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Back in the hole

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The Turks go home?

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They moved slowly to the lift with everyone sticking together. The idea of being pulled apart from one another causing a ripple of concern, as they knew on their own the town would rip them apart. The building was beginning to feel claustrophobic and the area suppressed their hopes as they moved to the lift and Rude pulled out the electronics panel.

“Can you fix it?” Rufus looked at him as his hand played with the redheads’ ponytail and they waited.

“I need his EMR but yes.” He nodded. “It’s just fused and if we can get the doors open it should kick in to life I’m sure.”

Tseng looked to Elena with a gentle smile and she blushed before handing over her own EMR. Reno’s was dead and the charge probably wouldn’t be enough so hers was a better bet. Rude began to concentrate on the efforts and heard a familiar ping from opening lift doors. They wheeled the gurney in and Tseng’s bloodied footsteps followed behind.

“I need a shower I know.” Tseng looked to Rufus who was looking up and down. Tseng had some serious wounds just like his second but he was walking and he wouldn’t accept defeat. “Sorry Sir.”

“It’s fine… I think you’ll need stitches more however.” He pointed out.

Vincent looked up at the lift’s small light, which flickered as the whole cage juddered upwards. He cursed himself for watching far too many late night action and horror films with Cloud. Sure he was a pretty fearless creature but a cage falling down to the basement did little to appeal to him and he kept a wary eye out as they moved.

The doors opened to the large corridor and towards the larger room with the strange mirror. Inside the room they could hear mad scrambling around and Vincent pulled his gun and looked to Rufus, finding a new respect that the younger President of ShinRa was willing to get his hands dirty with his Turks unlike the last one who grew fat on power and died by Sephiroth’s sword.

“I’ll go.” Vincent nodded and pulled the gun. Elena moved in behind him to cover him with her gun and Rude kept a watch in the corridor. The gunfire seemed louder than ever as it echoed through the halls of the abandoned hospitable.

The strange creature in the straight jacket lunged towards the vampire who pushed it back with his metal-clawed hand and fired again. Elena fired at the things kneecap; it exploded with a brownish sloppy liquid and collapsed still struggling to get to the ex-Turk. Vincent booted it and turned it out into the floor before firing a shot in to the things spine and what he assumed was the head for good measure.

Rude grunted a warning as he heard shuffling coming from the dark corridor and more of the faceless nurses came their way. There must have been a dozen or more attracted to the noises, juddering along towards them. Vincent threw the operating table aside and they all but dived through to the window with the gurney.

“Lift!” Tseng shouted to Rufus. They hauled the redhead out of the bed and towards the large window. Elena ran to join them and Vincent and Rude covered them as they took their chances and dived through.

Rufus and Tseng landed with the redhead on top followed by Elena who rolled clear and began to scan the area for signs of Sephiroth. Vincent and Rude who landed on the thick mucus like floor and looked down in disgust before looking back at one another.

“Phone.” Rufus held out his hand. Everyone went to their pockets but he took Tseng’s in the end. “They called you and Elena right?”

“What if we can only get a fix via phone, Reno’s is out and Vincent do you even have a phone?” Elena asked looking to the taller figure.

“Yes but it’s at home.” Vincent shrugged. “I wasn’t planning to be here to be honest.”

Rufus nodded and dialled to the office. He wanted home, wanted back to Edge, Midgar or somewhere he knew. Even the sound of Soldier on drill was promising compared to the state they were in now. His Turks were covered from head to foot in blood, drying blood, debris dirt and… He heard the phone connect.

“Tseng?” The Turk sounded relieved.

“No Rufus.” Rufus smirked even from where he was he could almost feel the other man’s nerves.

“Yes sir?” Came the almost stuttered response.

“Get us out of here. Me, my Turks and Vincent Valentine.” He told him. “Now would be VERY good.”

“President we need you to be out on the street where we can get a hold fix on you.” The Turk told him. “It’s weak where you are. How many Turks have you got with you?”

“The usual four.” He looked at them and sighed before covering the mouthpiece. “We have to move outside.”

“Okay.” Rude lifted the redhead over his shoulder. “If Sephiroth gets in the way I am going to die fighting him.”

“You won’t be going down alone.” Rufus nodded and keeping the phone in his hand and the Turks connected as they proceeded down the hall.

The corridor led them to the now silent lift and they headed down the metal stairs. Tseng hid the shudder well as they passed the large sword mark through the doors where it could have been his head. Rude carried Reno to the front door and pushed on it and was even more annoyed to find that it did not open. They had come in that damned way they would be going out that way so he raised his foot ready to kick it.

“There is an exit down there.” Elena said interrupting and pointed to the map in reception. “Let’s try that instead.”

Rufus followed them as he kept the Turks online; having waited far more than long enough he had no intention of giving up the communication now. They moved to the fire exit and Tseng pushed on the door leaving a nice bloody smear on the white wood and it finally opened.

They came to the open air and it was raining. The roadside they walked out into had a large fissure in the middle of the road; smoke poured out of it, a tree had fallen in to the ground and was burning into a white ash.

“Okay we can get a lock on you, three Turks and Vincent.” The voice on the phone informed him.

Rufus looked at them. There were definitely four… Reno was alive. He had to damned well be. His hand touched the body and he waited. Then suddenly the confirmation came at the same time Vincent and Tseng spotted the approaching figure from the other side of the street.

“Shit!” Tseng drew his sword, he was already weak and Vincent wanted to push the Turk aside to protect him but knew Tseng was too proud for such a thing. “How long?”

Rufus heard a fizzing noise behind them and looked as a strange swirling mist started to form. The contact on the other side told him that as soon as they could see the Sector 7 slums they needed to jump through. Rufus barked out his orders to the others. The one-winged Angel was running towards them and Tseng was praying.

“Now.” Rude said as the slums came to view and he jumped through taking Rufus’ hand and pulling him through as Elena followed.

Tseng and Vincent ran through following as the replica took a flying leap to try and catch one of them. Tseng was pushed through by Vincent who let fire several shots from Cerberus before disappearing after them. He appeared the other side and shot through the closing hole determined to keep the worlds separate.

“Close it now.” Rufus said trying to calm down. He let out a final sigh when the strange swirling portal finally disappeared and turned hearing a thud to see Tseng go down.
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