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No one gets left behind

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Sticking together is the most important thing.

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Vincent followed them in to the hospital; this one was cleaner than the other one he’d seen. The windows were in one piece for the most part and an old Ambulance sat pretty much in tact by the entrance doors. Vincent opened the doors following the bloody trail Reno had left behind.

The Turks had got him on a bench in the reception which had a telephone and some magazines along with a notice that looked years out of date to say that renovations would be completed within six months but clearly had not been before the town was deserted.

Rufus had found the floor plans and along with Rude they were memorising the area and taking more sketches. Rufus had made a plan to hit the medicine room at the end of the entrance, then they could rest up in the waiting room and on the second floor was an operating room they might be able to get sutures and the likes to change the dressings.

“Yo,” Reno looked over to Rufus as he wrote, “you should leave me and run while you all got the chance.”

“And you should shut the hell up because it never worked that way and never will.” Rufus reminded him as they made the notes. “Vincent…”

“Yes?” The ex-turk sat on the counter and looked at the pamphlets for the hospital.

“I think I would prefer it if you kept Reno guarded.” He looked to the redhead. “We’ll try and find a bed for him and hope that the scientists can communicate soon.”

“Okay.” Vincent looked at him. “But I wouldn’t take it too slow looking at him.”

Rude and Elena opened the doors to the medicine room and began to search the dusty bottles. They weren’t experts in these things but with a chart on the wall and some other decoding tools they got what they thought they would need and took the gurney too. Wheeling it out Reno opened his eyes.

“I’m not that bad.” He muttered.

“Yes you are.” Rude said as they eased him up and pushed him in to the waiting room. “Right what are our orders now sir?” Rude looked to Rufus.

“I’ll stay here with Vincent and you three head out and see what you can get from the second floor.” Rufus nodded and looked at the redhead who had passed out again.

The three Turks headed up to the second floor via the lift. It surprised them that it still worked as they headed up to the operating preparation and theatre rooms. The area felt rotting and abandoned which did little to raise their hopes. Tseng took the lead as they headed down the corridors. He muttered to himself, what he wouldn’t give to be back in the penthouse listening to Rufus unwind with champagne.

The door was locked and Elena looked around and saw a scalpel on the side and pulled it out. She moved to the lock and leant over. Tseng winked to Rude who rolled his eyes and then politely coughed. Elena shook her head and concentrated on the lock. The room looked pretty tidy from the outside and the operating room might well have what they needed to get people moving around with more confidence. Elena let out a satisfied mumble as the lock opened. She had got them inside and the two men took point to enter.

There was a strange creature in the corner of the room which Tseng guessed to be hostile. Nothing in Silent Hill had so far been anything else; he drew the katana at his side and burst out at the thing. It had no describable features, its arms wrapped in decayed filthy bandages as it stumbled forwards. Its head had no features either as the eyes and face had been bandaged. It lunged forwards and spat at the Turk.

Tseng flew into it and the other two watched as they secured the door. The creature was disgusting and he wanted it out of their way fast. As Tseng took on the creature Elena was momentarily transfixed by the mirror. Rude went to move her and spotted the same thing.

The mirror to the surgery room was reflecting but from the mirrors view the whole thing was rotten and decayed. The room was sickeningly dilapidated and there was a body on the operating table where as in their room there was something moving around. Rude was the one to notice that the creature lying on the table on the other side looked remarkably like the son of Jenova.

“Hell no.” Rude muttered.

Tseng threw himself over the table against the spitting creature it leapt at him and grabbed around the Turks waist with its legs they were both locked in a fight. Elena and Rude had their guns out but they could not get a shot with their boss against it and risk hitting him even if he had a chance to survive.

Tseng threw the creature as best as he could from spitting more of the acidic god directly in his face but he struggled with it and wrested his sword free. The creature bounced off him in to the table and the window opposite. The other two moved towards the window where they thought Tseng would collide with it but instead he passed straight through.

“Boss!” Both the Turks stuck with the creature their side forgot it was there as he fell through and landed on the bloody floor the other side.

“Go!” Tseng shouted at them and ran towards the surgery door thinking there should be a corridor around to them after finding the mirror to be solid again.

The two Turks moved towards the door hearing further movement from outside. The situation did not look good and they had just lost Tseng. Rufus was going to go mad at them. Vincent had heard the noise and as the Turks came running along the corridor he covered them with a hail of bullets towards the creature stumbling after them.

The bullets pulled through skin and bandage and it shuddered on the floor. Rude turned around and shoved his thick heavy boot in to his back with a yell. It jerked and spasmed on the floor before finally falling silent and a pool of blood surrounded it.

“Where is Tseng?” Rufus dashed forwards but Vincent put an arm out to stop him. Elena threw the supplies on the floor and with a shaky voice began to explain. The best Turk they had was again out against Sephiroth alone again. She didn’t hide her fears as she told him what they had seen behind the mirror.

“No…” Rufus muttered and turned to the box and lifted it on the gurney near Reno. “He’s a survivor. He’s not going to fall behind.”

“Boss…” Rude sighed. “We have to accept the fact we might not be getting out.”

“Yes we are.” Vincent said and opened the door. He heard footsteps and swords and dashed out to try and find Tseng. The two of them had to find a way to stop this.
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