No. Some of my writing I don’t like to share right away. I’m glad you liked it.” Tina handed him his notebook. “Share with me when you want. I’d love to read your writing.” “I will.” They went back to studying.

After a hour, Pete looked at Tina. He got up and sat on her bed. “Can I help you?” “I want a kiss.” “Good luck, Wentz. I want to get this done.” “Come on.” “Just one.” Tina leaned into Pete and placed her lips on his. Pete ran his fingers through her hair. Tina held onto Pete and fell back on the bed with him on top of her. Pete kissed her neck and ran his hands down her sides.

“Pete, we need to stop.” “I know, but I don’t want to.” “I know. Me either.” Pete laid on top of her playing with her hair. “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “Were you a virgin when Billy,” He couldn’t finish. “Yes.” “Oh baby.” He hugged her. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to know. I’d like to kill that guy.” “Pete,” She placed her hands on his cheeks. “Calm down. It hurts, but I’m going to get through this. What he did was not special. It was just sex. The next man I have sex with it’s going to be special. To me what Billy did was nothing. It didn’t mean anything. Do you understand?” “Yeah.”

He kissed her eyelids and cheeks. “That tickles.” “One more kiss and back to studying.” Pete bent down and kissed her. While he was kissing Tina his cell phone went off. Pete reached in his back pocket and got off of Tina. “Hello?” He looked at Tina. “Oh, Jeanae. How are you?”

*Of All The Gin Joints In All The World
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