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Two Way Mirrors

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Another clue to get home and about time too! R&R

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Tseng bounded through to the corridor to avoid the silver-haired demi-god on the table in the surgery room. He was starting to feel tired and with it a dreaded sense of hopelessness that the Turk was personally not used too. He was the wrong side of the blasted world to protect the man he admired and Tseng admired very few.

He heard something move behind him and turned to see the one-winged angel behind him walking slowly down the corridor. Tseng ran towards the large wooden double doors to take him down the stairs towards the rooms. He burst through and towards the metal steps.

Behind him Sephiroth swiftly moved to catch up and Tseng’s heart was thundering. He had been made aware this was a replica of the original with their investigations but it didn’t stop the sinking feeling that he was alone with no back up. Years ago his fight with the son of Jenova had left him for dead and only a miracle had prevented it.

Tseng knew he was not the type to get lucky again.

He slid down the banister on the bottom run and out through the doors just as Sephiroth’s sword collided with it and Tseng turned to see him draw masamune. The Turk was no coward, his job amongst all was the hardest any one man could take on, protecting one of the most noted figureheads of the world they lived in, killing anyone that got close to trying to harm the President, but Tseng knew when he was beat. If this thing was even a partial part of the originals strength he would not be going home, period.

“I am your nightmare Tseng.” Sephiroth boomed as they headed down on to the lower floor. His booted feet were strong and steady down the hallway as Tseng flew over the counter to the reception and looked around for an idea to get the hell out. The front doors to the hospital for some reason were locked. He bolted over the counter again narrowly missing the swipe to his chest. “Fight me Tseng… give me the pleasure of a sporting kill.”

Tseng drew his sword and caught another blow. The strength was enough to concern the head Turk as he nearly lost the fight but stepped back in time. Drawing the blade to the side they circled one another and Tseng looked to the Waiting Room, were they in there?

“You haven’t figured it out have you?” Sephiroth laughed when he glanced to the room. “This is the real world Tseng the other is… hell.”

“No this is… hell.” Tseng growled. His sword flipped around in his hand as he back up again.

“Then you must be dead Tseng.” Sephiroth mocked him and took another step forwards. Tseng’s sword came around to defend him as he was backed against the wall. He was moved down the wall until he hit the woman’s toilets and Sephiroth’s sword clattered against the wall. The Turk fell through the open door and slid through across sludge, blood and excrement in to the far wall.

The mirror on the other wall again reflected the cleaner side of the hospital. Sephiroth went to bring the sword down again when he heard the mobile phone in the Turks pocket. Tseng ignored it and moved in to the back of the room. Sephiroth distracted disappeared in a shower of black feathers.

“Yes.” He snapped the phone open.

“Sir it’s… sir where the hell are you?” One of the other Turks asked.

“Silent Hill. How do we get out?” He said picking himself up and screwing his face up at the state he was in.

“Sir we only have you on the radar can you tell us if the President is safe?”

“Yes he… well was I need to check that.” Tseng sighed and looked at the mirror. “If this is the right side for you to pick us up then we’ll have to get this side and stay it.” He didn’t add that it was the last place he wanted anyone to be either.

“Sir if you can confirm when you are all together we should be able to warp you out.”

“Should is not good enough. Get it sorted.” Tseng said and snapped the phone shut. He looked at the mirror and gently probed the glass. It warped and bubbled. He pressed his palm to it and closed his eyes.

Tseng appeared the other side and looked around. The hospital wasn’t bubbling with acid and blood but it was still the abandoned looking place they had come in to. He made a mental map of where he was and where they needed to be and then cursed. He was in the woman’s toilets and the view of him leaving was going to be quite predominant.

“Boss?” Elena heard footsteps and ran towards the area where Tseng appeared. He walked out and she gasped. “What the hell happened?”

“Sephiroth.” He said suddenly aware that he was not just covered in blood but he was bleeding.

“Tseng.” Elena moved him to where the others were sat around and Rude stood up and looked at him.

“Don’t worry about me.” He shrugged her off. “The other side have managed to get to us, our own world. We need to be the other side of this… this place.”

“Sir.” Rude nodded and looked to Elena who felt stupid for showing her concern. He’d never noticed her in this many years why start now?

“Do you know how to get that side?” Vincent asked breaking the tense silence that was starting to form.

“Yes we have to go through mirrors, ones that reflect the other side of this town.” Tseng nodded and looked to Elena and mouthed a sorry. “We need to get Reno through and that could be difficult with the closest one being the women’s toilet vanity mirror however we could try and rig up the lift and go to the room where we found the larger mirror.”

“And to the spitting weird thing in straight jackets.” Elena pointed out. “Either way it’s not going to be easy.”

“We can take on one between us I should think.” Vincent nodded. “We need to keep him on that gurney as long as possible.”

“Too true.” Rufus said moved to undo the brakes on it. “Tseng help me move him.”

“Yes Sir.” Tseng moved to the gurney and they began to move along slowly out of the room. Vincent decided he would take the lead as it he was the most able bodied of them all. “Rude can rig the lift. We’ll take our chances going up. Sephiroth was down…. We have to avoid him, replica or not.”
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