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The Deepest Cut Is the First

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Ch. 4
The Deepest Cut Is the First

Benji walked down stairs looking at the floor


Benji looked up as a teenage girl ran up

He smiled and held his arms out, “Sarah! Baby sister!”

She ran up and hugged him and looked at him, “I’m not a baby. You know that. I’m a year younger than you.”

“Exactly a year younger, your younger than me. So you are my baby sister!” He smiled

Sarah giggled and looked up at him, “I had fun at camp!” She looked around, “Where’s daddy?”

Benji watched her for awhile then smiled, “Upstairs… Sleeping…”

She blinked and started to the steps

Benji grabbed her arm, “He doesn’t want to be disturbed, sorry Sarah.”

Sarah blinked and looked at the steps and nodded, “Ok. He must not feel good.” She looked at him

Benji smiled weakly and nodded and started to the kitchen

Sarah followed, “Joel ok?”

Benji stopped and looked at her and nodded, “He hasn’t woken up yet but… yeah… he’s fine.” He looked down

Sarah sighed and nodded and looked at the steps, “Sucks how Joel fell down the steps and it having such an affect.” She closed her eyes

Benji glared at the floor not answering

Sarah looked at him waiting

Benji closed his eyes tears rolling down his cheeks

Sarah blinked and reached out grabbing a hold of his hand gently

He looked at her and smiled lightly

She smiled and nodded

He nodded and pulled his hand slowly away and started up the steps

He stopped when the phone started ringing

Sarah blinked and looked at the phone

Benji turned and started up the steps again

Sarah blinked and looked at the phone as the last ring came to a stop, she glanced back at the steps. She sighed and walked out of the house

Benji laid on his bed and rolled over to his back hugging himself tears coming to his eyes, “Why me! Why!” He cried in his head. He closed his eyes tears rolled down his cheeks. Benji glanced up at the ceiling, “I don’t want to be here no more… I don’t want to be alive no more…” He looked at the bed room door

A little boys scream made him jump in his head

Benji let a scream out and covered his ears, “No! No! No more! Please daddy no more!”

The little boys voice echoed, “No! No! No more! Please daddy no more!”

Benji rolled and fell to the floor

Benji, age 11, stood up from the floor by the bed and started to the door

His arm was grabbed and he was pulled back and shoved to the floor

Benji cried and screamed

A handkerchief went around Benji’s mouth stopping his screamed

Benji struggled and cried

His arm got grabbed again and he got dragged across the floor and pulled onto the bed and his arms clasped by handcuffs to the bed post. Both hands together. His shirt was ripped off and a gleam of light from a knife came to Benji’s vision

The knife was lowered to his stomach

Benji opened his eyes gasping then letting out a scream. He sat up looking around the room, sweat rolled down his face and neck. He looked at the window breathing hard and crying. He looked back and stood up and started to the door. He grabbed the doorknob and stopped

Footsteps coming down the hall

Benji gasped and locked the door and ran to the bed and crawled onto the bed curling up in the blanket hiding his whole body

The footsteps stopped in front of the door, paused, waited, a shadow under the door. The shadow shifted then walked away from the door

Benji laid there breath heavier and pulled the blanket off and looked at the door. He swallowed and walked up to the door and opened the door slowly, he peeked out looking at the steps

Dave walked down the steps something in his hand

Benji couldn’t tell what it was. He looked at the bathroom door then at the steps. He tiptoed slowly across the hall paying close attention to the steps. He grabbed the bathroom door when he reached it and took a deep breath and pushed it open. Stepping in he cleared his throat and shut the door. He looked back around the bathroom and sighed. He grabbed a cabinet drawer and opened it

A light shown through the tiny bathroom window

Benji looked over, “He’s.. leaving..” He closed his eyes and looked back in the drawer and started digging. He reached back his hand shaking horribly. Pulling his hand out, he had a razor in his hand. He grasped the razor with both hands looking at it, tears sprang to his eyes. He sat down on the toilet lid and leaned back taking the razor head from the razor body. He closed his eyes and crossed his legs. He rested the razor to his wrist and took a deep breath. He pushed down. His eyes became full of tears and his eyes clinched shut, he let out a whimper like a puppy would when being hit or hurt

Blood traveled down the side of his wrist and dripped to the floor

He cried and bit his bottom lip pressing harder

Benji opened his eyes and slowly and shakily loosened his pressure and started to pull the razor away, he gasped as some pain stung up his arm. He shook his head and tossed the razor to the side, it smacking against the wall. Benji grabbed his wrist with his hand and screamed looking up. He leaned forward putting his body pressure on the wound trying to fight the pain. He slowly pulled his hand off the wound and turned it around looking at the blood spread across his palm. He started crying again and he rested his blood covered hand on his face sobbing. He looked down at his wrist wound which continued to bleed. He put his blood covered hand on the back of the toilet and started to stand. His hand slipped and he fell to the floor, catching himself by grabbing onto the toilet bowl. He cried as his knee sprang with pain, though what hurt worse was his wrist hitting the top of the lid. He laid his head down and looked back and cursed and stood up and shakily walked up to the drawers again and opened them with his blood covered hand. He pulled out a first aid kit and started to the door. He closed his eyes, “I can’t leave Joel… no… not Joel.”
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