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Mistakes to Punishment

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Ch. 3
Mistakes to Punishment

Benji walked up to his house and put his hand to the doorknob and froze. He watched the door thinking, “It’s 6:00… I should go in… But…” He closed his eyes and took a deep breath

“Psst! Yo dude!”

Benji jumped and looked back forcing a smile, “Billy! Hey! What are you doing here?” He asked walking back down the steps

Billy shrugged and walked up, “Nothing. Hey I was wondering what’s going on dude. You are so jumpy.”

Benji smiled and looked back at the house. His eyes went wide

Dave stood in the window watching them

Benji looked forward and he leaned in towards Billy’s ear, “It’s a secret that I don’t want to say really. K? But Dave is in the window watching us so can you please go? No offense bud…”

Billy looked at the window without moving his head, “Um…” He looked at Benji’s shoulder and nodded, “I see. Ok… I will head off. See you some time.” He turned and started walking

Benji watched him and looked back

Dave was gone

Benji’s heart sank and he looked the way Billy was going

In the house

Benji walked up to his bedroom door and pushed the door open

“Who was that?”

Benji looked at Dave in the corner of his eye, “No one important.” He said

“He a friend?”


“What’s his name?”

“You really don’t need to know.” Benji said and looked at him

Dave leaned against the wall watching him, “Yes I do.”

Benji tossed his bag into his room watching Dave, “No you don’t. I’m not telling you anyways.”

Dave pushed away from the wall and grabbed Benji, “Tell me!”

Benji pulled away, “Let me go you dick! I don’t need to listen to you ok! Not anymore! I don’t know why I do!” He screamed

Dave grabbed Benji’s shirt and pulled him forward, “Because I own you.” He whispered into his ear

Benji glared and pulled away, “God! Don’t do that!” He walked into his room and grabbed the door turning to Dave, “I could tell anyone if I want! So you better just give it up and leave me alone! You fucking dumb ass!” He slammed to door

Dave stood there watching the door, “That’s right. You try to tell me you didn’t tell him. I will get his name and get rid of him.” He turned and started down the hall

Benji slid down the door resting his face in his knees with his arms around them hugging his knees close, “I want out of here!” He started crying

That night, 12:00 midnight

Benji laid in bed sleeping

Lips touched Benji’s kissing him

Benji still pretty much asleep returned it

A hand slide down his body

Benji opened his eyes slightly and screamed pulling away, “Don’t do that!” Benji screamed

Dave smiled, “Sorry Benji. You know me while you sleep.” He said and grabbed Benji’s pant leg

Benji kicked his hand, “You do know that this is totally wrong right? That this is sexual shit?” He asked watching him

Dave glared and punched Benji in the face knocking him to the side, “Just shut up.” He pulled Benji over

Benji started screaming

Dave covered his mouth and pushed down on his face using all his weight

Benji closed his eyes tightly crying

Dave sat across Benji’s stomach and punched Benji in the face

Benji gasped feeling the rush of pain and covered his face, “Stop hurting me!” He cried

Dave grabbed his hands and pulled them down and kissed Benji’s neck

Benji glared and brought his knee up and got Dave between the legs

Dave fell to the side grasping himself

Benji rolled off the bed and started to stand

Dave grabbed Benji’s shirt, “Why do you continue to fight me!”

Benji fell to the floor and looked back at him, “Cause I know this is wrong!” He started to try to pull away

Dave started feeling around inside his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife. He brought the knife down right by Benji’s head

Benji screamed and covered his head with his arms

Dave stood up watching Benji and walked around in front of him and bent down, “So. Are you going to do what I want and say or will this knife…” He held it up, “Be shoved right in your gut?”

Benji looked up at Dave through his arms, “Suck my dick ass hole!”

Dave shook his head and grabbed Benji’s shirt and started dragging him

Benji started trying to get out of Dave’s grip, “No! Let me go! Let me go!” He cried and started to slip out of his shirt

Dave bent down, dropping Benji, and grabbed his pant leg, “You want to do this the hard way boy. Your going to end up learning from your mistakes and take pain.”

Benji grabbed the door, “What the fuck are you doing!”

Dave stomped on Benji’s fingers holding on to the door

Benji screamed but didn’t let go

He pressed harder

Benji lets go putting his hands underneath himself tears rolling down his face

Dave got to the top of the steps and bent down and picked Benji up underneath his arms and grabbed onto his shirt and had his other arm around his waist, “See these steps?” He smiled, “I’m going to push you down them.”

Benji blinked and his eyes went wide looking down the steps. He looked at Dave, “Are you mad! I could break my neck!”

Dave kissed Benji’s cheek, “A chance to take, this is your lesson.”

Benji started moving, “Please don’t do it daddy! Don’t!” He cried grabbing Dave’s clothes. Benji knew Dave had every intention of shoving him down the steps without a second thought

Dave smiled, “Have a fun trip Benjamin.” He pushed Benji forward

Benji stumbled forward and missed the step falling forward. He started tumbling down the steps hitting the wall. Benji tried grabbing the steps, railing, anything he could to stop but he could grab anything to stop him. Just slow him down a little bit. It seemed to take forever before he hit bottom, finally he hit the last step then the floor and rolled once or twice then came to a stop. He was sobbing and hugging himself trying to stop the pain all over his body

Dave smiled watching him. He started to walk slowly down the steps, “I think you get my grip? Right Benjamin?” He walked up and sat on top of Benji, “It’s a price to pay..” He kissed Benji slipping his hands up Benji’s shirt slowly.

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